Alien Vs. Predator: The Antartica Project




…..What Is The Antartica Project? The Antartica Project Is Far More Than What Is Revealed From Online Websites And Other Publications. Antartica Is One Of The 7 Continents That Split From The Single Land Mass Called By The European “Pangea” And First By The Ancients “Gondawalan” At Approximately 200 Million Years Ago. The Antartica Land Mass Is Located At What Is Called The South Pole. Antartica Is The Home Of Extra-Terrestrials Who Are Rulers Of This Planet. They Are Known As Luciferians Or Satanists.

reptillian starship earth
Do You Remember The Santa Clause Story? Santa Is Satan, Who According To Satanists, Lives In The North Pole With His Reindeer. Some Of You Are Saying To Yourselves “Whats Wrong With The Story?”
First Of All, The Land Mass Of The North Pole Is Seated Under The Waters Of The Artic. If Santa Or Satan Lives In The North Pole With His Reindeer, They Could Only Live Under The Water Or Within The Atmosphere
Directly Above The Artic.

Also Keep In Mind That The Satanists And Luciferians Are (6)Ether Gaseous Beings Who Also Incarnate Into Physical Form. They Are Adverse Forces Of (9) Ether Which Means They Flip Or Invert The Knowledge Of
Persons. Places. Or Things. This Is The Same Thing That These Beings Did With The Land Mass Of “Egypt”.
They Called Upper “Egypt”– The Lower, And Called The Lower Land Mass Of “Egypt”– The Upper.
Do You See The Inversion?
Invertedly, Santa Or Satan Doesn’t Live On The North Pole. Santa Or Satan Lives On The South Pole Where They Rule. Antartica Is The Coldest Continent On This Planet And In Regards To Temperature, It Is a Semblance Of The Planet Saturn From Which These (6) Etheric Beings Originated From.

Antartica Has Been One Of The Luciferians/ Satanists Well Kept Secrets From The General Masses Or Populace
Of People On This Planet. The Significance Of Their Home Base Is That The Earth Spins On Its Axis From Magnetic North Pole And Magnetic South Pole. Magnetism Is The Glue Or Tachyon Energy That Binds All Matter
Within The Boundless Universe. The North Pole And South Pole Are Two Of The Locations On Earth That Leads Into The Sub-Terreanean World Within The Earth(As Seen In The Movie “Alien Vs. Predator”).

It Is the Use Of Magnetism By Which These (6) Ether Beings Have Been Able To Rule During This 18 Million Year Cycle Of Declination. Many People Refer To The Power Of Magnetism As “Magic”. It’s Not Magic Power. It Is Magnetic Power. In The Nubian Higher Sciences Of (9), It Is Referred To As Ultra-Magnetic. One Of The First
Forms Of Energy That Is Emitted From Our Binary Parents Is Ultra-Magnetic Radiation Also Called Ultra-Violet. Violet Is the First Form Of Energy That Is Seen And Attributed To The Color Spectrum On The Physical Plane………

Andrill SMS Project

…Countless Millions Of Years Ago, Humanoid Greys Called Rumardians Created  By The RIZQYIANS And Given Their Freedom Came To Rule An Empire Of Planets Stretching Over A Hundred Galaxies. At Some Point In Their Conquests, The Ancient Humans Encountered The Race Of Reptilians Which Was To Become Their Deadly Enemy.

The Snake People And The Ancients Battled For A Thousand Years, With The Advantage Passing First To One Side, Then To The Other. However, It Became Clear That The Snake People Had Won. They chased The Humanoid Race From Planet To Planet, Scattering The Remnants Of The Humanoid Empire To A Few Lonely Worlds.

One Of Them Was Mars, Known As The RED PLANET, Was For Hundreds Of Generations Of The Ancients A Hospitable Home. However, As Time Passed The Ancients Realized Mars Was Dying, Its Oxygen And Water  Were Slowly Evaporating Into Space. Mars Ancients

The Great Ruler Of Mars Sent A Fleet Of Ships To Earth To Investigate Its Potential As A New Home. The Scouting Party Returned Full Of Praise For The Planet Earth, Especially The Subtropical Antarctic Continent. So The Great Ruler Told Several Thousand Of His Subjects They Were To Leave And Prepare The Way For The New World.

They Settled In Antarctica And Built 7 Great Cities There, Modeled After The Cities In Mars. Each Had A Distinctive Color And Was Called The Green City, Or The Blue City, Or The Red City. The Greatest Of All Was Rainbow City. It Was Called This Because It Was Constructed Entirely Of Plastic And Of All Colors Of The Rainbow. The Rainbow City Sat Deserted For A Million Years. It Alone Of The 7 Cities Was Free Of Ice, For Hot Springs Beneath The City Kept It And Surrounding Valley At Room Temperature. Encircled By A Wall Of Ice Then A Thousand Feet High, Rainbow City Has Remained Hidden From Antarctic Explorers To This Day.

Since The Technology Of The Ancients Was Infinitely Superior To That Of The “Surface Dwellers”, The City Was Found With All Its Incredible Machinery Running As Well As It Had When The City Was Built Two And A Half Million Years Ago.avp8

There Are Entrances All Over This Planet Earth. Many Are Found In Caves Well Hidden And Exists In As Many Places On The Earth, As There Are On The Earth. In Order To Enter These Caverns, You Must Know Where The Entrances Are, Like The Polar  Regions. These Entrances Will Lead You To A Whole Different Tropical Environment In Such Places As: Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, As Well As Arizona…The North & South Poles, Africa, Germany, Egypt, The Himalayas, Montana. So What Is Hell To One, Is Paradise To Another….


  1. Wow!! This is very powerful information! Thank you for this post. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this blog. I will have to tell others about it. Much respect brother. Peace and blessings.

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    1. ..My Most Fondest Greetings To You As Well My Kin, Kushite Prince!
      Greatly Appreciate Your Tuning In + Comment, & Welcome Others To Peruse
      These Missives As There Is More Left Field Data To Come! LoL…

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      1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really appreciate the follow. I consider it a honor. I look forward to your future posts. It’s always great to see intelligent and interesting blogs.

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