Ready Player One: The Holograph

Greetings! This Post Was Originally Entitled “Galactical Elders Perspective On Ascension  & Higher Dimensions”. As Fate Would Have It, About 8 Months Ago Eye Came Across A Book In The Library Which Is A Retro Geeks Wet Dream, And Modified/Updated This Entry. Here’s Preview:

Ready Player One-RPO_Paperback_CoverReady Player One-OASISReady Player One- Joust-Pac Man

“In the year 2045, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he’s jacked into the virtual utopia known as the OASIS. Wade’s devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world’s digital confines–puzzles that are based on their creator’s obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them. But when Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade’s going to survive, he’ll have to win–and confront the real world he’s always been so desperate to escape.”

Awesome Trip Down Memory Lane And A Real Treat For All Of Us Who Enjoy Retro Gaming. The Live Action Film Has A Release Date Of The 29th Of This Month (3-29-2018),
Am So Looking Forward To Seeing The Visual Interpretation. But, As Usual…..Eye Am Here To Rock The Boat And Be As Outrageous As Eye Wanna Be! 🙂 Ready, Player One? Here Goes:
The situation is this. Time is the primary element used to recognize placement within the 3rd dimension. However, the veil between dimensions is thinning. As the awareness grows of the availability of the 4th and even 5th dimensional processes for usage in this 3rd dimensional realm, this veil will begin to thin even more. The new focus must include elements of the higher dimensions. How to do this! Thought moves between dimensions as long as the thought is within those dimensional parameters. 3rd dimensional parameters allow for interfering with the development of others. Above that dimension, all are allowed freedom to develop without this interference. Personal responsibility is the keynote of freedom. Contrary to the mass conscious appearance of the lack of development of this level, it is there, simply smothered by the barrage of mind control techniques. However, those techniques are not as successful as it might appear. If it were, then the massive control that is being put in place would not be necessary. If it were, there would be no problem of what to do in their view of overpopulation. There would be masses of people following like lemmings into the sea. What is becoming a rising tide, is the ground swell of feeling of people longing for this personal freedom…
Ready Player One-between_dimensions_by_koun_san-d3c042y
The victim cannot be rescued, but must pull himself up by his own bootstraps and rescue himself by being responsible for his own rescue. Man is made in the essence of his source. He is a tiny holograph of this source. A holograph is a tiny fragment of the whole that has the potentiality of projecting the whole from which it came. Though the concept of the holograph has been encompassed in part, it has not been “analyzed” with application to the essence of life that is within all self-aware beings. It is the refocusing of this fragment towards its source of existence that determines the degree of the totality of the source, that is brought forth into the known reality of each fragments experience…
If you consider the degree of focus that has brought forth the planet earth from the fragment of its source, you can begin to get the picture.  Look at the magnificence of the human body that is the vehicle of your experience here. A vehicle capable of housing a self-awareness that can contemplate its Source if it but will, because that Source contemplates itself and in so doing fragments itself  so that it can further contemplate itself through manifestation of experience. Within it is the freewill to do so. Since freewill is the vehicle for this contemplation, then it is manifest within each holographic fragment. This freewill allows for all experience within a further enhancement of this Self-contemplation process…
Ready Player-to-reject-Jesus
This is the polarity that enables the recognition of that which serves the contemplation process and that which does not,  so that the balance of these allows the completion of each exploration into the return of the fragment originally projected by its Source. To follow this as presented, there is a spiral of understanding as this is contemplated by the mind reading this information. Each fragment returns itself to the Source that projected it. Thus you are lead to understand the framework of the process you are within, for each of you are a holographic fragment of the Source of all that is in the process of self-contemplation. Ah, panic, you will become as nothing if you follow the path of the return. Indeed not! With each returning phase toward the Source of your entry into experience, your own self awareness grows and it becomes greater and greater until you have the absolute potential to being a total equal within the greater Totality of that Source contemplating itself…
Does that boggle your finite minds? Indeed it should not. It should be the most comforting news that you have ever encompassed. Could there ever be a brighter picture of your future ever painted? What possible pleasures could ever compete with a future like that? Let me assure you that there are no fleeting pleasures of the body incarnate that can compare with those that await you, as the fragmentary self-awareness begins to ascend the spiral of experience towards the ultimate goal…
Inasmuch as you are a focused fragment of the Creators awareness, it is time for you to begin to fulfill your purpose of expanding the use of the holographic concept that has been the vehicle of your trip into 3rd dimensional experience. Since the holographic projection is an extension process of outward movement of thought, the natural inclination is to continue the outward movement through the use, in this scenario, of its sensatory tools to think (observe). The point is to help you realize that thought thinking within and upon itself is commonly experienced by you because that is exactly what you are…
…In Order For You To Conceptualize A Higher Dimensional Experience, It Is Necessary That You Have Some Understanding Of The Experience Of It From The Creational Perspective. Holographic Interaction Is Basic To This Understanding. Current Methodology To Produce This Phenomenon Involves A Beam Of Light Focused Through A Transparency That Produces A Floating Dimensional Replica. In An Existing Holograph (You), Conceive A Thought Of A Desire To Be Reproduced In Like Holographic Mode. This Thought Thinking (You), Focuses By Enlarging This Thought With Details That Further Define The Holographic Desire And Increases The Energy Of The Beam Like Thought With Emotions Of What The Experience Of Enjoying This New Holograph Will Be Like; Therefore Empowering It To Come Into Form.
4D You Cube

You Call The Holographic Concept 3D Or Third Dimensional. How Then Is 4th Dimension Different? 3D Encompasses The Conception Of Height, Width And Depth, But Involves No Motion Within The Holograph Of Its Own Volition. (3D Movies Involve Dimensional Glasses. Virtual Reality Is Also A Manipulation.)



The Next Step Into 4th Dimensional Experience Super-Imposes The Living Or Vibratory Dimension Of Action Within The Purview Of The Holograph Itself. A True Holograph Is Projected Through Thought, Not By A Mechanism. Since Thought Has The Power To Act Upon Itself With Further Thought, It Is Self Aware. The Higher Degree Of Self Awareness Implies A Higher Vibratory Rate Or Dimension Of Experience. The Seeds Of One Dimension Are Planted Within The Lesser One.

4D Rising-Zipper


This Brings You To The Understanding That You Are Already Aware Of Being Self Aware. However, This Seed Must Be Nurtured And Cultivated In Order To Flower Into Transcending To A Point Of Outgrowing Its Present Placement Through Increasing Its Vibratory Rate, Until It Lifts Itself Into A Dimensional Shift Allowing For Greater Opportunity To Grow Even More Self Aware. What You Are Attempting To Do Is To Cause This Process To Manifest On A Planetary Scale Because Earth’s Vibratory Environment Is So Distorted That Individuals Can No Longer Accomplish It. Just As Moses Had To Cross The Red Sea At The Exact Moment Of A Planetary Shift, This Is Timed At The Exact Moment Of A Galactic Shift. How Will You Know? That Is Our Job.

Slipping into 4th Dimension


As Usual, You Are Being Reminded That Unless You Create A Plug And Pull It, Some Other Backup Plan Will Be Employed That Will Bypass The Opportunity For Humanity To Cleanup Their Own Act, And Use It As A Stepping Stone For Advancement. We Continue To Stress The Power That You Hold In The Palm Of Your Hands. It Is Such A Gift To Be In The Position Of Assisting This Planet And Its Inhabitants Into A Shift Of Such Major Proportion, And It Carries With It An Opportunity For Literally Jumping Up The Vibratory Scale. We Can Only Bring This Opportunity To Your Attention, And Act In An Advisory Capacity. You Must Be The Ones To Do It. It Is Not The First Time You Have Participated In Similar Roles. This Is The Mission You Have Literally Trained Yourself To Take Part In, So Don’t Drop The Ball Now. There Is Nothing More Important In Your Current Realm Of Experience…

Ready Player One-BBCS_ReadyPlayerOne_1000x1000-845x321


    1. ..There Is Already A “Bleed Through”, If You Will, Of The 3rd & 4th Dimensions.
      It Accounts For The Insane/Chaotic State That This World Is In, Because The Very Atomic
      Structure Of “Inanimate” Objects Themselves Are Rebelling Against The Imbalanced
      Intentions And Misuse Of Humans, Thus Planes Falling Out The Sky, Unexpained
      Auto Mechanic Failures, Fires etc…Glad U Asked..There Should Be A Post
      With Further Elaboration….

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