Planetary Chess: The Real Anti-Christ

Greetings! This Missive Was Inspired After Reading “Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends”–By John Eric Phelps, And Also “Conspirators Hierarchy:The Story Of The Committee Of 300”–By Dr. John Coleman.



Very Powerful Books Detailing The Intricate Web Of Deceit, Power, And Planetary Chess Playing That Entangles The Masses. However, Eye Decided To Bump Things Up A Notch And Take It Directly To Its Source….

“You may choose to pretend that what you do and how you live is not made possible by what I do and how I live. I do my job so that fatty can watch reality tv, eat fast food, stare at the internet, screw their husbands or their battery operated products, and never use their teeny, tiny brains to think about the freedoms that I make possible! Never think about the democracy that I make possible! they never think about it….So, they sleep like babies at night.” (Eli Pope in SCANDAL)


What is a major drama to the inhabitants of planet earth is indeed, an important pivotal point in the continuing evolution of conscious manifested awareness. In the totality of the galactic expression that constitutes the known reality, it is wondered how, this small beautiful planet at the outer reaches of this defined area can carry such importance.                                                                                     

It is in the transition through the taking back of personal power/control of individual and collective destiny that is central issue. Just as the consciousness of the leader of a country, self appointed or elected, expresses the composite consciousness of the people within that country, the planetary scenario that is being played out is the collective representation of the consciousness of the beings on that planet. This then is carried out into a further composite of consciousness, in an expanding composite. We might say earth is the collection point of victim consciousness, a point within a larger collective of this unhappy experience within this area of the galaxy. The solving of this situation by humanity on this planet will bring forth a clearing of this experience in an expansive ripple effect that will reach to the far corners of the galaxy. When visualized in a holographic context, it is indeed a “big deal”.
Because of the freewill aspect of Universal Law, it becomes clear that the burden of accomplishment that is carried by mankind at this moment is one of great importance.
While it is understood by the counterparts who intend to hold humanity as their own to do with as they please, there is much interest in their attitude and treatment of those on this planet. There is no apparent intention to redirect this continuing pattern of enslavement.
This presents a dilemma of how to assist humanity and answer their calls for freedom from this experience. It also accounts for the concentrated effort on the part of the self appointed colonizers of this planet to maintain claimed ownership through members of the human race that are willing to be pawns. In this way, it may be portrayed that the control is not from outside, but indeed from humanity enslaving itself. As the saying goes, “saying something is true, does not make it true!”        
Because the belief patterns of humanity, through governments, religions, education and media has apparently so successfully shut down the minds of the greater portion of the people, it is the opinion of the controllers that the game is won. Even though they are quite sure of this, they yet are careful to keep all aspects in careful review.                                                                                 
 However, within the group of pawns there are factions of competition for the favor of the controllers. It is within these contests that there are many opportunities to unravel the carefully devised plans that lead to closing the apparent “trap” of humanity.                                                      
The pawns do report in the end to one focus of consciousness. Referred to as
the “anti-christ” in literature, he is expected to be born into a human body that is like
those of humanity. Unfortunately, that is not true. This “anti-christ” has existed in the history of this planet and has been the controlling entity by appointment for eons of time.
He exists in a form that does not have a short period of existence, and might be
thought of as immortal. Though painted in literature in various formats of evil,
his is a human format, but one of long duration. His intelligence is incomprehensible to the average human mind. He is known as ‘Jehovah’, an evil killer from another race of beings that takes on human form, and have been coming to this planet after they discovered the Anunnaqi came. 
This being has much power, high technologies and can fool the unknowing.  However, The character flaw of power is also comparable to his intelligence. Fortunately, he is not the final “word” with regard to the future of this planet.
Planetary Chess-wallhaven-114398

There is a council that has influence beyond his. It is to this council that an appeal must be made. Though he has great influence and through eloquence has kept his controlling influence alive over a long duration of time, it is this council in which greater authority rests.

The question then arises as to how to make this all-important appeal. One or even a few cannot do it. It must be through combined and focused appointment/election of an eloquent and powerful emissary by a quorum of humanity. How can a divided, submissive, and victimized humanity ever arrive at such an agreement? Where will this idyllic emissary be found? Indeed, those are the questions! It would appear that help is certainly going to be needed to accomplish this. There is help available when the quorum is gathered and the appointment/election made.       
Amun Nub RE Akh Ptah
AKA Malachi Kobina York
                                                             “The Transmitter”

Li Honghzi
Buddha Fa Grandmaster
First the impossible must be accomplished, and then help will be available to assist.
This is something humanity must do in faith. Certainly there is belief in theories more illogical than this firmly held by large groups of humanity. These presently accepted concepts offer far less than freedom from bondage and acceptance of the right to continue on the path of evolvement.
The timing of all these coinciding forces of chance as has introduced in previous information, has brought all of this to a pivotal point in the order and process of expansive expression.
All possible focus of intent is at work within the factions that are present.
At the center of these foci are the dazed and incredulous human beings that hold not only their own future, but the ability to influence the entire galaxy with their decision process.
What will you/they do…?


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