Absentia Divinium & Science Of The Soul(A brief history of inner space)

Greetings! This Post Is A Treasure That Has Disappeared From The Net, And Was The Draft For A Forthcoming Book “Science Of The Soul(A brief history of inner space)”- By Adam Verola, On A Most Potent And Very Little Known Entheogen Known As “Absentia Divinium”. For A Visual–And With Puppets No Less–Visit  Youtube And Check Out ‘Absentia The Movie’ By Steven Young-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzkqSxeHyDc. Those Who’s 3rd Eye Is Open Will Appreciate It. And Now….  If You Are Ready For Inter-Dimensional Adventure And Travel Through Your Chakras– Namely Your Solar Plex, Then Read On….


(The Solar Plexus Chakra)


During The Summer of 1965 scientist and explorer John Merovin (and two accompanying students Sciara Haagen and Alfred Verola) are said to have discovered a remote shamanic tribe in Peru who had developed a form of INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL with the use of a sacred ‘soma’ passed down through the generations. This ancient brew allowed for what Merovin described as ‘advanced astral awareness’, complete disconnection of the soul from the physical body and access to what is known as INNER SPACE.

The primitive shamans had discovered, through the ingestion of their soma, the beginnings of a vast new INNERVERSE, and they had logged their collective experiences with artistic depictions showing the fazes of this strange journey.

“Their colorful artwork and masks showed vivid yellow and orange mandalas rather like a sunflower, and I soon realized this was the mouth, or opening, of the solar plexus chakra–one of the gateways to inner space.” (JOHN MEROVIN)

Once under the influence of Absentia, the traveler detaches from the physical body and “floats” or “free-falls” through the SOLAR PLEXUS VORTEX, the energy point located midway down the body’s neural network.They then travel through this yellow-orange tunnel to the GREAT COLLECTIVE VOID beyond it as an ASTRAL COUNTERPART or GHOST VESSEL However, their experiences were random and uncontrolled, and they had found that they could not travel safely beyond the PLEXUS MOUTH. Those who had tried had lost the connection between the astral counterpart and the physical body, resulting in a deep psychotropic coma.

Merovin spent weeks with the shamanic tribe, joining them on their ritualistic travels and creating a detailed journal of his experiences. A well read, well-traveled scholar, Merovin held no particular religious belief of his own, often describing himself “instilled with the spirit of all cultures but slave to none”. He was suprised, then, when on repeated “trips” to the inner world he had seen “defined iconic imagery of a religious nature” that was, he noted, evident in every experience.

“My first experience with this powerful soma is emblazoned in my mind. I drank the liquid and was considering how putrid it tasted when I felt myself falling back into myself, a sickening feeling of vertigo absorbing through my body. The falling seemed endless, and I found the more I protested with my body the more the feeling multiplied tenfold. As soon as I relaxed, the feeling subsided, and there was a moment of total nothingness,a deep black, followed by a deafening fireball of sound as I fell through the narrow fiery opening of the solar plexus. When I found my bearings I realized that despite the distinct sensation of sickness I was neither falling of flying, but what you might call traveling, and that the movement or position of my body did not affect this. I assumed a kind of swimming position on my front and peered forward as I hurtled down this wide yellow-orange vortex. After what I would estimate as a kilometer distance this snaking tunnel opened up into a bright orange labyrinth, the plexus mouth, a black void sparkling with tiny moving lights, all moving towards one giant light hanging there in the black, a colossal, luminous Ganesh, the elephant god held sacred by the Hindu faith”. (JOHN MEROVIN)


John Merovin took this sacred recipe back to his research facility and began a lengthy government funded development faze resulting in the unveiling of “ABSENTIA DIVINIUM”, a powerful crystalline entheneogenic compound, and numerous ground-breaking inventions that utilised its reality-shifting properties to explore the great undiscovered realm of inner space. The first invention to surface from this period was the ABSENTIA TANK.

This invention allows the traveler or SENTIANAUT to navigate the solar plexus and the void beyond with a high degree of control. The sentianaut is seated in the absentia tank with an absentia gas feed connected to a ‘goldfish bowl’ helmet. The gas is fed into the helmet and the sentianaut makes the transition from solid wall reality to inner space, traveling in an astral counterpart or ghost of both body and tank. The sentianaut then “flies” the absentia tank through the solar plexus and out into the great collective void, the vast unknown that the primitive shamans had only imagined.


Verola’s research was demonstrated to a select government commitee during the fall of 1969.The implications of his findings and subsequent inventions were of such a sensitive nature that his small sponsored research facility was relocated from Wyoming to a remote location in Utah, USA, where the ‘ICON PROGRAM’ was created. Verola’s funding was multiplied tenfold, and by the spring of 1971 several working absentia tanks were in use with highly trained sentianauts piloting the missions.


It is what Verola’s team discovered in the great collective void that is of great importance.The shamanic people had depicted giant bright lights visible in the void from their furthest excursion point, the SOLAR PLEXUS MOUTH. Verola himself had witnessed these ‘mesmeric light’ when he had experimented in Peru, but now had a means of traveling beyond the plexus mouth and out into the great collective void where the lights originate.

Verola described the void as being “the in-between space” between this and the next world, and speculated that it was the very same ‘underworld’ described by the Egyptians, a void which the soul must cross after its migration from the material world. It is known as the ‘collective’ void because it exists ‘within’ every living thing. Spangled with uncountable migrating CONSCIOUSNESS ORBS or souls,Verola likened it to outer space.


On his first ‘official’ excursions after the formation of the Icon program, Merovin had documented what he described as “a giant Hindu icon hanging in the void with massive SOUL STREAMS flowing towards it. Its size was considerable, possibly miles across, and its immense brightness both blinded me and drew me closer to its mass Concerned for my safety, I aborted the mission and was wrenched back into the THIRD DENSITY at an alarming rate.” On Subsequent absentia-fueled journeys to the void, Merovin (and trained sentianauts Amanita Traccin and Ken Maya) discovered more giant LIGHT STRUCTURES in the void, all of an iconic nature. Beginning with their first discovery, the 1st BEACON, they identified six iconic lights which Merovin named THE SEVEN BEACONS OF HUMANITY. Their function was, at this early stage, unknown.


The SIXTH BEACON, a giant Christ icon, was first documented by Icon industries sentianaut Ken Maya in October 1971. This was his first mission, and his absentia tank was equipped with a complex MULTI-TASK PROBE. The Transition through the VIBRATIONAL WALL went without incident, and Maya made it through the solar plexus vortex and out into the void. Once within five kilometers of the sixth beacon, the multi-task probe was deployed successfully and its ejector rockets sent it traveling at high velocity towards its target. It was at this crucial hour that Maya experienced a first time anomaly in the beacon’s static behaviour. The probe, its circuits blown, was hurled back at him in a “bright cascade of light” that rocked the absentai tank out of position causing Maya to abort the mission.

He emerged from his vivid psychotropic voyage unscathed, and with no signs of divine fever. The Icon team deducted that  this was some form of LIGHT BASED DEFENSE MECHANISM, a way of deflecting any incoming ‘foreign objects’ in its path. The phenomenon they were dealing with was still a virtual unknown, but Verola, believed it to be some kind of ARTIFICIAL CONTROL NETWORK- each religious beacon working together to some colossal function.


There was to be only one further mission in the Icon program. During the second launch, unpredicted  complications occurred as Maya navigated his way through the solar plexus. After a frantic four minute struggle, his absentia tank crashed down in the solar plexus mouth and the ETHERIC LINK between the physical and etheric counterpart were severed. Maya slipped into a deep psychotropic slumber from which he could not be returned.

This was a serious event, one which, if made public, could create serious controversy. As quickly as it had been formed, the Icon program came under an immediate project shutdown, and all of the project’s accumulated research was declared classified. By the winter of 1972 the events that took place in the bleak location of Utah were nothing more than a memory.


Back in his days as a lecturer, Merovin had been a mentor to a bright young student from Austria by the name of Alfred Verola. Merovin had worked closely with Verola in the development stage of the absentia tank, and Verola had indeed been present in Peru when Merovin had first harnessed the idea of taking their sacred soma back to the lab.

“We entered this overwhelming experiment in the spirit of scientific enlightment, but the moment the powers that be tuned into what we were doing the whole philosophy was altered, I felt, from the beginning, that there was a “knowing-ness’ to their involvement, as if they were fully aware of the existence of these beacons, and that the Icon project itself was a kind of experiment–a test to see how far we could get in deciphering their function. A project cover-up was always in the cards, whether we succeeded or not.” (ALFRED VEROLA)

When their research came under the inspection of its funders, the American Government, Merovin was allocated new staff for the formation of the Icon Program, his protege’ Alfred Verola returned to Austria, where with the help of a wealthy and enthusiastic friend, continued his own research. By the mid months of 1974 he had constructed a prototype of his own modified Absentia Tank, the SPUTNIK 1 and was creating a detailed journal of his excursions through the solar plexus vortex.


Verola surmised that each of these mesmeric beacons hanging in the void was positioned in a circle that encompassed the material plane from within. When souls migrate from the material plane they make their return journey across the collective void to their birthplace, THE SOURCE, the mass of consciousness that surrounds  the void. As they travel in mass numbers they form SOUL STREAMS, described by Verola as “Bright bands of blue-green light that on closer inspection are lines of millions of consciousness orbs following each other in the same direction.” These soul streams are distracted from their destination by the light of the seven beacons, and these religious icons draw souls towards them in mass numbers. Those of, say a Christian belief, are drawn towards the powerful light (and promised hope) of the Christ light. Souls instilled with the Jewish faith are lured towards the DAVID STAR STATION, and so on.

Verola was convinced that the beacons were SOUL RECYCLE STATIONS, artificial constructs created for the purpose of ‘washing souls’ and sending them back to the BIRTHING STREAM with embedded religious belief structures that limit the spiritual growth of humanity. In various experiments he was said to have taken sample souls and examined them under re-created VOID CONDITIONS in his laboratory.


Convinced that he was pushing the envelope with his research, Verola presented his findings to a select group of ‘offbeat members of the science community’ at his home laboratory. Verola groundbreaking insights into the seven beacons and their function caused waves among those present, and before long a small organisation had been formed, tentatively named THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE.


  1. Steve Gamble’s “Shopping for Spirit” mentioned his experience during his meditation into the inner journey. He referred a lot to the Nag Hammadi, the false god, the twice born aka lost souls, and the Archeons.

    I search everywhere online looking for absentia divinium, but nothing came up except for your blog. I did watch the movie absentia on YouTube. Quite weird but interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm Hmm…Rather Interesting Work That “Shopping for Spirit”. Yes, That Absentia Is A Rather Elusive Psychotropic To Get A Tail On, As The Only Data Available For It Even 5 Years Ago Or So, Was That It Was Most Powerful Yet Difficult To Get! LoL 10 To 1 The Substance Naming Has Changed. Eye Did Have Intentions On A Follow Up Post On It, But Have Been Sidetracked By Research For Future Posts. Will Put That On “The Soon To Do” List..:-)
      Stay Tuned Sabine!


  2. I look forward to it! I also read “Man from Planet Riqz.” An interesting read. I intuitively feel some things he shared were truths laced with some falsehoods. Just have to use discernment. His very thorough coverage of Tesla and the Philadelphia project was enthralling to me. I did not know about the other guy that built the Coral Castle in Florida. I came across a video about someone stating that a young boy witnessed the man used a cone like looking rock like what they found around Kemet [Greek named it Egypt] to use it to lift the heavy megaton stones. Something to do with resonance and magnetism.

    I also read “Ringmakers of Saturn” but the author didn’t come outright in book and say he saw tall black beings come out of the space vehicles. I’m highly intrigued by an Asian woman’s testimonial during deep regression hypnosis from Chicago said she was abducted by black beings and that they were pissed at how black folks are treated on Earth. Someone had mentioned this book “Encounters” authored by Edith Fiore, Ph. D., but that it was covered up on the news. I ordered a used copy to read this testimonial. She even told the media, but they covered it up so I’m really curious. Still waiting for the book to get to me.

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  3. Btw, how do you feel about “Shopping for Spirit” or will you do a post on it? I just haven’t come across folks willing to discuss it with me or take it seriously. I also feel there’s half truths mixed in there, but I also feel he’s on point with a lot of things. Have you heard about Nigel Kerner’s theory about the grey harvesting for human souls. http://www.nigelkerner.com/Articles/The_Horde.html

    Tell me what you think. Looking foreward to more posts of yours!

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    1. Sabine! My Feeling On Shopping For Spirit Is…Neutral. Eye Think Its Great Introductory Data To Metaphysics, And In Particular My Work. However, Eye Doubt There Will Be Anything Forthcoming On GW On Steve Gambles Work. Salute Him Eye Do! 🙂
      Thank U For The Nigel Kerner Article/Link. Very Interesting Read, And The The Most In Depth Of All Eye Have Read From Others On The Topic. Of Course, Do Intend To Give The “Galactical Overview”…


      1. Yes, Edward Leedskalnin, was in possession of an object found in Egypt. These objects are still in museum along with other Kemetian’s artifacts. I knew the pyramid was not built via man power at all but via law of physics we don’t understand to this day. Scientists cannot figure out to this day. No wonder the Europeans try to claim Kemet as their own.

        I’m highly curious how Tesla and then Edward Leedskalnin came about the knowledge on how to use the cone. Fascinating scientist, Tesla is, but they never mentioned him in school. However, I love researching so I brought it up with my scientist teacher in high school.

        I read Encounters. Got it yesterday. I find it interesting the therapist asked what these beings looked like versus the other abductee. The woman’s name sound somewhat Asian and her physical descriptions sounded somewhat Asian, somewhat vague. This woman, Diane Tai, accounted that there were about 25 or more blacks folks taken up. She asked why they were taken and the aliens said they’re advanced souls placed in highly difficult situations.

        She mentioned these aliens were “planters”, tall, and very kind and loving. She said they mentioned to be spiritual as in heart centered but not be of any religion.

        One of the common themes was their interest in the human reproductive system. They extract eggs and sparks to study it.

        As for Nigel Kerner, I think his research is more in depth than others I came across. His is the most intriguing and more in line with the Nag Hammadi although the book mentioned more of an astral possession like Steve Gamble inferred.

        Nigel also have scientists working with him. He doesn’t have a science background and hence he used scientists to back up his claim with how the gene of white European differ greatly from folks of color. I find his assertions compelling. His an interview with his publicist and scientist friend he consult with in regard to the genes. Very fascinating. It’s a three part video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VHwjOlpJQe4.

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    2. ..Again Sabine Thank You Much For Your Presence & Sharing. The Pyramids Were Constructed By Highly Activated Minds, The Use Of Lasers, And At Least One Law Called “Attunement”..Under The Direction Of The Galactical Elders, Of Course. There Have Been Whispers Of Leedskalnin & Tesla Being ‘Mystery School Intiates’… And Do Greatly Appreciate The Video Links. Eye Am Very Excited As To What That Will Reveal, As Well As Getting A Chance To Check Out ‘Encounters’..As Time Permits Will Do My Best To Build On These Topics Further..You’ve Shared So Much Interesting! 🙂


      1. Likewise you have shared a lot of interesting food for thought as well! I love it!

        I read in Linda Goldman’s Star Sign that the highly activated mind of the Kemetians used sound resonance to raise the stones. All objects have a resonance. If you attune to the resonance, you can change the state of the object. Like how a tuning fork if it tune to the resonance of glass at a certain pitch, it would shattered. Using laser to cut the stones would make sense hence the precise dimension.

        The book didn’t go into much details about galactical elders. I’m a bit leary about any type of worship. A lot of folks no matter in whatever form use dogmatism of whatever beliefs (may it be a belief of a god or gods in the sky, dogmatic science, UFOs, galactic federation) as a form of religion.

        I’m not discounting that there’s an existence of a galactic elders and yet I’m of the mind of Nigel Kerner in that if they do exist, what is their purpose with us. Is it a change of hand from a pie in the sky god worship to extraterrestrial worship, same thing but by different name.

        If Nigel Kerner’s coagulation is correct about the grey messing with the genes of white European in order to dominate the world and harvest human souls, it certainly makes sense the proliferation of white supremacy in the world. Furthermore, white European are 10 percent of the world’s population and yet own 90 percent of the world’s wealth.

        It’s through European lack of melanin that the Greys’ uv-ray technology was able to alter gene. Once upon a time, European scientists postulated that melanin was worthless. Now they used the knowledge of melanin to inform them to help develop certain products such as sunblock: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o9BqrSAHbTc

        The European’s science also used Eugenics to inform them how to treat folks of color. And their vaccination program to make Nicaraguan young fertile women infertile. It was only through a Catholic priest suspicion to have the tetanus shots independently looked at to find out what the shot was doing to the women. They only inject it to the fertile women which made the priest suspicious. Such cases are well documented, but the vaccination program is the sacred cow of the Western World. It can do no wrong and no accountability on their part. And it’s in the name of science even though various informed doctors and researchers have shared their reservation, they’re labeled as quacks as what they shared were apart from mainstream narrative.

        Various enlightened messengers said love is all powerful and that the kingdom of heaven is within us and that what we ask for we get if we believe with a heartfelt knowing that it’s ours and yet you have these religions diverting us from this very message. Why is that?

        Anyhow, thanks again with all you have shared. 🙂

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      2. Again Eye Applaud Your Tenacity In Checking Things Out For Yourself. Vaccines Are Just Dead Wrong, And Nigel Kerner’s Research Is The Pandoras Box A Post Of Mine May Soon Open Up! GalacticWyzedome Does Not Promote “Worship” Of Any Kind. However, When Eye Mention The Galactic Elders, Eye With Reverential Acknowledgment Am Speaking On The Unseen Divinities, And Etheric Helpers Who Extend Their Influence Freely And Powerfully In The Process Of Evolution & Kosmic Progress.. Please Refer To My Posts “Self Cultivation & Crop Cirlces”, And “Consciousness The Real Royal Game-2″….


      3. Right on! 👍I’ll check the post you mentioned.

        Here’s a site I want you to look at and tell me what you think. This is in line with what Nigel Kerner is speaking about, but in reference to the Nag Hammadi Codex and the Archons.

        It’s absolutely fascinating to me. I need to get Nigel’s book. People suggest to read his first book before going to the second.

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  4. ..bibliotecaplyades Is An Absolute Fave Sites, And Eye Had The Good Fortune To Have Read The Link/Post You Shared Some Years Ago. As biblio Is Part Of The Inspiration For My Site…Thank You


      1. Sabine…Thank U Much For The Shares..Because What You’ve Sent Deserves A Long Overdue Post/Breakdown, Eye Will Save The Details Of An Overview For The Next Missive–But Appreciate All The ‘Etheric Warriors’ The World Over, Who Are Creating These Wonderful Orgonite Products, & “Gifting”(Wink Wink)…Eye’m Coming….


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