The Invisible Matter

Greetings! As Is My Style, Here Is Yet Another Gem Of A Post From A Mysterious Maverick Russian Researcher Who Went By “Neviman”, On The Now Defunct & Vanished Site, LIFE TECHNOLOGIES….Quite A Few Years Before The Nassim Haramein’s, And All The Heliacal Model/Our Solar System Is A Vortex Talk So Recently Ubiquitous On The Net, This Fellow Labored In Obscurity Presenting Some Eye Opening & Thought Provoking Perspectives. If Your Ready To Explore The Invisible Matter Of Space(Nevima), And For Intelligent And Unorthodox Discourse On Our Solar System And More….Read On….

The invisible matter

When planets rotate about the Sun, the amount and direction of velocity in their movement change regularly. For a solid body not having its own movers, it is possible only in the form of a passive participation in the common movement. The Solar System is a vertex of the invisible matter. Hereinafter in the text the “invisible matter” shall be called “nevima” with the stress on the letter “i”.

Neviman pic1


Position. 1. – Inner cosmic space

Beyond the vortex is outer space, in which nevima is in an equilibrium state. Inner space is formed due to a non-equilibrium state, like atmospheric vortexes – cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes – are formed, when warm and humid air comes across cold air with condensation of water drops forming clouds. Origination of nevima vortexes causes “condensation” of a solid body, which forms stellar systems and galaxies. If somewhere in the outer space there are particles, atoms or a solid body, this means that nevima in that place is in a non-equilibrium state.

Position 2 – Planets of the Solar System

Each object of the Solar System has its own nevima planetary vortex. When rotating, a system vortex interacts with planetary vortexes thus feeding axial rotational energy of planets, rotational energy of minor planets about big planets and rotational energy of all of them about the Sun.

The movement of planets similar to a swing speeding up, when moving down and slowing down, when moving up, is a proof of an annual “forcing” of planets by rotating nevima system vortex.

Position 3 – Refraction of star light at crossing the boundary between outer and inner space

This refraction is a vivid proof of the existence of the nevima system vortex. Scientists explain deviation of star light near the Sun by attraction of light by the Sun. However, they forgot that in this case, light of different mass stars must have different velocity, because proper light must also overcome attraction of the star. But this is not so, because light has no mass and Einstein’s theories have no proofs.

Position 4 – «Cosmic rays»

When crossing the boundary between inner and outer space, “solar wind” undergoes a significant transformation, during which some particles ricochet to inner space and get to the Earth as if from outer space, but without the “sender’s address”. “Cosmic rays” and neutrino “coming from outer space” have solar origin. “Cosmic rays” are another proof of the existence of the nevima system vortex.

Position 5 – Trajectory of a spaceship flying into outer space

Current flights of spaceships in inner space are waste of money. “Shooting” must be done perpendicularly to a system vortex. Only this will provide information new in essence and will save money. After a flight to outer space the spaceship will start “melting” like sugar in water, turning into nevima and “burning” with cold fire.

Position 6. – Glow

Cold glow can be seen along the perimeter of the nevima system vortex. The glow is caused by a substance turning into nevima and “burning” with cold fire after it was discharged into outer space during vortex rotation. No Oort clouds are along the perimeter of the Solar System. One can see such “burning” on the eve of the orthodox Easter in the temple of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

It was proved long ago that the Universe consists of the invisible matter, but science calls these proofs phenomena and does not want to part with its dogmas as, for instance, interstellar vacuum theory. According to science, there is nothing in the Universe between stars and galaxies – vacuum. In this case, energy of star light is decreased inversely to the squared distance from the star to us at the expense of dispersion, which is why the current of energy from the nearest star to the Earth is 1011 times less than the solar one. Let us divide energy of the nearest star by 1011, but the number of stars, which may be approximately called the nearest ones is much more than 1011. If we multiply energy reaching us from the star by the number of the stars, we will get another sun in the sky and if we add energy of the infinite number of more distant stars, we will get the sky blazing with sizzle day and night. However, we have a ”cold sky phenomenon” in essence. Interstellar space almost completely absorbs energy of stars, completely absorbs reflected light and makes star satellites invisible, completely absorbs signals of extraterrestrial civilizations, thus creating a “Universe’s silence phenomenon”. The Universe contains much more objects not available for observation than visible ones. A “cold sky phenomenon” and a “Universe’s silence phenomenon” prove the existence of nevima. Another example proving the existence of the universe matter is called a “universal wind calm phenomenon”. It boils down to the following. “Stellar wind” consists of light and other types of radiation, fields, elementary particles and atoms. If there is nothing between the stars, contrary “stellar wind” must have the same composition. Actually, only weak radiation reaches the Earth from a star, while fields, particles and atoms disappear on their way to the Earth. “Stellar wind” does not exist.

Quite a demonstrative evidence of the Universe consisting of the invisible matter is red galactic spectral displacement. Nature of light is not known. “Photon”, a “light quantum” is a supposition, an invention. Doppler effect was discovered during research of sound propagation in the air, that is why using Doppler effect for explanation of the changes taking place in light such as red displacement, is a scientific crime. Red displacement occurs, when light passes through nevima. The longer the way, the greater displacement.

Nevima can also cause violet displacement, polarize light, etc. No “recession of galaxies” exists and no “Big Bang” has ever taken place. Solid body is a temporary visible form of a minor part of nevima (less than 1%), caused by its local non-equilibrium state. Studying stars, planets or substance is waste of money, just the same as studying drops of water in atmosphere and hoping to study atmosphere in this way. Nevima is what must be studied and mastered. It contains everything, including 100% intellect. We are not interesting to the Universal Intellect so far. Our modern world-view on actually any issue is poor.

For example, no evolution can happen through chance mutations followed by natural selection. Real evolution has nothing to do with a chance, it is a very careful process, much more careful, than that of construction of a car or a plane.

“Life begins with a cell. There is no life beyond cells”. This quotation can be found in any biology textbook. And what about bird’s influenza viruses, which live on these cells? “Nonliving”, but how bright!


  1. The solar system is a vortex??? I never heard that before. That was a great post and wonderful breakdown. Thanks for the visuals as well. Very interesting post!

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