Gays:Guardians Of The Gate#1

Greetings! This Missive, Given In Two Parts Was Inspired After Noting The Division And Stagnation Of My People Over The Issue Of Homosexuality In Our Race, And Taking A Day To Watch The Documentaries: “Taboo Yardies“(homophobia in Jamaica), “Homophobic Uganda“, “Hunted in Russia“(Literally), “Cameroon’s state sanctioned Homophobia“, “BBC News-Nigerian Gay People Being Hunted Down“…….Have Mercy, This Compilation  Is A Hopeful Tip In The Scales Toward BALANCEMENT. Love And Gratitude To Paa Nabab:Yanuuwn aka Malachi York, The Dogon Elder Malidoma Some’, King Etznab-Shaquan:El Rey, And Alicia Banks For The Teachings And The Data That Made This Post Possible..Please Read On…..

In pre-colonial Africa, naturally born homosexuals were called GATEKEEPERS. You must remember that our ancient african ancestors were also scientists and geneticists, and they had long since discovered the reality of GENDER SCIENCE. In the first seeding’s of the physical creation on earth there were 24 beings incarnated, 12 from Sirius, and 12 from Orion. They were manifested out of their own root race and morphogenetic forms. Both gendered races, all females and all males represented in equal standing–to populate the planet to progress through their lineage.


                           (Arrival of the Elder’s from Sirius & Orion  through hexagonal geometry of subspace)

However, being the beings from Sirius were pure XX,and the beings from Orion were pure XY, their first offsprings came out XYX and YXY. The neuter gender, dual souls of: Her-maph-ro-dites and the He-maph-ro-dites; who at first could not give birth or reproduce.


(Taken from “New Hope for Hermaphrodites” article)

gatekeeper-dogon hermaph sculpter (Dogon Hermaphrodite Sculpter)

The neuter gender race populated the earth for many generations. The Nuwbun Egyptian Diety known as KHNUM, or DEDUN and amongst the pygmies called KHONUUM– was the alchemist that was given the chemical chart in the form of DNA, and took the Hermaphrodites and hybrids who couldn’t procreate, and make them into beings that can reproduce in cycles of nine “9”.. Spinning of the universe of procreation’s had several failures and produced a bunch of deformed beings…They eventually changed the system from using the laboratory tubes and started inserting it inside of the females. Khnum gave the power to procreate to females through the Mitochondria DNA, which gives her the power to give birth. Mito is from greek mitos, meaning “warp thread”, and Chondria is from greek khondrion, diminutive of khondros meaning “grain-granule”. Many generations later, the female scientist known as Mother Ninti or Nunet, experimented with the side of an X chromosome maiming it by removing 2.8 percent of X chromosome. This resulted in a maimed lower right stem, giving the appearance of a Y, which produces Less Genetic Materials, resulting in a Y chromosome called “Chromosomal Manipulation” a well known experiment today. This act resulted in the defected female with under-developed mammary glands, herniated ovaries-(testicles), enlarged clitoris-(penis), and undeveloped womb-(prostate) called “Man”–a then work machine, hunter and slave of the female gods…..


(Khnum/Dedun The Nuwbun Was Given The Chemical Chart As The Fashioner Of The Womb)


(Nunet/Ninti Goddess & Geneticist)

The ancients taught that most who are naturally HORMONESEXUAL(male) and SHE-MOSEXUAL(female) are formed that way around the 4th and 8th month of a woman’s pregnancy. But it was her first 3-6 weeks of pregnancy that determine what her child would become. This is done by the emotional and mental states of a woman during this time, which release (contain) sex hormones that affect the formation of the child. Now in ancient times gays and lesbians were referred to as Mukhnashtat-u “Her-maphrodites“, and Mukhnash “He-maphrodites“. The definition of a Hemaphrodite is a he morphing into a she, and vice versa. And they did not have necessarily speaking the genitalia of both sexes, that is an Anomaly.

In religion they live by two extremes “good” and “evil”, two ends of existence “life” and “death.” So the adherents don’t see LIFE–a living between. They don’t recognize the fact of stages of life, no extremes without all between them. Not just hot and cold, without warm and cool and all stages between them. The same with gender in both humans and animals. There Are No All Male Genes; he has XY: Both. INTERSEX traits exist in both humans and animals. What is called homosexual activity happens between animals.* Many are born a male physically, yet with a female spirit. Many are born physically female, yet with a male spirit- And All States In Between. When you study the facts you find out nature is not black and white, nature is not good and bad, nature is not spirit and matter. In fact, nature is CIRCULAR in so far as gender.


Gatekeeper-biological exuberanceGatekeeper-homosexual behaviour


(The two sexes of C.Elegans[worms],the hermaphrodites and males differ strikingly in overall body size and structure such as the gonad and tail)

The Circle Of Physical, and in that you all agree that a physical person also has something on the inside of them called spirit or soul or both. Yet, you have body and spirit, or two beings, and they both make up your personality. Who you are on the outside and who you are on the inside. And how you think is not always how you feel. How you act outside is not always how you feel inside. This is the same with genetics and gender. There are not only two extremes, male XY and Female XX. There is XYX Her-maphrodites and YXY He-maphrodites, And Many More In Between. In ancient times who or what is called gay today were called Gatekeepers or Muhfadj-u “The Guardians” because their physical being could vibrate  on a double resonance, resounding, or resonant frequency. Each Person’s Body vibrates on only one tone, key, or voice. Yet they have both male and female chromosomes vibrating inside of them.



Their vibrational frequency is double that of a “normal” heterosexual, being able to access the thinking/emotional patterns, and subconscious imagery of the “opposite” sex. The Dual Beings dwell on both conscious realms at the same time, being linked to both SIRIUS and ORION simultaneously…So, only they can find the STAR GATES and open the way before time…(cont…)


  1. amazing spiritual work , you truly are chosen , with truth and gift of writing , love to the nubians and to mr dr york , let him know some many love him the neteru , is working with you , and working fast , we welcome the divine feminine , its been a very long hard battle , ie No mans land , thank you hathor is watching your goodness love you too

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    1. Thank You Dominiquo For Reading And Commenting, Much Appreciation For Your Very Kind Words Of Praise…In The Spirit Of Sharing The Love That Birthed Us All Into This Life, Please Continue To Peruse The Site And Stay Tuned…

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  2. Hi, I am a student of Dr. York teachings. The right knowledge you have given about twin spirits is very beautiful. Its sad that many families have separated because of religion and not searching for the facts. Some “Afro centrists” are still at a loss about “Lesbians and Gays”, even when I present these valuable facts to them there nose are still turned up and there mouths still say “Homosexuality did not exist in our culture”. Honestly I feel alone at times because neither side of my family fully accepts me for me. Therefore, my only option is to seek true love. The ancestors be revealing to me the truth. The truth is, whether man or woman , that’s a Gatekeeper vibrate on a different frequency than others. We chose to come to the planet for a sole purpose. Eye sea now that I have a spiritual family with love but I have to attune myself to there frequency and Move away from the people I came thru (Blood Family) that doesn’t accept me. I shall move away from the unrighteous and build a foundation of truth. – Anubi Eloheem 999

    Thank You

    Facebook : Anubi Eloheem Benjamin

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    1. My Dear Kin Anubi….Eye Do Much Appreciate Your Presence And Comment. It Is In Fact An Honor To Cross Paths With Another Student Of The Master Teacher Through This Forum, And To Know That My Small Work Has Been An Assistance In Your Journey. Stay Strong & Centered—You Are Not Alone In The Building Of A Foundation…The Point Is There Is No Purpose In Continuing To Try And Justify Your Orientation To Groups/Individuals You Know Are Conditioned To Be Intolerant. That Is Counterproductive To Your Own Mental Health And Esteem….Ultimately, It Will Always Come Down To Subjectivity. In Other Words, You Will Not Win That Battle–And Is It A Battle That Needs To Be Fought?

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  3. Rahubaat Kin,
    Your right that’s a battle that will not be won and no its not a battle that needs to be fought. Its just sad how people treat you because of ignorance. The good thing about it is you really see whos FAKE and whos REAL. I don’t know if you associate yourself with social media but if your on facebook add me my name on there is Anubi Eloheem Benjamin.


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  4. I had a vision about this, but I did not come to the same conclusion. Over the last few months I thought, hmmm I do not want to believe that the first humans were tri-sexual (in the biological sense). Notice the word want, so I am admitting to my bias against homosexuality from a reproductive standpoint. By tri-sexual I mean an individual with 3 sex chromosomes. Based upon your theory the sex of our creators were Sirius = female and those from Orion = male, why would they form tri-sexual beings first?

    I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but are you sure this interpretation is correct? It would have been helpful to define “deformed”. Because based upon your theory a tri-sexual should be considered deformed.

    In addition, some homosexuals also practice beastiality and pedophilia, just look up John Wallace Wolf from NY.

    I am not saying that all homosexuals exhibit such behavior, because ‘heterosexuals’ may practice those acts as well.

    My point is that you cannot assume the first humans were tri-sexuals and that some were not. Also, based upon my ‘theory’ men are technically bi-sexual. You would also have to explain why XX would come from Sirius and XY from Orion. Why not YY? If you did so in another post or if you can point me to a different resource I would greatly appreciate.


    1. atumnova! Your Presence And Comment Is Appreciated Fam….As Synchronicity Would Have It, Eye Was Turning Over In My Head The Idea And Compiling Notes, For A Part Three To This Series. You’ve Made Strong Points And Asked Questions That Eye Intend To Address In A Tentative 3rd Part, So For Sake Of Brevity…..
      Eye Am Not Promoting Or Assuming The Idea Of “Tri-Sexuality”, Since On This Physical Plane There Is The X Chromosome, And Its Counterpart With Less Genetic Material Known As A Y Chromosome. The Particular Biological Arrangement Of These As Posited Is Responsible For The Phenomena Of The Dual Beings Known As “Twin Spirits” & “Gatekeepers.” The Part Two To This Post Goes A Bit More Into It. The Word “Deformed” Is Incorrect, And Was Never Used In My Post. Eye Said “ANOMALY”, Because Based On The ‘Unisex’ Genitalia We Have Regressed To Through Genetic Tampering & Evolution, Being Born With Fully Developed Penis & Vagina Is Indeed An Oddity….Though Present Day Females Are The Descendants Of, And Closest Physical Representation Of Those Original Neuter Beings. (Please Refer To “SECRET OF REGENERATION”-Hilton Hotema)
      Will Break Down The Sirius/Orion Origins In Future Post. And Interestingly Enough, You Said Some Homosexuals Practice Bestiality And Pedophilia, While Stating Afterwards Heterosexuals “May” Practice It As Well…Ok…So Your Not Sure If Hetero’s Do, But Gays Most Definitely..? Again, Will Attempt Further Breakdown And Clarification In Future Post. In The Meantime, Please Check Out:


      1. Thank you for your response.
        Thanks for the book suggestion.
        I apologize, I did not quote you properly, but you do use the word deformed.
        “Spinning of the universe of procreation’s had several failures and produced a bunch of deformed beings…”
        To clarify, I used the word deformed because you say the first progenitors had 2 sex chromosomes. As a result, their offspring should have had 2 as well, right? Any deviation from the 2 sex chromosomes of the parents, in my opinion, would be a deformity.

        Yes, there is genetic tampering. Chemicals in food, air, water, medicine. How does this play into your argument about the “Gay Agenda”? Because fish exposed to endocrine disrupters may experience changes in their sex organs:
        The gay agenda is a part of the larger population control agenda. So are ‘they’ trying to turn males into females. I do not know, but again “Notice the word want, so I am admitting to my bias against homosexuality from a reproductive standpoint.” This of course does not mean that the only purpose of life is to reproduce and I think you hint at that in your post.
        “When you study the facts you find out nature is not black and white, nature is not good and bad, nature is not spirit and matter. In fact, nature is CIRCULAR in so far as gender.”

        What is my point in responding to your post:

        • I’m trying to get a better understanding sexual orientation, but I still have my biases.
        • I am trying to get a better understanding of how we got here, so I have questioned what the gender of our Creator was.

        Your post tries to do both, so I was very interested in it.

        • This post has great implications about our perception of reality, but when you say “study the facts”, but also admit that there has been genetic tampering alongside evolution, then facts get blurred.

        My bias #2: I do not believe in evolution, but I do believe in genetic tampering/engineering. So, I cannot say for sure if there is a such thing as someone being born gay, for all the reasons above.

        In regards to your question, no, I do not think that gays most definitely practice beastiality and pedophilia.

        “This Missive, Given In Two Parts Was Inspired After Noting The Division And Stagnation Of My People Over The Issue Of Homosexuality In Our Race”

        When people from our race talk about homosexuality, they also talk about beastiality and pedophilia as being deviations from what Africans, Negroids, Blacks, Original Hue-mans…did prior to coming into contact with albino mutants, edomites, caucasoids, yugurus, satan…whatever term they choose to use.

        So I brought up gays and other sexual behaviors that deviate from what religion, I suppose, has taught us what is natural. Mind you Africans will say all religion is derived from some African text that has been distorted, so again this post has to take into consideration what ‘they’ have done to rewrite history and poison our people. That is the point of the division.

        Overall, your site is interesting and I look forward to the 3rd part to this post.


      2. Kin AtumNova…Again Thank You For Checking My Small Work Out, And Taking The Time To Comment..Eye Applaud Your Open Minded Inquiry, Please Pardon The Delayed Responses- Eye Do Respond As Soon As Possible. There Are Things Eye Will Save For Future Post(s), And Will Address Your Points Made. First, Eye Stand Corrected Because The Word Deformed Was Used In Reference To Other Types Of Beings That Came Out Of Genetic Manipulation/Mixing Of Other Sentient Beings With Humans. Not Necessarily The “Gatekeepers” Or “Twin Spirits”….Eye Touch On That Throughout My Elder Scroll Series(1-8), But Even That Deserves Further Elaboration! Part 1 & 2 Of This Post Takes Into Consideration Not Just A Rewrite And Poison Of Our People, But A Total COVER UP Of This Matter, Which Has Helped Create The Climate & Serious Issues These Posts Are Attempting To Help Bring BALANCEMENT To. You Have Given Me Much To Respond To And Cannot Do That Without Turning This Response Into A Post! LoL…Much Appreciation & Please Stay Tuned!


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