Gays:Guardians Of The Gates#2

Greetings! This Missive, The Second Part Of A Compilation, Will Attempt An Overview, And A Perhaps Bit Oversimplified Take On The Origins Of Homophobia And The ‘Gay Agenda’….For More In Depth Info Please Check References At End Of Post….

Twin Spirits (Hormone Sexuals)

..In an effort to find out the ROOT of our hatred and intolerance, we need to dig deeper beneath the Predictable reactions and religious arguments. We need to look at our history, our origins. Because our fear, shame, and hate of gay people (men in particular) is a far more universal phenomena among black people whether we are from the Caribbean, America, or Africa. Therefore, Eye must ask, what is our common experience? What is our common heritage? An unbiased historical and anthropological look back will show us what our past feelings towards homosexuals were probably like when we were back in our indigenous tribes in West, Central and Southern Africa, and even the Americas. Yes, there are many Afrocentrists that will deny that homosexuality was a feature of African cultures in Ancient Times. They love to spread the myth that homosexuality is primarily a modern phenomenom, a “white man’s disease.” Ironically, they have been unwittingly Anglicanized to have this myopic view….

A bit of perusing the net and studies published reveal the Ubiquity of “gays” in Indigenous cultures the world over. So how come these Afrocentrists want us to believe that our motherland was somehow the exception to the rule? The answer is we were taught to feel that shame and fear by the same colonial influences we now speak against. So deep is the indoctrination we cannot even look at our own motherland honestly. Dictator Robert Mugabe is such a prime example. He accused the British of bringing the “disease of perversion” to his country of Zimbabwe and has refused all attempts to foster tolerance and equal rights as “colonial interference“. What Mugabe does not or chooses not to recognize is that homosexuality existed in Zimbabwe long prior to European contact. We know this because the “San” people, a tribe indigenous to that country did rock paintings that date back many thousands of years which depict sexual acts between men.

The Bantu-speaking peoples of the plateau country have also admitted to ethnographers that homosexuality has traditionally been in their culture. In Nigeria, another place where advocacy for tolerance is dismissed as “European meddling“, the native Hausa people of northern Nigeria and the surrounding countries offer interesting examples of homosexuality among their people for thousands of years before British colonialism. They speak of ‘yan dauda‘ which loosely translates as “homosexual” or “transvestite”, and ‘dan dauda‘ which translates as a “homosexual wife”. There are many stories among the Pangwe of Camaroon of men within their tribe who even when offered a large bride price, still prefer to court other men. The indigenous Igbo people of Nigeria allow “female husbands”, women who display more masculine tendencies are treated as men and allowed to hunt and to marry other women.

On the Swahili coast and among many tribes in Lesotho romantic love or intimacy between women was allowed because the perception was that two women could not have sex and such interaction was non-threatning. That these behaviors existed prior to European contact is evidenced by the richness and number of these anthropological findings. Contrary to Mugabe’s and other Afrocentrists’ assertions, analysis of the old colonial court records shows intense prosecutions of homosexual behaviors among the indigenous peoples of Shona, Ndebele, Xhosa, Basotho, and Zulu by early colonialists courts. It may seem weird to many that so many people, from the Native Americans to the peoples of the South Pacific to Africa were permissive of homosexuality. However, we must keep in mind that among non-Abrahamic/Judeo/Christian cultures, homosexuality was usually tolerated because they had a moral code influenced by different values.

Indigenous people revere nature for life’s lessons and in nature they found abundant examples of sexual anomalies(which modern science has now begun to understand) like hermaphrodites, same-gender sexual behavior among animals even species that could physically change gender/sex. Therefore to many indigenous tribes around the world, a man who manifested feminine traits was not seen as unnatural or immoral. Who are now called gay were often seen as “twin-spirits” possessing both male and female souls and thus gifted with invaluable talent and insight as spiritual guides, healers, artists and craftsmen (note: those who were regarded as “Gatekeepers” and “Two-Spirits” were the engine room of the society, as it was/is a SACRED TRADITION and not a “gay institution” and sexual licentiousness). The indigenous people’s often demonstrated an acute awareness and acceptance it took colonial societies years to achieve.

On the other side of the world, the Europeans had long converted from their shamanistic earth religions by a powerful Roman Catholic church which since the 1200’s began to rule with an iron fist. They had a rather different view, one they would end up Forcing upon our ancestors. The history of the church in Europe reveals that there was once tolerance of homosexuality throughout the middle ages. Believe it or not, (though the church tried to sweep it under the carpet) it is now publicly known that many of its priests and abbots prior to the 1200’s were openly gay. However, after a dismal loss in the Crusades the church began intense legalistic campaign that would climax with the inquisition and last until the 17th century. Of course, this led to all kinds of repression. The first to feel it were the Jews and Muslims of Europe, then came all women practicing midwifery and traditional healing, all racial “minorities”, and of course homosexuals. In the face of the growing Islamic threat from the Mediterranean and Middle East and pagan invaders from Eastern Europe, Mongol, and China, there was a zealous thrust to replenish diminished European armies ans increase the population and power of the church’s domain.

It was at the Lateran III Council of 1179 the church took its first official position to outlaw all forms of non-procreative sex. In the 1200’s, the writings of Thomas Aquinas, reinforced the new thinking of the Catholic Church that semen was thought to be life iself and must never be wasted. Early illustrations of sperm in those times depicted them as tiny human souls. Sex for pleasure was sinful, even between a husband and wife, and should only be used for reproduction. Any men caught in the act of anal or oral copulation were burned, this traditional punishment led to the derogatory term of “faggot“, which means piece of wood for burning.

This Was The Europe That Came To Colonize Africa. Can you picture the culture shock European Colonists felt when they came upon our people? Writings of Belgian, Dutch, French, Spanish, and British colonists are filled with their incredulous horror over the polygamous, sexually-liberated, minimally dressed people who because of their reverence for the earth regarded sex in general as perfectly natural, life affirming and spiritual. They could not believe many of the tribes didn’t view homosexuality with the same severe condemnation they did. Among the earliest references to this are some of the records of the Inquisition in Brazil From the Denunciations of Bahia (1591-1593)Francisco Manicongo, a cobblers apprentice is known among the slaves as a sodomite for ‘performing the duties of a female’ and for ‘refusing to wear the men’s clothes which the master gave him’ These passives are called jimbandaa in the language of Angola and the Congo, which means passive sodomite. The accuser claimed to have seen Francisco Manicongo  ‘wearing a loincloth such as passive sodomites wear in his land of the Congo and immediately punished him.” 


(Spanish explorer Balboa orders indigenous ‘Twin Spirits’ accused of sodomy to be eaten alive by dogs-1540’s)

It’s funny how today we may see Europeans as sexually liberal when generations ago, they were the prudes. They were the homophobes. Of course, they were being immensely hypocritical (just like we are now after being indoctrinated by them) because the fact remains that while they were punishing what they saw as sexual deviancy in our various tribal cultures, homosexuality was still rampant in their own ranks. Europe had a great double standard with richer classes and royalty being excused from prosecution for homosexual acts while the plebs felt the full wrath of the iron fisted church. Indeed, among the noted homosexuals was King James, the royal whom a version of the bible was named. Added to this their racism led to their presumption they were innately and culturally superior to our people. They forced our ancestors to wear their impractical style of clothing in the boiling tropical heat, to cover the naked human body which they felt was shameful. They forced us to practice their form of religion and its Moral code and Laws. Our culture was condemned by foreigners too close minded to understand it. They embarked on a well-financed campaign to indoctrinate our people to feel violently ashamed, fearful and hateful of their own traditions and of each other. Abused victims turn their fear of punishment and hatred of the punisher inward.

As is often the case, the new convert becomes more of an extremist zealot than the one who converted him, especially when there is much at stake for him to gain if he proves his utter devotion and dire consequences if he does not. Therefore we began to fear and hate our own deities, earth and ancestral spirits. We began to fear and hate our skin color and features. As for the “twin spirits” who love people of the same gender for whom many tribes had a special place in their traditions, We Began To Hate Them Too. To make matters worse, the morally hypocritical Europeans, used  anal rape during the slave trade as a means of humiliation and emasculation especially on mentally and physically strong black men to break their spirit (a practice known in the West Indies as “Buck Breaking”). Pedophilia was rampant in the new slave based colonies because a culture of repression, injustice, violence and hypocrisy always breeds dysfunctional predatory behaviors.  Many young African boys were sexually abused by their white masters and especially picked because they had no recourse.

In addition, the family unit was split, black men kept in isolation from their women, they were housed together in cramped barracks and this as well led to many non-consensual releases of sexual frustration and the resulting anger and shame about it. All the ill-feelings created by this common experience among our people have been handed down, distilled, supplemented with religious belief from generation to generation down to this day. So now, even after chattel slavery, and the fight for civil rights, most black men’s impressions of homosexuality are related to either violent events stemming from being incarcerated, degraded, or emasculated in some way. The systematic destruction of the black man’s worth as a man for hundreds of years; the resulting desperation to prove his manhood as well as the fear of being “soft” in tough, racist, poverty- stricken societies all have led to a culture of accepted homophobia, a common thread among all Afro- ethnic communities worldwide. Ironically, when we feel we are lashing out against “Babylon’s System” by bashing our gay brothers and sisters, we are really lashing out at a part of our African heritage which they represent.

(From Shaun de Waal of the Africa News Service in his report about the  struggle for Gay rights in South and Southwest Africa:)

What is ironic is the fact that much anti-gay feeling- and the apparent NEED to Police sexuality at all- seems inherited from Christianity, which is a Western Imposition on Africa if ever there was one. It must be noted, too, that the fight around homosexuality and lesbian rights in the Western democracies Keeps Revolving around the same terms, descendants of the Christian idea of sin as moral corruption, of perversion as a deviation from the true path. Anti-gay rhetoricians claim that there is no word for homosexuality in African Languages, which is simply untrue (Shona:ngochani, Sesotho: maotaona..), but it does point to an important issue in the way homosexuality is traditionally understood in African culture. The concept of a homosexual identity- as opposed to an unnamed sexuality that is open to a variety of acts- is a relatively recent one. The Word “homosexual” is barely 130 years old, while acts such as sodomy have been criminalized since the middle ages. Same sex intimacy was/is tolerated in African society, as long as it remains unnamed, and as long as it does not exclude sexual acts with members of the opposite sex…”

The Gay Agenda

The wizards, warlocks, and magicians on this planet- and the pawns of higher negative evolutionary forces, are aware that due to the closing of the winter cycle of existence, the Melanin Dominant race is to return to Primary Original Place, and the GATEKEEPER is Instrumental in that happening. If that thought is entertained, then it becomes obvious that any movement to suppress or divert that is more than a Genocidal/Racial plot. It is in fact Confrontational at the level of the CREATOR. What appears to be a push of homosexuality as “normal” on the awareness of the populace, has a much more Insidious and Cancerous agenda. The purpose is to plant the seeds of discord, distraction, and division; thereby rendering HUE-MANITY impotent to take advantage of the leap up the vibrational ladder, available at the commencement of this SUN CYCLE. Many among the Melanin Dominant (and others) feel that the world would have one less evil if Hormone (homo) sexuals disappeared.

But in Kosmic Truth, because of their (our) connection to the sun, if they (we) no longer existed on the planet, all the planets would be pulled into the sun and cause a STAR HOLOCAUST due to the Balancement  they (we) bring to the Solar System…………………

All else is unrealistic, unfounded, and unreasonable, a result of ignorance and superstitions found in their Bibles and Quraan’s- faith, belief, fictions, myth’s, illusions..lies of the liars, Celtic Wiccans and Druids, and their undercover witchcraft and sorcery.

The GATEKEEPER links from a Universe (one), To a Dual Verse (two), And four of them make an Omni-Verse where the multiverse meet…


(Dogon/Gatekeepers performing sigui ceremony)

All meet there, when the Wormhole is made between Earth and the 19th Galaxy,Gatekeeper-illiyuwn earth’s ascension to a higher state or level, the PREPARED beings can cross over the wormhole of time and space to 76 trillion miles of time.


(Top: simulation of a Star Gate, and the Denderah known as the ‘Egyptian Zodiak’, the Original Star Gate the GATEKEEPERS had/have the key to)

Yet, we must know the ritual needed, the beings needed, the tone needed, with all the right persons at the right time and place, or ALL is in vain….

Suggested Reading:

1)When Men Are Women: Manhood Among Gabra Nomads of East Africa-By John C. Wood

2) Male Daughters, Female Husbands- By Ifi Amdiume

3) Changing Ones: Third & Fourth Genders in Native North America-By Will Roscoe

4) The Dimensional Shift- By Paa Nabab Yanuuwn (Malachi York)

5) Gays: Guardians of The Gates-By Malidoma Some’ -article-

6) Why We Hate Homosexuals So Much- By Alicia Banks-article-

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