The Art Of Calmness

As the plant can not grow without water, your personal growth can not be achieved without calmness.

Ability to stay calm can be very useful in everyday life. In my opinion, the main component of growth is Calm Presence Of Mind.

This missive will talk about calmness, it’s influence on the growth, and how to achieve it in everyday life.

What Is Calmness?

From my point of view, calmness is simply a steadiness of mind, having a peaceful mind in different situations in life. An absence of anxiety, state without negative emotions, stress. nervousness. Calmness means to have composure under stress, anxiety and disturbance.

Calmness and Growth

Imagine a chess player, who is upset. Does he think clearly? Can he make the right decisions? Is he progressing in the game of chess or not?

When you do not have calm presence of mind, you are usually blocked for growth. Because anxiety, negativity, stress, nervousness cannot support the initiation of change. It can only support stagnation.

If you want growth, you need to consciously change yourself, with the intention to experience positive change. If you’re in the same situations with the same people, same beliefs, habits, circumstances and everything else (also called ‘comfort zone’), then you will be the same every day, and will only put off change, (and therefore the positive changes). But change is unstoppable. Even if you live in the comfort zone for a long time, eventually you will get a big change called “aging”, and finally, even greater change- “death”.

A state with out change is not similar to growth, it is more like death, stagnation.

If you change, then it is possible to finish as you do not want failure. But what if you succeed? It Can Be Great! But you will never know until you try…. 🙂

If you do not experience something new, then you have not changed. So, in my opinion, if you want to grow, you should experience new, unfamiliar situations. Because the comfort zone means, always to experience that which is familiar. The opposite is to go into the unknown. And so you grow.

Who Can Not

….be calm, can not grow. Let’s go back to calmness. If you experience something new, you’ll probably be more or less anxious,scared, insecure, angry, hostile, shy, etc..

There comes a sense of calm.

If you are sufficiently calm and composed in such new situations, then it is likely to get what you want from change (positive growth, success, and prosperity).

If you are not calm, you will not have Staidness in new situations. This means that you created fear, nervousness, etc. because you do not know what to expect from the situation. And you are afraid, because it could be worse than the current situation…

But if you have a calm mind, then you’ll see all of it as a harmless game, where you can win or lose,but of both you  will learn something new and grow. And you will be relaxed. Not relaxed as in sleeping, Relaxed without negative emotions and expectations. No lack of faith in yourself. Just work towards progress without unnecessary excitement that you can not use.

How To Be Calm

Suppose that you have entered into a new situation and you want to be calm in order to achieve the higher growth potential. How to achieve it?

Eye have two friendly suggested ways:

Gradually build a sense of calm.Become better in calmness by training to be calm in different situations. The first time you’re in the unknown situation, you will hardly keep calm. But this is not a sign you should quit. Be willing to fail. Next time will be a little calmer, although the situation is unknown. You can start from a situation where you feel less anxious, and gradually go to situations that are totally unknown to you, or you can enter the complete unknown situations, where you’ll be terribly nervous. Anyway, the more you repeat it, the more you’ll get used to unfamiliar situations. And build a stronger sense of calmness.

Awareness of calmness in present moment. Pay attention and ask yourself,”whats happening here and now? Why don’t i dare to be calm? Do I, here and now, have a reason to be upset?” In most cases you’ll discover that your mind is just playing with you. In most cases there is no reason, here and now, to be upset. You are afraid of the assumptions of a future that doesn’t exist and probably will not be. If you could turn off the mind and direct all attention to the here and now, you would see your not afraid of real things, but assumptions. If you have nothing to threaten you, here and now, you can be calm, if you consciously choose, right? Eye personally like these ideas, but choose whatever works for you…

Calmness and Courage

As eye said, a calm person will observe things that are serious (by the standards of many) as a little game. therefore, calmness is similar to courage in many ways.

-Brave people must reject the panic thoughts and act despite fear. Calm people also reject panic thoughts, because they are calm. If a brave person would allow himself to have panic thoughts, then he simple gets blocked. He would be panic stricken. He would be scared. And he would no longer be brave. It is the same with the calm person. If that person allowed such thoughts to himself, we would no longer be able to call him a calm person.

-Brave people do not (usually) exaggerate their fears, because it would prevent them to act boldly. And a calm person remains cool despite the fear. They find it difficult to exaggerate their fears, simply because they are calm.

As Inazo Nitobe says in his book “Bushido, the Soul of Japan“:

“It is a statistical manifestation of valor, as daring deeds are dynamical.”

Eye hope you comprehend the importance of calmness for growth. Test it, experiment with it. Try to stay calm in different (mostly unknown) situations and see how you use it for growth…

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  1. I just started my vacation this week. I definitely need some calmness in my life at the moment. I had a loved one pass away recently. It’s been a rough few weeks. Good post brother. It’s right on time.

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