Consciousness: The Real “Royal Game” pt.1

In Lieu Of The Recent Atrocious Happenings, In This Country And Worldwide–This Post Is A Pause And Reflection On What The True Picture Of This Insanity Is; And What Is Available To Us To Begin A Most Radical Transformation…


We universe scientists find it interesting that the forces of evil are putting forth a dual effort. The ethnic, racial, sexual, and ideological differences between individuals and groups are being stressed and agitated, while at the same time you are being forced into a “one world government”. This, of course, is not without planning. It is for the purpose of creating chaos and confusion in the psyche. In actuality, this serves our purposes also. It Is A Great Deal Easier To Create Change From Chaos than It Is To Bring It About Within A Stable, Static Environment. There are a great many planets that are highly developed within the adaptation and adoption of the Universal Laws. If this is such a wonderful state, then the question is why focus the opportunity of transcendence of such magnitude as is being hinged upon this process, through a planet that is in the gross experience of this one. The answer is that it is the chaotic energy that offers the greatest potential for this particular process. That which you call God has not “created” your dilemma, but it is His Creation and certainly he can participate in the potential it offers, much to your benefit we might add.

The time of bringing the belief system into harmony with the actual physical reality situation, in order to avoid the doom of destruction that is now awaiting the majority of earth’s population is now. To dwell on the doom is not the important focus: it is the pivotal point that is now available to humanity that must be used as the impetus of change. Shocking as the facts are regarding the primrose path that humanity has been blindly following, these must be accepted and then the focus turned away from the deceptions toward creating a new reality.

What is this New Reality? How can it be created if there is no knowledge of what it is that should or could replace it? It would appear that this reality as it is created would be nothing but a hodge-podge of each one’s desires based on the programming that is already present within each. Who would have the ability to release what is known and envision new concepts that would not be tainted with dreams of the past? If advice were asked of galactic brothers and sisters, would those not be entwined within their known reality? So it would appear that not only is there the surrounding current dilemma, but another one of even larger proportions, insofar as breaking clear of the current one, and then having to confront repetitions of experience rather than a New Paradigm. This it seems is too much for a group consciousness that is, or will be reeling from the shock of discovering the extent of their deception, or is it? It will be within the release of that shock and the decision to create their own reality that the birthing shall take place.

If what is known is deception, then will pursuing opposite concepts result in knowing truth? Indeed it could. For example, if benevolence has been sought from outside sources, is it indeed available from within one’s own awareness? If freedom has not been found in either authoritarian systems or in the pursuit of individual freedoms, then where is it to be found? Could it be obtained within moral and ethical standards that gift the individual within an agreement made by cooperating groups? Could the size of the groups also be arranged by agreement? Could the groups find common ground for agreement within common desires for similar defined freedoms? If cooperation was the key ingredient rather than competition and the need to be/feel superior, then all things are possible. If common interest and desire were the defined beginning point around which all else is drawn by attraction to intended definition of desired experience, successful interaction is possible. If freedom to withdraw and find a more adequate experience within another group was encouraged and allowed, successful adventure in self-definition would be assured. The experience of the search for the most perfect expression could be an end unto itself. Though groups would be visited on a regular basis, it would be the commitment to a flexible and expanding focus that would enable them to continue, until a satisfactory accomplishment was made by all involved. Thus no commitment to forever continuity would be part of the goal, as expansive experience cannot place fences around itself and function within its intended expression. It is comprehended that expansive consciousness can only continue its expansion within a context of changing conceptual understandings. Progress results in shedding old comprehensions as these are encompassed in wisdom, and the focus is ever toward the unfolding of new knowledge that allows for change. The introduction of apparently conflicting information resolves into integration of the apparent dichotomy and allows for progression into greater concepts. In other words, stagnation through holding to static beliefs halts the desired process. The safety of known apparent truths is a trap, which the progressing consciousness must purposefully avoid.

The ability to accept this conceptual comprehension of the ground rules for participation within manifested experience requires a stretch in the belief system that is indeed quite phenomenal in and of itself. However mind boggling it is, it is the beginning point that is necessary if hue-manity is to extricate itself from the mire in which it now finds itself……….. The controlling over-lords are intent on retuning this planet to a bare minimum of tightly enslaved beings that can return to their original intent of stripping the needed minerals for the salvation of their own civilization at the expense of this planet and its inhabitants. It is the destiny of the inhabitants that belong to this planet by birth and adoption to take on the responsibility of changing this destiny, and there is little sequential time remaining for them to accomplish this monumental feat. If challenge is the ingredient to call for the effort required, then certainly it is present. It is fervently requested that all who happen upon this material give it the most careful and focused consideration. It is further requested that each consider the call that is within to assume the responsibility to make it happen, or to accept the results that acquiescence will reap without regret…..



  1. Great post! That was a nice breakdown.
    “The controlling over-lords are intent on retuning this planet to a bare minimum of tightly enslaved beings that can return to their original intent of stripping the needed minerals for the salvation of their own civilization at the expense of this planet and its inhabitants.”
    On point! I think this statement is very true!

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