The Ringmakers Of Saturn: “Our Nubian Guardians Of Life”

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Greetings! The Inspiration For This Missive Has Come From Me Finally Getting My Hands Onto A Rare, Out Of Print, Expensive, And Much Buzzed About Book Entitled “The Ringmakers Of Saturn” By Norman Bergrun.

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A Former Scientist At Ames Research Laboratory Naca (Now Ames Research Center NASA), And Lockheed Missiles And Space Company (Now Lockheed Martin). He Does A Thorough And Amazing Job, Complete With Stunning Pictures, Of Presenting The Rings Of Saturn As Being Created By Electromagnetic Vehicles, Directed By Advanced Intelligence. (sigh) However, As That’s Only Half The Story, Eye Decided To Chime In With The Rest….Shall We Proceed?


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Its Not About Good Or Bad. Its About Providing For The Universe And Keeping It In Balance As It Expands. The Anunnaqi Are A Supreme Race Of Beings Whose Name Is DINEER In The Cuneiform Language, Which Was Given To The Sumer People. THEY ANUNNAQI ARE NUBIANS WITH 9 ETHER HAIR, DARK REDDISH BROWN WITH DARK BROWN EYES. They Are Of Such An Advanced State That If You Confronted One With A Weapon, They Would Let You Shoot Them Rather Than Harm You. Their Real Names Are Jabaariyns Meaning “Mighty Men”. These Were The “Gods” Which Was Actually A Plural As Eloheem, Spoken Of In The Book Of Genesis 1:1. THESE ANUNNAQI ARE THE “GODS” Or “ANGELS” That Your Torah, New Testament, And Koran Refers To And These Are The Same Deities Of The Sumerian Doctrine…They Are The Providers And They Police The Universe In Respect, As Far As Being Responsible For Living Things. We Like Good Angels Because They Do Things For Us. And We Don’t Like Bad Angels Because They Hurt Us. They Are Not Concerned With This, BUT MUST MAINTAIN THE UNIVERSE TO PREVENT A STAR HOLOCAUST. They Personify To Whomever, And Their Assignment Is THE GUARDIANS OF LIFE, Of Which ANU As A Prominent Member, Sent Forth…” <Excerpt from ‘Man From Planet Rizq’>

It was and is the expanding and retracting of a galaxy in size over millions of years which influences evolution primarily, though different gas regions in solar regions in solar systems and gas particles also influence the nature of planets and species that exist on those planets. If these species were created at different times then they will have different natures and compositions.  Another influencing factor is the actual health of the Sun. This refers to what stage is the Sun at concerning its own existence. A dying star cannot generate the same heat particles as when it was at full strength. This influences the eco-systems and  planetary products within that solar system.

Now referring specifically to this solar system it is well accepted that all planets came from the sun, but now we must realize that planets were Spat out of the Sun to allow the Sun to function properly. One planet in particular, namely Saturn was cast out of the Sun in a gases state– which it still is today. Now understand at earlier periods in this solar system the gas abode called Saturn being cast out of the Sun was still hot like other planets cooling down but unlike other planets it was gas not solid– it was another Sun in the sense that it exerted heat within this solar system as a gas ball. So there was a time be it hundreds of millions of years ago when Saturn was hot and still hot while cooling down and gave other planets its own Sun energy (like photosynthesis). Saturn is around 740 million miles away from Earth and is over 10 times bigger.

Gases from Saturn would leak into our region of the solar system contaminating the eco-systems of planets. Scientists have suggested that Earth took 2,000 years to cool down after leaving the Sun. Now Saturn is much bigger than Earth so you should realize that this gas abode called Saturn in its Sun state may have been active as an anti-sun for several hundred million years. These gases from Saturn are out of sink with the nature of this solar system, as the Sun rejected these gases. Unlike the Sun though it has negative gas properties, which were and still are destructive to the eco-solar system. These gas properties exerted by Saturn once gave off a warped version of photosynthesis, which influenced evolution on Earth. Saturn helped create Earth’s initial diseases (mutations in earth’s eco-system), in essence death forces on Earth influencing the positive(+)/negative(-) within Earth’s eco-system.

Understand that as an anti-sun back then heat from Saturn would take around 64-66 minutes to reach Earth, and this was occurring daily for millions of years. This Was Before The Rings Of Saturn Today, Which Now Keep The Gases Intact Since They Have Now Cooled Down Like The Other Planets.

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( A Cylinder Shaped Craft)


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The Sun’s light only takes 8minutes and that’s 93 million miles away. These events may have occurred multiple millions of years ago; but once foreign particles enter an eco-system especially if the eco-system is within its creation stages they can remain submerged within that eco-system forever or until higher forces are able to rectify it. Negative gas and solid particles still exist today, dormant within the seas and plantation on Earth, and rises and falls in temperature can reactivate them creating so-called new diseases. It must also be stated that it was Saturn within this period as an anti-sun that stimulated atmospheres on some of its moons–in particular Titan. (To connect the dots involving Titan, check my post “Alien vs. Predator:The Antartica Project”) This is why scientists say Titan had an eco-system similar to Earth. These moons are really meteorites that were drifting in our solar system that got trapped in Saturn’s gravitational pull within the anti-sun period. In fact, Saturn is one of the original sources of evolution in this solar system. It is an anti-nature force since its gas particles were rejected by the Sun. Comprehend (+) and (-) exist in all facets of reality. Saturn is number 6- being the sixth planet and has often been interpreted as Satan/Saturn. Now take in the rationale– the gas particles that created the Sun represent life forces still today since they help vitalize living organisms. Gas particles rejected by the Sun cannot be in tune with the existence of living organisms on Earth. Therefore, amongst planetary bodies in this solar system  the Sun represents 9 Ether (conscience pro-life forces) that preserve the continuation of existence. Saturn in this solar system represent 6 Ether (anti-nature gases) since it was cast out of the Sun…..

(Black Extra-Terrestrials In Spaceships Near Saturn!



  1. Ringmasters of Saturn?? Never heard that book. I will have to check it out. I also need to get Man From Planet Rizq. I’ve heard that’s a really interesting book to read. Also thanks for that video at the end.
    Black Extra-Terrestrials?? Hmmmmmmm……interesting.

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  2. Kin Kushite!
    A Pleasure As Always…
    Yes Indeed Both Tomes Are Fascinating, Though “Man From..” Undoubtedly Takes It Above And Beyond.
    For Cultivators/Galactic Citizens Only!


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