Our Binary Solar System (Yes, There’s Two Suns Up There) Pt.1



Waterworld Rain: Binary Sunset by nethskie

(Image courtesy of Nethskie)





Greetings! This Post Is Actually Data That Was Originally Transmitted On The Now Defunct www.andgodmadelight.blog.com And Fanbox Back In 2010, By Myself, Wyzedome. As Usual, The Inspiration Has Come From A Very Powerful Work By The German Biophysicist, Dieter Broers- Entitled: “Solar Revolution”, Detailing His Astounding Research On The Power And Influence Of Our Heavenly Parent(s) Involved In The Quantum Leap In Consciousness, To Be Made By Hue-manity As We Transition Deeper Into This Revolutionary Sun Cycle…………………….

Gratitude And Respect To Dr. Malachi Kobina York, And The Mavericks Of The Chicago Research Group/ The Leading Edge Group Who Shared Data That Made This Post Possible…Let Us Proceed…..


The latest research from sophisticated astrophysics measurements reveal that in the lower right hand quadrant of the sun, facing earth, something unusual is happening. Unknown to most mundane astrophysicists and astronomers is that our sun Re'(Ra) is part of a BINARY SYSTEM with little Heru (Horus) concealed behind RE'(Ra). We never see it because the reciprocal rotation of these two stars (Re’ rotates “clockwise”: Heru rotates “counterclockwise”), keeps them in a fixed position with respect to earth. However, with the space shift occurring now, it seems that little Heru(Horus), the 2nd sun is beginning to rotate or move from its previously fixed orbit and is “appearing” on the lower quadrant of the face of Re'(Ra), thus slowly becoming visible to earth– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0tdiTsYaOk…..Of course, the astrophysicists that have noticed this have advanced speculative theories and are keeping this info “under wraps”, for it is too wild and controversial. But we know this is correct, for the ancients have records about not only Ra and Horus, but that we would one day have a blue sun….


…It seems that our Solar System is undergoing a fast metamorphosis from a 1 sun solar system, to a  Binary  System–since Big Re'(Ra) the primary sun is now decoupling from its smaller twin Little Heru(Horus). It is said the repositioning and restructuring of the second sun with respect to earth is being conducted by planetary engineers dealing with Astro-Engineering using ultra advanced thought-light-crystal technology that uses light, sound, magnetism, and gravitational energy decoupled from unified energy, in order to achieve these feats. (please click here and here) If this is true, the question is “why are the galactic brethren moving our sun to make both visible at this time?” What’s interesting is that maverick astrophysicists in May 1984 published a novel hypothesis in Science News, vol.125 based on perturbations of the suns non-linear rotations and pulsations. They theorized that a second sun, of a mass about 7% of the main sun, was hiding behind the large sun, and was invisible; being in the infrared region of the light spectrum. So, it was known  that early that the possibility of a second sun existed, based on precise yet daring calculations by maverick scientists. As mentioned, the second sun(S-2) which is behind S-1, is being moved by a pre-eminent technological civilization under the direction of inspiration of a truly supreme intelligence for the purpose of making S-2 visible to the earth, and to expose the earth to S-2 radiation/emanations, together with the combined radiation of S-1 and S-2. Now, this “de-coupling” process is also changing the nature of the coronal radiation that emanates from both suns, and this may well be an intelligently created shift by the Galactic Elders or by the Binary Sun System itself, that is, by its own intrinsic intelligence. Furthermore, it is said that the suns are a cold plasma white hole from which the necessary energies to sustain life forms in this solar system emanate. In other words, our suns contrary to mainstream belief, are not hot but cold, for they have no heat content. The heat we feel on earth produced by the suns are due to reaction between electromagnetic energy and the molecules of our atmosphere- a sort of “kinetic friction” or thermal reaction, if you will. However, in space where there is no atmosphere, only a vacuum, even if you got close to the sun its extremely cold, for there are no atmospheric molecules to thermally react with the EMR from the sun. Try to present this argument to mainstream scientists, and they will immediately place you in a mental institution, for this is a dogma of physics- the sun is hot. It aint. what can also be categorically stated is that due to solar factors, the sancrosanct “carbon dating method” is wrong. That is why everything they date seems to have originated “yesterday”–like the pyramids of Giza!

The black and white holes of the cosmos have begun to emanate a new frequency of color and sound, which created or grew the universe–The Great OM the hindus so aptly “remembered” Yes, the white holes are emanating a new Aum and harmonics thereof, and in the case of our S-1/S-2 system Ra and Horus, there is also a new form of radioactivity being created. This type of radioactivity is of the acoustical type, Phonon and Tachyons, not the usual electromagnetic photons. This new acoustical radiation will create profound changes in the entire solar system. As the natural vibrational frequency of the planet increase, as well as geomagnetic and gravitational fields will be dramatically changed…



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