Our Binary Solar System (Yes, There’s Two Suns Up There) Pt.3

Tri Solar World-1 (The God-Sun Ra….The Perceived One And Only Sustainer Of This Solar System, Soon To Become A Tri-Solar System, In Preparation For The Elders Arrival. The Other Sun Is Already On Its Way…)

Greetings….& The Conclusion To The Binary Sun Series……

As People Learn And Practice Living In Unity With Nature’s Order Of Persons And Things, And Its Processes, Cycles, And laws, They Will Begin To Have More And More Happiness Or Contentment, Greater And Greater Physical And Mental Security And Safety, Less And Less Physical Violence, Less And Less Pain And Suffering, Better And Better Balanced Justice And Equality, And Longer And Longer Life.

Nine Ether Influence (positive mind energy and sound right reason) Is Able To Resurrect Mentally Dead Peoples From The Grave Of Ignorance About Nature And Its Laws, Continuously And Increasingly. And The Mentally Life-Giving Energies Emanate From The Centers Of UNIVERSE ORBS–Our Suns, Earth And Moon Whose Centers Are Gradually Beginning To Produce Nine Ether Mind Because Of The Advent Of The REVOLUTIONARY CYCLE- Sun Cycle At Point 3 South Of The SMAT (space-matter-and time) Circle.

maat-The circle of Space, #Matter and #Time


And What Is Meant By ‘The Revolutionary Cycle?’ Revolution Is Upward Movement Through The Increased Mental Ether-Fire Formula Of The Suns Of Nature, Appointed By ABSOLUTE NATURE, THE ONE SUPREME BEING. This Increase Causes REVELATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS; Thus, RE-ELEVATION Is Going Upwards, Called In Religion “The Rapture” Via Ra-Aperture, Which Means That The Sun Will Characteristically Open Its “All Seeing Eye” Or Lenses In A Larger Aperture To Ensure That A Sufficient Exposure To Ether Light And Energy Will Pour Forth In Its Prominence (rays) To All Who Can Receive Them–In Particular, The Ether-Utopian Beings. However Unlike Its Religious Understanding, The True Rapture Is Overstood As All Space, Matter, And All Time Making Degree Changes Upwards (so to speak) In Uni-Sun (NOW) On The Right Side Of The SMAT Circle Of Order (Ma’at). Revolution Actually Means “The Reversal Of Evolution” By Way Of The Positive Forces Of Nature, Reversing (Re’versing) The Things That Occurred In The Evolutionary Cycle By Way Of The Negative Forces Of Nature.


The Positive Mind Energies In Universe Science Are Called Noopooh/Wu Nuwaupu–Nine Reason–The Mental Resurrector Of Persons And Things And Nature In General. Those Increasing Degrees Of Nine Ether (& nine reason) Reach The Center Brains Of The Planets And Satellites, And Their Resurrection Begins Also; So In Turn The Planets And Satellites (and the Hue-mans and other beings in and on them by way of positive gases emitted from Self-Cultivation) Help Our Suns Emanate Resurrection Energies.


Aeriform Gases Like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, et cetera, Can Expand Indefinitely In All Directions, If Uninhibited. THE GASES AND FIRES State Of Existence Is The Most Mobile And Includes THE SPIRIT WORLD. Indeed, Spirit Beings Are Universe Programmers And Controllers, Therefore, It May Be Concluded That THE ATMOSPHERE (The Universe Gases & Fires) Rules. Especially When One Considers That Fires (Natural Ethers) Energize The Gases Of The Atmosphere And Make Them Increase Or Decrease Pressure On The Mental And Physical Persons Of Living Beings Which Affects The Thinking Of Living Beings. The Quantity And Kind Of A Gas Or Gases In The Atmosphere May Determine How Well One Thinks For A Period Of Time And The Degree Of The Drive Of His Or Her Ambition…

Binary Sun 3-Elemental-Field1

A Car Or Any Motor Vehicle May Run Better On One Day Than It Does On Another Day Because Of The Change In The Gases Of The Atmosphere; And The Tires Of A Car May Have More Or Less Air In Them On One Day Than They Do Another, Although No One Has Put Any Air In Or Let Any Out. The Temperature On Planet Earth Is Not Solely Determined  By The Temperature On The Surface Of The Sun (As Posited), But Likewise By THE GAS CHANGES BETWEEN MOTHER EARTH & FATHER SUN. And, All This Scientific Information Means That THE UNIVERSE GASES AND ETHEREAL FIRES RULE EVERYWHERE TOGETHER WITH SPIRIT BEINGS Who Are The Combinations Of Both. Hence And Moreover, The More Positive The Atmosphere One Breathes, The More Positive Is Her Or His MENTALITY and PHYSIOLOGY..

It Is Reasonable, Practical, And Winnable For Us To Fight First With (9)Nature Knowledge, For (9) Knowledge Gives Us Melanin Dominant The Proper Guide, And Helps The Sun Change The Gases Of The Atmosphere To Our Favor. Our Minds Emanate Gases. If Our Minds Are Negative, The Gases Are Negative And Against Us. If Our Minds Are Positive, The Gases Are Positive And For Us, And Positive Gases Of (9) Help The Nine Sun Change The Atmosphere To The Positive Cycle That Is Growing Now. The Gases Of The Atmosphere Working On And With Our Minds Are What Control And Rules..

Hence, The Mental Resurrection Of Nature Is Universe Spring Gradually Coming Out Of Universe Winter, And Causing The Persons And Things Of Nature To Indeed Sprout And Grow New Life & New Order Via Nine Reason And Novenary Nature Knowledge…….




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