S.M.A.T And The Supreme “Neuro” Melanin #1

Wyzedome counterclockwise


Greetings! Of Late There Is A Lot Of Research/Interest In The Mid Cavity Area Of The Brain Known As The Substantia Nigra, Housing The Neuronal Cells Coated In The Blackness Known As Neuromelanin….Outside Of The Degeneration Of These Neurons Which Lead To Parkinson’s Disease, And Its Essential Function Of Releasing Neurotransmitters That Help Control Movement & Coordination…..Very Little Is Known (Or Rather Shared) About This Highly Pigmented And Intriguing Part Of The Brain/Nervous System. Well Let Us Begin Our Exploration Of This Most Divine Instrument With Some Pre-requisite Information– And It Does Involve Setting The Record Straight With Our Perception Of TIME….

The structure of time given to the masses today is definitely an agenda constructed by Greek and Roman philosophers, originating from the Phoenicians understanding of Egyptian Dynastic and Pre-Dynastic knowledge. The latter stage of this agenda refers to the Gregorian schedule which is a Roman Agenda sealed by the Anno Domini driven White Jesus. Through the White Jesus that is (JehZeus) the Caucasian time structure in the form of the Gregorian is given presidency globally because they aligned the global notion of the messiah with their time structure origination. A Time structure worked out by their philosophers to best suit their nature and Luna astrological forces. Luna is the Moon of course. From Luna you get Lunatic meaning a crazy person but subtly you will find the TIC that is LUNA-TIC. That’s the TIC and the TOCK of a clock and this represents their time. The letter C in the word clock represents the Moon Crescent and the word LOCK inside the word CLOCK is the sealing of this alternative time. The O as in O’clock is the cycle symbol. Their time is based around the Zodiac, Zoodiac, Zeus and He-Zeus. He-Zeus is Spanish for Jesus so can you now see the connection! Now the earlier stage of this agenda is prior to the Gregorian and the Roman Empire. It is actually concerned with the actual CLOCKWISE notion of time itself, which is actually WRONG KNOWLEDGE from the perspective of ORIGINAL EXISTENCE. The universe is actually an ANTI-CLOCKWISE REALITY and the majority of universal bodies – SUNS, PLANETS and MOONS even GALAXY SPIRALS are Anti-Clockwise in rotation when seen from above – please research these facts to now know the truth. In this solar system our Sun, Moon, Earth, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are ALL Anti-clockwise in rotation and in true ancient culture time was acknowledged anti-clockwise. To see this reality from below the universal body which then becomes CLOCKWISE is to see reality from the perspective of the underworld. On Planet Earth in the Northern hemisphere water while draining will form the 9 spiral symbol and in the southern hemisphere it will form the 6 symbol. Bathroom designs often alter this fact…




The ancients of the Nubun/Melanin Rich race knew that time was counter-clockwise in movement and they also read and wrote data from right to left. In fact they used numerous time processes and calendars simultaneously. This complexity of time management improves your awareness of nature forces itself. In turn, the anti-clockwise movement of time stimulated the creative right side of the brain while the clockwise notion stimulates the functional left side. With a different time comes a different mind and reasoning. The Phoenicians and the Greeks created dyslexia in nature when they converted writing direction from right-to-left, to left-to-right and changed time to Clockwise. Write (as in write a book) is pronounced the same as right (as in the direction of right) to psychologically make you write to the direction of right. They added light and white to this trickology as well. A Clockwise notion of time works best for evolutionary forces in nature because it is the complete opposite of original existence which is anti-clockwise therefore the highest products of evolution in flesh and blood (the Caucasian race) will be able to prosper better out of an evolutionary cycle in nature. Evolutionary forces in the form of beings, energy, matter as well as spiritual forces have more time to fulfil the requirements of evolution when conceptual time is altered in reasoning, because original existence can not be fully in sink with nature for nature is Space, Matter and Time – SMAT. If your notion of time is wrong then an imbalance in the other members of the TRIAD OF SMAT may exist. The black races sadly live in three main times of reasoning namely [1] 400 years (kidnapped/slavery). [2] 2,000 years Christianity and Islam via the White Jesus and [3] 6,000 years the religious based Adam and Eve creation story as well as the beginning of the historic existence of the Caucasian race outside religion. The Nubun/Melanin Dominant race is really millions of years old but you think and perceive reality from these stages of time. However, evolution must also face evolution in the form of revolution so change in eras and orders must occur by nature. These are quantum agendas you are reading about and we hope the Nubian is now beginning to overstand the true depth of the issues our race must face on our journey back to the Upperworld of reasoning and existence. This is Nature Knowledge.  


All reasoning is influenced by TIME and reasoning is the expression of MIND. In the very word CLOCK-WISE and ANTI-CLOCK-WISE you will see the word WISE. Wise is a representative of the word WISDOM and refers to the execution of intelligence seen through your actions. Your state of mind is influenced by your state of TIME. Also bear in MIND that the actual letter T is the bottom half of the Egyptian Ankh symbol. That’s Time from the bottom half of universal existence based around the number 6 (60 secs, 60 mins, 24 hours (2+4 =6), 6,000 years and so on). 


smat-untitled                                                    smat-ankhsymbol


The Egyptian Ankh represents Eternal Life. The life of life is represented as the circle at the top, and the life of death is represented as the cross + at the bottom of the circle. The Egyptians held the Ankh from the circle (life) (study this!). The masses today hold the Ankh from the cross (death). The Cross is the symbol of the cemetery. The T in the word Time originates from the Ankh and the Phoenicians have warped these philosophies altering human reasoning in nature. Most languages on earth have Egyptian symbols within them. The link between a Time and your state of Mind has been known through the ages and it is now time for the nubun races to remember this. In the west, they are altering the role of the Ankh in nature associating it with things far from sacred.

If universal bodies throughout this solar system including the SUN rotate anti-clockwise then your concept of time should follow suit.  This is an anti-clockwise solar system. THIS IS A FACT. Interestingly many time based consumer products (watches) which are suppose to represent time efficiency actually mean the opposite.  The notion ‘E.X.’ means in Latin the words ‘out of’. Therefore, you have TIMEX as Time. Ex. really meaning ‘Out of time’. Then you have ROLEX and to roll is the circle motion adding E.X. means ‘Out of rotation’. Another example is the watch brand called LIMIT, which does not make sense because time has no limit. There is trickery in brand names. These issues concerning time will not be resolved in the near future unless global events take place to stimulate the change. A change in time represents REAL change in eras and the best time is NATURE TIME as NOW. Nature time as Now is eternal, and the constant in nature that represents this existence, is blackness as vacuum – infinite space that is eternal in all directions. With no intervention it may be hundreds of years before this trickery is corrected, but the Nubian reader MUST reason that Nature is a Circle therefore everything must eventually return to original order. There MUST be a consequence for altering the direction of time in this solar system. This rule of nature is one reason why Armageddon processes in nature exist to seal off eras from existing out side their nominated season. The survivors of these natural processes that end eras often known as Armageddon are those who have Nature Knowledge or are guided by those that do. THEY ARE THE TRUE MENTAL LIVING. The signs are in the times. Armageddon processes are changers of era and can potentially take several decades’ even centuries to complete depending on the size of the cycle. These facts will eventually be reasoned out and once the reverse psychology planted across this notion of reality by factions against our existence are acknowledged by ALL RACES then original existence and the higher sciences of nature (many not known today) will naturally return. There will be NO MIRACLES or SACRIFICES in that future it will merely be recorded as a Mental-Nature Quantum science ignorantly associated with African black magic today in its decayed unscientific state by those who are not intelligent by nature but rather intelligent by belief….


The original nubun/melanin dominant tribes pioneered what can be called a quantum culture and reasoned reality from the perspective of time as a collective not from a fixed time as an era.  This is one reason why much of African culture in rural areas naturally remains unchanged over thousands of years. The reasoning has left but the actual actions remain in much of rural Africa. Therefore, the blackness was not an enemy to our ancients because the blackness as infinite-space vacuum is the constant in nature that is eternal, allowing nubun reasoning access to the totality of nature. Therefore
negative forces in nature must maintain a negative positioning of blackness from the perspective of belief; which is seen through religion, rejecting blackness from the perspective of reality seen through science as vacuum, suction, the totality of all existing gases, eternal, the origin of all existence, beyond positive and negative, the face of space, matter and time. This is to prevent our race from ever gaining access to nature in its entirety. In our original existence with no belief systems, our races were originally scientific thinkers by nature with NO FEAR OF LIGHT OR DARKNESS – LET THIS BE KNOWN ALWAYS. The caste system (racism) is also another stage of this agenda to devalue the blackness in nature. In the far future these ancient nubun sciences will eventually be categorized within physical science (generalized today as science with its many degrees). The Nubun Mental-Nature Quantum science as a living spiritual science, will be stimulated by sun energy contributing to higher reasoning working within those parts of the brain not utilized in this day and time. The scientific community wish you to think that these parts of the brain have no purpose. This is seriously wrong knowledge and is a hint for the wise on the global trickology to hold back progress in universal reasoning. The powers that be are keen to damage these parts of the brain before reaching the cycles in nature which will naturally activate their usage. This is done through bad food and drink, genetically modified foods, liquids, toxicants, drugs etc.  This era of brain utilization begins within the sun-cycle……..



  1. This is very interesting especially the clockwise versus the anti-clockwise. I was told when Hitler turned the spoke of the swatiska anti-clockwise, he started to lose the war. What’s your thought on this?

    Again, thank you for another insightful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sabine! Interestingly Enough, The Anti-Clockwise Motion Is The Turn Of Order(Revolution), While The Clockwise Motion Is Disorder & Evolution…Yes, There Is Much To Go Over Concerning The Terms Eye Use In These Posts..Thank You For Sharing That Piece Of Data, And Your Comment.:-)


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