Alien Vs. Predator: The Antartica Project


…..What Is The Antartica Project? The Antartica Project Is Far More Than What Is Revealed From Online Websites And Other Publications. Antartica Is One Of The 7 Continents That Split From The Single Land Mass Called By The European “Pangea” And First By The Ancients “Gondawalan” At Approximately 200 Million Years Ago. The Antartica Land Mass Is Located At What Is Called The South Pole. Antartica Is The Home Of Extra-Terrestrials Who Are Rulers Of This Planet. They Are Known As Luciferians Or Satanists.

reptillian starship earth
Do You Remember The Santa Clause Story? Santa Is Satan, Who According To Satanists, Lives In The North Pole With His Reindeer. Some Of You Are Saying To Yourselves “Whats Wrong With The Story?”
First Of All, The Land Mass Of The North Pole Is Seated Under The Waters Of The Artic. If Santa Or Satan Lives In The North Pole With His Reindeer, They Could…

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