Gays:Guardians Of The Gates#3


Gays Guardians-gender-neutral




Greetings! This Post Is A Bow Of Appreciation To All Who Have Read Parts 1 And 2, Liked And Left Awesome Commentary, And Shared Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Etc. Eye Am Ever So Grateful For You Wonderful People Tuning In, And Will Dig A Little Deeper Into This Profound Topic While Doing My Best To Get Some Questions Answered. Love, Respect, And Gratitude To The Master Teacher Known To Us As Paa Nabab Yanuun (Malachi Kobina York), King Etznab-Shaquan:El Rey, Afroo Onoo, And Hilton Hotema For The Data That Made This Compilation Possible….

In the initial seeding of this planet (which is really an aquarium…its mostly water), came the Universe Scientists  from Sirius “Sabat-aat” (12) and Orion “Saah-aat”(12). All females and males represented in equal standing (24) to populate the planet to progress through their lineage. However, in the melding and physical personification of these ETHEREAL Gods/Goddesses through the process known as PHOTOMORPHOSIS, they took on the Neuter Gender- dual souled forms of Her-maphrodites/He-maphrodites…

The separation into what is now regarded as “normal” uni-sexuality is a process that took millions of years. Many details of the different reproductive stages passed through, and the corresponding changes in anatomy, are lacking. But in an attempt to give a general scenario… The original beings, as mentioned, personified themselves by the process known in universe science as PHOTOMORPHOSIS. There must be original production or creation (growth) , a person or thing created (grown) for the first time before re-production.  This fact is known as Natural-Growth Origin. PHOTOMORPHOSIS is the Ethereal process of developing a Brain, and by Creative Reason, Mental-Image the parts/formulas of a being-to-be into a united whole image of coordinated systems, and then indeed mentally contract and retract (shrink and fold) by Reason into an egg, cell, or seed form to be fertilized, if the formula does not already have built in fertilization. The outline or outside image of the being BY PHOTOMORPHOSIS is called OUTER-MORPHOSIS, and the inside parts imaging by PHOTOMORPHOSIS is indeed known as INNER-MORPHOSIS in Universe Science. When all systems of the being-to-be are complete in Mental Configurations inside and outside, the will-be-entity is ready for the next step: Mother Earth gestates the egg or seed, and the images unfold and fill out

In the early root-race, humans had no external sex organs such as now exist. Initially ‘vital cells’ were exuded from all parts of the body and coalesced into a huge egg, in which the fetus gestated for several years. Later an egg was laid that had been formed within the body. The idea that early (semi-astral) humanity was egg-laying is not as strange as it may seem; the modern method of reproduction is essentially a modified, internal, microscopic version of the same thing. At some point, offspring began to be born with external sexual organs, and initially these individuals were probably true functional hermaphrodites or male-females, who fertilized one another and could play the role of male or female. Gradually this form of true hermaphroditism gave way to pseudohermaphroditism and finally to unisexuality. In humans today, males have nine orifices and females prior to the separation of the sexes, 10 orifices existed in the hermaphrodites of the third race, first potentially, then functionally. (excerpted from”Sex and sexuality”

The dolphin was one of the primary transporters of the male sperm for the purpose of replenishing the earth with human beings, after the destruction of the Dinosaurs by way of an asteroid. The term dolphin or delphis means “womb” and the male sperm being transported by way of the dolphin, and women being in the primordial waters as mermaids giving birth to a male species underwater. Based upon women being the offspring of HERMAPHRODITES, there was no use for single male entities on this planet for a very long time, because ALL women really needed was the Sun to ignite PARTHENO-GENETIC Activation, giving birth to other women, and they mated amongst themselves for a very long time….(please refer to part 1) and  ‘Genetic Adam Never Met Eve’–


Gays Guardians-dolphin2

There are several phases or branches of the Law of Nature that we shall now recite as follows: 1) Relative existence implies absolute existence. 2) Actual existence implies potential existence. 3)Nothing can be that never was. 4)Anything which has been can never entirely disappear.Everything  that has been, that is, or that will ever be, must first have a potential existence. Every plant and herb, every living creature was a possibility long before it appeared and grew and became an actuality. These statements are based on the doctrine that something cannot come from nothing. Having noticed these fundamental laws, which no scientist can well question, let us now see what results appear when they are applied to man.

There are human beings known as Hermaphrodites. Such persons possess in one and the same body all the attributes of male and female. The two sexes are united in one individual. The Hermaphrodite is a person who is neither male or female, and yet may be considered as both or either, depending on the physical characteristics of the individual and the development of the genital organs. Such persons are a distinctly intermediate type, combining in a degree the qualities of both sexes, and forming a clear Connecting Link between the physical condition that was, and the physical condition that now is. Being unable to read Nature’s record, science considers the modern Hermaphrodites as monstrosities, “freaks” of Nature. To students of Natural science, these “monstrosities” appear as evidence of what has been. There is not a perfect uni-sexual person upon the face of the earth. There never was and there never will be. It is possible to produce a perfect Bisexual Man; but it is impossible to produce a perfect Uni-sexual Man. At least God and Nature have not been able to do it. On this authority we assume that it cannot be done.

Since it is impossible to produce a perfect Uni-sexual Being, we have the scientific fact as evidence that such a being never was, and therefore never can be. As it is possible to produce a perfect Bi-sexual Being, we have this scientific fact as evidence that such a being once was, and, therefore such a being can again be. We arrive at the same conclusion when we consider the matter from the other angle, that nothing which has been is entirely lost. Every man and every wo-man possess in their bodies unto this day, all the organs and glands of a perfect Bi-sexual Being. They are still, in a certain and definite degree, a Perfect Hermaphrodite, an Androgyne–having the organs, glands, and characteristics of both sexes in one body. Their classification as male or female is largely arbitrary, and depends upon which characteristics predominate, and which generative centers are more fully developed.  

Image result for intersex people


Because the facts have never been properly presented, it has never occurred to you that you are a partial hermaphrodite. If classified as male, he is a partial hermaphrodite in that he has in his body all the sexual organs and glands of the female, but in a more or less rudimentary state; and in the case of a female, vice versa. We have seen that in every man appears the vestigial organs and glands of the female, including such internal organs as vagina and uterus; and in every female appear the vestigial organs and glands of the male, including such external organs as phallus and testes. If connecting links and missing links may be relied upon as traces of what has been, and as evidence that reveals the past condition of man physically, there is an overwhelming amount of traces and evidence at command on this point:

1] We still have on earth today four classes or sexed types of human beings grouped as follows: A) Imperfect uni-sexual individuals-males and females. B) Imperfect bi-sexual individuals:‘pseudo-hermaphrodites’. C) Hermaphrodites who are almost perfect-‘true hermaphrodites’. D) Neuter sexed individuals who have not developed the generative organs and glands of either male or female, and are sterile, barren, being incapable of generation-a condition in particular known as ‘MRKH Syndrome’.

2] Bisexuality was the original condition of man, and accounts for the fact that all phases of sexual consciousness expressed–Asexuality, Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, Auto-sexuality; are but continuous degrees of each other like the progress of the day- the night melts into the dawn, the dawn into morning, the morning into noon. An overwhelming amount of evidence is available, a portion presented here to show that science is wrong. A) Heterosexuality and (B) Uni-sexuality are not the normal psychical and physical state of man.

3] The degrees through which man has passed from Asexuality to Heterosexuality are exemplified in the multitudes of individuals whose psychical and physical development are such that they cannot be classified by science as Heterosexuals and Uni-sexuals.  There are persons classified as uni-sexual physically who are auto-sexuals and homo-sexuals in their psychical development. There are partial bisexuals who are heterosexuals in their psychical development.

4] Women who are genetically male–possessing XY or YY chromosomes yet experience normal vagina and breast development. A genetic condition known as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.Image result for intersex people

5] The mammary glands of man occasionally develop to a functional degree and produce milk as in women, and have the capability of breastfeeding. A phenomena known as Male Lactation/ Galactorrhea.


6] Females are the primal and original sex, producing the male. Under the Law of Heredity, this actually makes the male a deformed female.

7] Maleness results from excessive development of the positive qualities and a corresponding atrophy of the receptive qualities.




8] The male penis is an excessive development of the female clitoris.

Image result for hermaphrodite clit with vaginal opening

9] The male scrotum is formed by a union of the lips of the vulva and their expanding into folds, leaving a raised seam (raphe) that divides the scrotum into two parts, and extending from the anterior portion  of the anus to the extremity of the penis.

Image result for hermaphrodite clit with vaginal opening

10] The testis appear as herniated ovaries, with the positive element of the ovaries developed to a functional degree, while the receptive element is rudimentary and atrophied.

11] The diseased condition of menstruation appears in some men as well as women. This is known as Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome.

12] The prostate gland in man is a rudimentary uterus.

13] If man and woman were distinct types neither would possess the qualities of the other so fully developed, in some instances, that they cannot be classed as either male or female……

Image result for hermaphrodite people


“We Were Star Travelers, Astronomers, Geneticists, Mapping And Manipulating DNA And Grokked The Science Of Sex And Gender, And Why Certain People Were Born That Exemplified The Androgynous Traits. That Comprehension Was Reflected In Indigenous Tribes Cultures And ‘Mythologies’ Around The ‘Twin Spirit’, ‘Gatekeeper’, Etc….”

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6. Decolonizing the Sodomite: Queer Tropes of Sexuality in Colonial Andean Culture-Michael J. Horswell

7. Against Nature: Sodomy and Homosexuality in Colonial Latin America-Z. Tortorici

8. Blended Spirit Third Gender Shamanic Animism-

9. Oceanic Homosexualities-Stephen O. Murray






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