Jurassic World: Fact Or Fiction?


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Greetings! This Missive Is First And Foremost An Outpour Of My Love For All Things Ancient, Huge, And Well….Reptilian! As A Kid Eye Would Read Anything On Dinosaurs, Memorizing All Of Their Names (the Stegosaurus was my favorite), And Would Sit With Book In Lap And Just Ponder For Lengthy Periods Of Time, What A Planet Filled With  These Awesome Creatures Was Like, And If In Fact There Really Weren’t Any Humans Or Other Life Forms Contemporary To Them. Well…Keeping An Open Mind Has Led Me To These Two Treats:

Awesome, Awesome Graphic Novel Family! So Satisfied With My Purchase. The Concept Is Simple: Aliens Come To Take The Planet, And The Dinosaurs Try To Save It. Check Out The Preview:

“Listen closely. Is that thunder? Or voices? Or the opening chords for the end of worlds? The monsters are coming.” – Grant Morrison

From the minds of acclaimed filmmaker, Barry Sonnenfeld (director of the, “Men In Black” Films) and superstar graphic novel creator, Grant Morrison (Batman, The Invisibles, Action Comics, 18 Days), comes “Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens,” from Liquid Comics. The story focuses on a secret world war battle that was never recorded in our history books. When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, our planet’s only saviors are the savage prehistoric beasts which are much more intelligent than humanity has ever imagined.

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Image result for dinosaurs vs aliens


Hopefully Your Appetite Has Been Whetted! 🙂 Now For Treat #2…..

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Ahh…..”Untold Secrets Of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons”- By Vance Nelson. This Tome Is The Best $29 Eye Have Spent This Year. A Most Fascinating Look At Ancient Artwork Around The World Showing Accurate Depictions Of Dinosaurs. More Preview:

‘Dire Dragons’ makes the case for dinosaurs living along with man up until medieval times, not 65 million years ago, and looks at ancient artwork all over the world depicting what the ancients would have known as dragons. The book has many illustrations of ancient depictions of dinosaurs – carved in stone and wood, some in paintings, in ceramics, in tapestry.  These are shown country by country, and they were carved and painted centuries before the first dinosaur fossils were found in the 19th century.  Some contain details which could not have been known at the time – unless of course they had actually seen the creatures!’

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Through The Historical Depictions,The Case Is Being Built And Posited For The Biblical Creation Of Earth, Man And Dinosaur–If God Created All Within 6 Days, Then Man And Giant Reptile Did Co-Exist,  Let’s Not Forget To Mention “The Secret World War”, Evolution And Extra-Terrestrial Involvement. Well, Let Us Paint a Scenario Where Everyone And Their Views On The Beginning, Make Some Sense! 🙂  Impossible.? Please Read On…..

“You are about to embark upon the truth….For many years Humans have pondered about the evolution of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. The question was in the minds of Humans as to where each species and each lifeform evolved. You must learn of the evolutionary process.

Now, let us begin by learning of a time before, when a large craft from the NINGA fleet thought to be a meteorite crashed into the planet, sheering off the lower half of it. That was 24,000,000,000 billion years ago. Image result for mothership crashing into earth

This caused the development of Earth’s shape as you know it today, bringing with it, new kinds of life forms. Some to make residence beneath the seas of what is called Bimini today, where a great empire of Reptilians thrive, even unto this day. This empire is located in the Atlantic Ocean, in the area called the Bermuda Triangle or Angels Triangle; Other life forms took shape on the surface of the Earth.

It was gases and electrical sparks that formed the complex molecules, from the single ones, Originally Planted Here 76,000,000,000,000 trillion Years Ago. For billions of years, life continued to consist of no more than simple cells, Yet With Intelligence. As time passed, more complicated cells were born, and these cells gradually became even more complicated cells- which were giving birth until they eventually combined with each other, or  married to give birth to even larger organisms. The more complicated an organism, such as an Algae, the larger its brain is; thus the more intelligent it became. Image result for Algae

These living organisms evolved out of the water, through the ammonia, and onto the soil. Millions of years after that, the next group of animals developed called Metazoans. Their bodies were composed of specialized cells grouped to form tissues, organs, and systems, much like the animals today. These animals multiplied and diversified, and over a period of 19,000,000 million years evolved into man and many types of animals; Dragons called Terrible Lizards or simply Dinosaurs. This was the first evolution of life on planet Earth.These inhabitants went through many changes such as: The Ice Age glaciers, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes.

During this time there were also problems with the Dinosaurs and Humans. The evolution of the dinosaurs and humans was imbalanced to the point that the dinosaurs were much bigger than humans, and they were killing them off. These humans were of the Homo Erectus species. They had 6 ether hair(straight) covering most of their bodies. Indeed, the larger meat eating Dinosaurs were eating and destroying everything. The early humans were dying out, and Proto-mammals were at the brink of extinction. So, the Elders thought it was a good idea to destroy the planet and replenish it again. Then a great extinction hit 17,250,000 years ago…


                                     (Fossil of a Hominid ‘Proto-Human’ being eaten alive by an Allosaurus. Note the humanoid skull and teeth of the prey being eaten. Some event/catastrophe killed them both.)


Dinosaurs are classified or divided into separate groups. One being the Saurischia, “Lizard Hips.” A four-legged, plant-eating Dinosaur, and can also be a meat-earing Dinosaur. The other being the Orinthischia, “Bird Hip.” This group of dinosaurs is your two-legged, plant eaters and all your armored dinosaurs. In your Ornithischian, the forward pointing bone has swung around in order that it can point backwards and forwards. And Saurischia have hip bones that are found within reptiles. These 3 bones point in different directions. These 2 names are in reference to the arrangement of three bones of the pelvis. In the Saurischia, these bones were arranged similar to that of modern Crocodiles and Lizards. These are your TANEEN, while the pelvis of the Orinithischia was bird-like.

Therefore, humans developed from a one-celled animal, which developed into a water creature; and these humans are Tadpoles, or Reptilians for the first 3 months in their mother’s womb. This is why humans still have webbed hands, gills, and scales. In their own evolution, with the help of their Mammalian parent they became the root seed of Mammals later called the Human Being. In Its Primeval state, they climbed upon the land mass and developed into land creatures and then onto Genus Homo, onto to Homo erectus. And these land creatures that were once Tadpoles or Reptilians grew while in their mother’s womb. From 3 months, plus 3 months more; during that period they were connected to an umbilical cord, umbilicus, or navel that is in the abdomen of the fetus and is connected to the placenta.

Image result for human sperm and tadpole correlation                                     (Top: Human Sperm. Bottom: Tadpole)

This mark on the surface of the abdomen of Mammals, who once dwelt in a marina, or water, is where the Umbilical Cord, also called Umbilicus, was. This central point, or middle, is attached during the gestation. The very word “navel” comes from the Middle English word “Nafela,” and is the same as the Aramic/Hebrew word “Nephela“, “Nepheliam“, “to fall down”, which is the same word. Its In The Phonetics Of The Language. It is a clear picture in these days and times that the words “Navy”, “Navel”, “Naval”, and “Marina” tie in. This Is  A Confession That Man Was A Tadpole, And Was Considered A Sea-Creature.

The first kinds of life-forms on this planet were the evolution of the Amoeba, Fungi, and Algae that lived underwater and evolved onto land, which were transported here. These began to form larger molecules, until protein was formed. It was this formation which ultimately resulted in the prototype of the living cell, which occurred 46,000,000,000,000 trillion years ago. Bear in mind that these chain reactions did not occur by blind chance, but only by the will of The Most High, ANU. The stage after the creation of the first cell took place in the lab of SHIMTI “where the breath of life is breathed,” which was located on Lahmu/Mars.

Jurassic world cydonia red


Jurassic world-cydonia1


This cell, or cells, was then placed inside the Vulcan deity, a Dolphin. The dolphin as a whale went from the stars to this planet in the sea, then onto land, then back into the sea as a whale. The word dolphin comes from the Greek  delphis, meaning “womb” because of its shape, and it was the womb of transport for the human cell.

Image result for dolphins from another star system

These first cells in Shimti were transplanted and transported into the seas of this planet. This transportation involved the development of the first animals billion years ago. These were the single-celled organisms called Protozoa, which comes from the greek Proto “first in time,” and Zoa from Zoia meaning “animals”. When reproducing, the protozoa splits into two separate animals or cells. Just as at birth, the mother splits in two beings. Over a period of 19,000,000 million years these animals multiplied and diversified and evoluted into many types of creatures and animal life forms. The protozoa were originally transported and planted here on this planet Earth by these beings from the planet Rizq, the Annunaqi, called Aluhum/Eloheem. And do not forget my child; the conditions of your planet had to be right! This also happened on many other planets. So there is life on other worlds, the key is water, in which is life as bacteria.

Jurassic world-Microbes



When humans came out of water, your evolution jumped billions of years. When humans crawled on land they were in the form of what looked like crocodiles. If you examine the back or the spinal columns of humans you can see knots up and down the spinal column. Millions of years ago, it was a fin. This fin or sail was used to conduct heat and regulate heat, and the body had to mutate. Behemoth, mankind to this day still has at the end of his spinal column, an extension called a coccyx, that is a tail; as well as wings under the arms, and webbed hands.


Image result for baby born with a coccyx tail                                            (Baby born with a Coccyx tail, called an extended spine)

Jurassi World-human wings


Image result for humans have webbed hands

This human developed from what you would call a dinosaur today. This dinosaur was called Dimetrodon. It got its name from it, having that which is unique that being two sets of teeth. No other animal had two sets of teeth. The Dimetrodon was a large meat eating reptile which measured some 10 to 12 feet from nose to tail, and was the first to inhabit the land. It was a warm blooded reptile, known for the enormous sail on its back. This sail was used for the purpose of regulating body heat. By turning the sail to face the Sun,  the Dimetrodon was able to warm up much more quickly. In about a little less than an hour, which allowed more time to hunt. A reptile can’t stay active of it is too hot, however without heat, reptiles become more sluggish, still and helpless. But mammls can regulate the heat of their bodies because they are warm blooded. Dimetrodon is not an ordinary reptile.

Image result for proto mammals

The resemblance between Human and Dimetrodon was the teeth. Both human and dimetrodon have two sets of teeth which are the Incisors, Canines and different sized teeth behind the canines. This is only found on mammals. 360,000 ,000 million years before Dimetrodon, creatures crawled out of the ocean which were early amphibians. They split into 2 groups. One became the aggressive species, which were the Diapsid; and the other one was the passive Synapsid. They began to compete for supremacy. From generation to generation, each line improved and perfected itself. The Diapsids had two openings in the skull, which evolved into all modern reptilians, such as turtles, crocodiles, alligators, lizards, etc; While The Synapsids hd a single hole in the back of their skulls, which evolved into all proto-mammals such as Dimetrodon, armadillo, whale dogs, cows, human, and all other mammals that evolved in this line. The two holes allowed the skull not to squeeze the brain.

Proto-mammals were changing from Reptilian to Mammalian, and from a mammal like Reptilian posture. They took possession of the land masses for 50,000,000 million years and dominated the planet. Dimetrodon’s first descendants were hot blooded. This was a detour in evolution. They took steps from Reptilian to Mammalian. The Dinosaurs started to take control, and the proto-mammals began to disappear. In the Triassic period 245,000,000 million years ago. Thus larger, more powerful animals began a long conquest, and pushed proto-mammals to the brink of extinction. The lizard like Ophicadon and the warm blooded Dimetrodon reduced in size. Proto-mammals had to adapt to night life becoming nocturnal hunters. As proto-mammals began to mutate and evolute out of its present state, the size of their brains grew.

Mammal-like reptiles: Cynognathus (Cynognathus crateronotus) and Placerias (dicynodont therapsid). Cynognathus is a 3 foot long predator that lived during the early Triassic period. It was one of the more mammal-like of the mammal-like reptiles, a member of a grouping called Eucynodontia. Triassiac age of Africa.
(Mammal-like reptiles: Cynognathus (Cynognathus crateronotus) and Placerias (dicynodont therapsid). Cynognathus is a 3 foot long predator that lived during
the early Triassic period. It was one of the more mammal-like of the mammal-like reptiles, a member of a grouping called Eucynodontia. Triassiac age of Africa.)

During this time, Extra-Terrestrials had leaped in and started breeding also. Although life evolved from the seas, all of it did not originate there. Some life forms crashed in the seas of Tiamat “maiden of life,” or Earth  from the Maldek incident; particularly from the Ninga star fleet. They being from another star constellation, and they lived under the seas of Tiamat/Earth. These other life-forms were beings known as the Trogolodytes, or Maldekians, which crashed down on Earth. One of the four Maldekian crafts, called the West Wind, Crashed into the enter of the Planet Earth. These Beings lived in the seas of Earth for millions of years. their home base is under the Bermuda Triangle.

Image result for maldek incidenthttps://conspiracydailyupdate.com/2016/09/19/the-exploded-planet-hypothesis-the-destruction-of-tiamatelectramaldek-and-the-creation-of-the-asteroid-belt-stillness-in-the-storm/

They set up kingdoms called Yams under the waters. The Maldekians developed into intelligent humanoids by abducting and mixing their seed with humans. This is where the Reptilian like dinosaurs came from. While on one hand there was another set of Extra-terrestrial beings like the Greys, from which some of the Dinosaurs evolved from.

Image result for maldekian

Image result for maldekian
(Top: Trogolodyte.  Bottom: Maldekian Reticulan)
These Greys came from the star constellation Orion, the star constellations of Arcturus and Pleiades. Meanwhile, the Reptilians ruled them from Rigel and Betelgeuse, Belletrax, Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak in the Orion Star constellation and Auriga in the Capella star formation. They Were All In Fear Of The Aggressive Insect-Type ‘Predator’ Extraterrestrial From Andromeda, Many Of Which Came Down To This Planet Earth.
Image result for orion star constellation
092309 pred 1 Dinosaur Vs Predator
One of the common species of dinosaurs that evolved from the Rumardian ssed of Greys was the Hypsilophodon, who came out of the Jurassic Period. They were called Hypsilophodon because of their “high ridge teeth.” The Hypsilophodon were herbivores, they only ate off plants and fruits, extracting the needed chlorine.
Image result for hypsilophodon jurassic park
The most common dinosaur that evolved from the Reptilians were the Tyrannosaurus Rex, meaning “Tyrant Reptile” or “Terrible Lizard”. It was 50 feet long and 20 feet in height, and weighed 7 tons. It was the largest carnivore that ever walked the Earth. This creature is known to be the king of the meat-eaters. The Tyrannosaurus Rex came out of the Reptilians making them part Dinosaur and part Reptilian……”
Image result for tyrannosaurus rex
Excerpted From “The Holy Tablets”


  1. Another thought provoking post! You really put up some eye catching visuals.lol They really get your attention. The pic with the baby with the tail???! Wow! This is a lot of information to digest. It may take me a moment to digest it all. Thanks for another insightful post.

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