The Face On Mars (We Told You So!)

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Greetings! As Those Of You Who Peruse This Site Can Tell, Eye Have A Fascination/Love For All Things “Otherworldly”. It Took Me Quite Awhile To Add My Two Cents On The Topic Of ‘The Face On Mars’, What With All The Overwhelming Data Already Out There. Well, It Wouldn’t Be Me If Eye Didn’t Offer My Particular Spin! LoL…As The Official Story Goes: In 1976 When The Viking 1 Mission Returned Photos Of The Martian Surface, The Image Of A Rocky Face In The Cydonia Region Captured The Public Eye. Was It A Trick Of Light And Shadows? A Remnant Of An Ancient Civilization? Interestingly Enough, Decades Before, There Were “Leaks” That Functioned As Psychological Subliminal Triggers, Or Technically  A “Wedge”, To Inform People Of What’s Coming/Already Here.  In The Science Known As Gestalt Depth Psychology, You Always State What You Are Going To Do–In Other Words, You Are Creating A “Leitmotif” (German word for archetype) That Is Deeply Embedded In The Subconscious Mind Of The Subject For Further Utilization Once The Wedge Is Activated. Perhaps The Word Archetype Should Also Be Used, For It Is Creating A Primordial  Image In The Psyche, A Phrase That “Sounds Cute”, Is “Catchy” And Constitutes Humorous Advertising. Therein Lies The Danger. It Is Programmed To Go Straight Into The Subconscious Mind Of The Unsuspecting Victim. Just Remember That The One World Order Psychology, Or Gestalt, Is To Let You Know What They Are Going To Do To You–So You Know, Subliminally, Because You Were Told. And So Without Further Adieu..

  1. “To Be Viewed From Mars, 1947” By Isamu Noguchi, an American artist and landscape architect whose artistic career spanned six decades, from the 1920s onward.[1] Known for his sculpture and public works, Noguchi also designed stage sets for various Martha Graham productions, and several mass-produced lamps and furniture pieces, some of which are still manufactured and sold.

1947…Hmmmm….A Coincidence?


2. “Race For The Moon-1958” Comic


One would be forgiven for thinking that the comic story above was inspired by the Face on Mars formation discovered at Cydonia by the Viking orbiter in 1976.

In fact it comes from a comic book published in September 1958.

The Face on Mars was published in a comic titled Race for the Moon. A synopsis of The Face on Mars story:

“The Face On Mars”, penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Al Williamson. – On an expedition from the Earth’s moon to the planet Mars, an international team of astronauts – led by American Ben Fisher – discover a huge carving of a Martian face – that’s as big as a mountain! Ascending to the inscrutable statue’s hollow eyes, Fisher plunges inside, where he finds a green, sunlit countryside with cool, rich and breathable air, one which shelters a civilization of “magnificent giants”. Suddenly, the otherworldly city is attacked by insect-like airborne craft, which bomb the giant’s homeland into ruins. Outraged, Fisher blasts away at the potato-like invaders who emerge from the landing aircraft, offering them a taste of their own “medicine”. Appalled by the wanton destruction, Fisher eventually locates a hidden stronghold of the surviving members of the race of Martian giants. As he eavesdrops, the Earthman sees one them pilot a rocket to destroy their enemy’s home base, an unknown planet located somewhere between Mars and Jupiter! Suddenly, Fisher begins to gasp for breath! Blacking out as he falls into oblivion, Fisher eventually awakens on the floor of the Martian desert, with an oxygen mask strapped to his face, while his expedition-mates hover over him. Fisher explains that the statue contains “a visual history of a race’s heroic death – and the triumph of a surviving memory”. Later, as they pilot their rocket to Jupiter, to Earth, Fisher and his team take careful notice of the debris-strewn asteroid belt – “the pieces of a planet that blew up between Mars and Jupiter”.

“Curiouser and curiouser”, said Alice…….

Sometimes real life seems determined to take us down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass.


3. Sci-fi Novel-1960


4. Of Course. Like Eye Said. There’s No Way Anyone Could Have Known. It Has To Be Coincidence At Best…

Ahh…….Eye Rest My Case…..This Is An Embellished Post Originally From:



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