Kagero’s “Poison Hand”

Greetings! Having Come Up On Saturday Supercade, The Littles, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, & All Of Those Epic Cartoons Of That Bygone 80’s Era…Eye Was A Bit Disdainful At The Influx Of What Eye Lamentingly Referred To As “Adult Themed” Animation And The Growing Popularity. Well, In 1995 The Now Legendary Cult Classic “Ninja Scroll” Movie Forever Changed & Opened Up My Mind….

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This Post Will Give No Breakdown, But If You Have Not Seen It- Do Check Out!! One Character From The Movie Is Very Intriguing, Kagero,  A  Ninja And Food Taster  With The Capability To Poison & Kill Anyone Who So Much As Kisses Or Touches Her, And Virtually Immune To Any Poisons. This ‘Technique’ Is Used To Great And Dramatic Effect In The Movie. And It Got Me To Thinking…Hmm.. Is It Possible? Luckily, Was Able To Find A Reference For This Secret Practice:

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“The Poison Hand- Ancient Martial Arts Technique. They Take A Child And Feed It Miniscule Quantities Of A Special Deadly Poison. The Quantities Are So Small, That They Don’t Kill The Child. Gradually The Doses Are Increased. Eventually, When The Child Is An Adult, The Adult Is Immune To The Poison. However, There Is So Much Of The Poison In His System That She/He Merely Has To Touch Someone For Them To Die–Which Gives This System The Name ‘Poison Hand’

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Excerpted From “Mars Records”

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