911: State Of Liberation, & Emergency!

Greetings! It Has Been An Awesome Time Of Rest, Rejuvenation, & Many Epic Events Have Transpired Since Eye Last Posted….

There Is The Once(?)-In-A-Lifetime Eclipse Which Occurred On August 21st, 2017:

amercian-eclipse-01.adapt.1190.1-911 State of Liberation (Photo courtesy of Colleen Pinski http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/total-solar-eclipse-august-how-watch-science/)

….And The Subsequent Forces Of Nature Doing Their Work (Hurricane Harvey)…..

911 State of Liberation-harvey-5-gty-er-170825_12x5_992-911 State of Liberation-636397197330063069-HARVEY-TOLL911 State of Liberation-ap17242037293201911 State of Liberation-BWW-hurricane-harvey-TX

…Prayers Of Strength, Comfort, & The Will To To Continue On And Rebuild To All Those Who Lost Loved Ones,Watched Things They Worked Hard For Disappear, The Mothers & Fathers With Children Forced Into Abysmal Inconvenience. People Of All Walks Of Life Have Banded Together To Survive This Event. Eye Am Looking Forward To A Speedy Recovery For That Region. As It Stands There Is Surely More To Come, As We Are Officially In The Libra (Liberation) Cycle, And The “State Of Emergency” Which Etymologically Means (quote) ‘mid 17th century: from medieval Latin emergentia, from Latin emergere ‘arise, bring to light’.

Yes Indeed Family…Nature Will Continue Her Works Of Destruction (De-Construction ‘taking to pieces’) & Purification In Order To Allow Us To “Arise” & “Emerge” Out Of The Old World Order Of Those Guilty By Nature. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Ravish, Rape, And Plunder Mother Earth And Exploit The Peoples Thereof And Continue To Destroy Goddess Earth Inside As Well As Outside—Bringing Planet Earth (and possibly the Universe by chain reaction) To The Brink Of Destruction. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Transgress (break, violate) The Laws Of Nature, Although They Know Better Because their Instincts And Ability To Reason (their conscience) Tell Them That Their Action Is Wrong. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Cause Division And Violence And Death Among Individuals, Groups Of Individuals, Nations Of Individuals, And Races Of Individuals By One-Sided Racism, Greed, Obsession With Delusions Of Grandeur, And The Desire To Rule Or Ruin. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Refuse To Learn The Laws Of Nature After The Laws Become Available, Or Fail To Practice Them After They Know Them. It Is So That The Guilt By Nature Are Those Who Deliberately And Intentionally Cause Others Pain And Suffering Without Justification. The Guilty By Nature Are Those Who Perpetrate And Practice Deception, Devilment, And Death As A Way Of Life and Survival, Believing They Live A CHARMED Life, And Thereby, Believe There Is No End To Their Reign Of Terror…But Almighty Nature Informs Them It Is Time For NEW ORDER.

Let Us Rejoice! And Proceed…….

Hurricane Katrina Is Still Said To Have Caused The Greatest Natural Catastrophy  The United States Has Ever Witnessed, Killing Thousands Of Americans In Louisana (specifically the “Crescent City”New Orleans), Alabama, And Mississippi, (Biloxi), and Displacing Thousands More, Causing Billions Of Dollars In Damages To The Devil-Man’s Economic Infrastructure(https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/28/hurricane-harvey-much-less-damaging-than-katrina-sandy-hannover-re.html)  Almighty-Nature Has To Balance Itself According To Its Nature Called The ‘Nature Of Nature’—This Justice Will Not Be Deferred, Or Tempered With Mercy, For The Guilty Of The Old World Order. But Things Will Indeed Get Worse Until Armageddon Is Climaxed With Fire, Both Artificial By Way Of Man’s Weaponry And Natural By Way Of Nature Via Ether-Fire Of The Sun….

911 State of Liberation-the_forces_of_nature_by_odd1outagain-d5xchuc (Image courtesy of: https://odd1outagain.deviantart.com/art/The-Forces-of-Nature-358341204)

This Ether-Fire Via The Vacuum Of SPACE, Is The BALANCER  In Nature And Of Nature, By Supporting Justice & Causing Disturbances* (like storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, etc.) To Bring Matter Back Into Balance When A UNIVERSE ORB (earth) Tends To Go OFF COURSE… Again, Whirling Winds Like Hurricanes And Cyclones Help Balance Physical Matter…..






      1. Yes Indeed Fam….Great Hearing From You As Well, & With What Eye Have Lined Up, We Will Be Chatting For Some Time To Come! Lol…Oh, & As You Haven’t Been Idle—-Will Be Checking For kushitekingdom Jewels……

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  1. Even though the link talks about the damage done to be in the billions. It stills seems as though none of these natural disasters effect the people that are breaking the laws of nature. The little guys always die or lose their property while them greedy folks live over in high places.

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    1. …We Are In The Midst Of Armageddon Processes, Indicating The Shift From One Era To Another, And The Willful War Against Nature Herself. Unfortunately Just As In Any Major Skirmish, There Will Be Casualties. The Masses Of Us Are So Engaged To And Entangled In This Anti-Civilization, That The Punishments That Should Fall On The ‘greedy folks’ Hit Us By Association. The Bible Has A Line “Ignorance is no excuse before the law”. Not given To Bible Thumping, But That Is A Truism. Besides Everyone Needing To Acquaint And Assimilate Themselves To Universal Laws, We Need To Tune Into Mother #1….Earth! There Are FEMA Maps And Other Geological Studies Indicating/Pointing Out Places Of Vulnerability To All Kinds Of Natural Disaster, And Yet The Most Populated Areas On Earth Are In These “Hot Spots”…..So, Do We Not Consider Our Kin Victims Of War, Natural Disaster Or Poverty? We Must Take A Deep Breath, And Accept Our Part In Bringing Support To Feelings Of Victimhood. They Too, Have Responsibility In The Creation Of Those Situations. Our Sympathy Will Not Solve Their Misery. Our Deliberate Choice To Create A New Paradigm Of Experience Will Do That. Withdrawing Our Focus Of Attention And Bringing It Toward The Creation Of The New Will Bring Change Far More Quickly Than Repeatedly Sending Aid While Considering Them Poor Innocent Victims. Does This Sound Hard Hearted? From An Over-View, It Is Hard Hearted To Be Part Of These Horrendous Situations In The First Place. Let’s Choose To Place Our Intent Beyond The Play Perceived By The 5 Senses, And Into The Creation Of The New. We Are Withdrawing Our Consent And Support Of The Experience In Which We No Longer wish To Participate……

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