Planetary Chess: The Real Anti-Christ


Greetings! This Missive Was Inspired After Reading “Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends”–By John Eric Phelps, And Also “Conspirators Hierarchy:The Story Of The Committee Of 300”–By Dr. John Coleman.

Very Powerful Books Detailing The Intricate Web Of Deceit, Power, And Planetary Chess Playing That Entangles The Masses. However, Eye Decided To Bump Things Up A Notch And Take It Directly To Its Source….

“You may choose to pretend that what you do and how you live is not made possible by what I do and how I live. I do my job so that fatty can watch reality tv, eat fast food, stare at the internet, screw their husbands or their battery operated products, and never use their teeny, tiny brains to think about the freedoms that I make possible! Never think about the democracy that I make possible! they never think about it….So, they sleep like…

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