Greetings To All, And Thanks For Stopping By. This Small Piece Of Internet Realty Is Dedicated To Gathering & Sharing Data On The Hidden Wonders Of This Planet, Keeping The World Magical & Strange While Attempting to Save Myself And Pull Up A Ready, Willing, And Able Fellow Man. Maverick, Geek, Researcher, Wandering Immortal, And A “Guardian Of Life” Member Involved In Project: Blue Rock–A Galactic Focus On This Speck Of Dust Called Earth. It Is My Intention In This Site That Along With Fellow Bloggers, Visionaries, “Red Pillers”, And So On—That We Can Share The Focus Of Bringing Our Minds To Bear Upon The Problems Of Human Society, And Begin Working Quickly To Construct A Brave New World From The Remnants Of The Old. Eugenics, Re-Education, A Controlled Economy….A Sane World Is Built On These Concepts. Fortunately, A Growing Number Of People Are Coming Into This Awareness, And Have Begun To Aim At, As A Goal—-The Highest In Standards, Qualities, And Values. Please, Stay Tuned!


  1. That’s one hell of a bio!!lol It seems you’ve studied a lot of different subjects. You’re pretty well rounded. That’s good to see brother. Much respect!

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  2. I am honestly impressed with your eclectic knowledge of chakras & black culture. I feel honored and blessed to know such a beautiful spirit/ individual @wysedome

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  3. I’m highly impress with your blog and the knowledge shared here, especially the part about going into the void and the 7 religious icons diverting souls from going to the source. Also, thank you for sharing about homosexual. You definitely did your research and your eloquence is deeply touching. Your explanation makes more sense than even the so called New Age explanation.

    I’m a heterosexual but highly bothered by how we dehumanized folks who are homosexual. I love African cultures, but the homophobia bothered me. Your explanation was in sync with my intuition and my research of indigenous cultures. What I didn’t know was the specific pre-colonial African tribes that honor homosexual because of their understanding of nature and they don’t have a sense of moralist ideology like the rigid European Christian.

    I’m also impressed on your take on immortality. So right on point! There are so many things I’m higly impress with on your blog, I can write a book gushing over it.

    May many blessings shower you a thousand fold!

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    1. My Good Reader Sabine– Thank You A Million Times For Perusing The Site & Taking The Time To Comment. Indeed, It Is Those Kind Words That Make The Work That Goes Into These Posts Worth It! It Is My Fervent Desire To Continue To Push The Evelope And Present Thought Provoking & Paradigm Shift Causing Data..:-)
      Please Stay Tuned!


  4. what if we will see a self replicating robot ( lets say even with dna)on a far planet? do we need to conclude design or a natural process in this case? remember that according to evolution if its made from organic components and have a self replicating system we need to conclude a natural process. but we know that even a self replicating robot is evidence for design

    evolutionists claiming that small steps in milions of years will create a big steps. but according to this a lots of small steps in
    self replicat car (with dna) will change into an airplan

    check also creation.com

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