The Elder Scroll: Galactic Citizenship The Compilation-9



There was a time in which the beings on this planet resided elsewhere in the galaxy. Not in the present body, but you would say these were your ancestors. Hue-mans did not originate on this planet. To those who believe that you came into being out of some primordial soup, this shall be an affront to that theory. However, through consideration of the laws of the universe, remember that creation is possible through intent and purpose. Development of body, mind, spirit and emotion does not fit into the criteria of random selection as a possible scenario. Indeed, the physical body does match the physical attributes of the earth mineral content, but that is through the law of attraction(magnetization) that allows for adaptation within the environment. The marvel of the human body is that it has adaptive capabilities that make it possible to survive in hostile environments. This is surely being proven by the introduction of purposeful chemical abrasive combinations, and vibrational variations designed to destroy it. The plan being that only the most adaptive will survive and be useful in further experimental adaptation and exploitation. Resistance to a negative environment allows for adaptation and can be stimulation to either advancement or regression, depending on the degree and the focus of the  individual desire to move through the experience.



This possibility can now be discussed openly as the subject of extraterrestrial presence has been the subject of extensive media presentation. Though many older people still resist the possibility, most children accept it as true, and dream of traveling to take part in other planetary experiences.….Much of this is presented because of the belief that there is little left to be known of this planet and that adventure will soon be found only by exploring the space beyond. The popularity of the long-standing Star Trek series exemplifies this. The information as to the monumental number of solar systems that frequent this galaxy, and the presence of numerous other galaxies that are being observed, makes the possibility of other life supporting planets refute the assumption that this is the only planet with conscious life. Yet to be known is a way to construct and power appropriate craft to enable humans to traverse space. With the number of inhabitants draining the life force of this planet, the possibility seems beyond reach.

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Indeed, hue-manity is at a crossroads of multiple levels of experience. How indeed are they going to come through this crisis? Obviously not without help! In their arrogant stubbornness will they ask for it and accept it, if it is given? That can only be answered as the situation progresses. As has been pointed out before, help cannot be given to those locked in victim consciousness. The solution lies in hue-manity creating its own solution, and victims cannot accomplish this because of their desire to be rescued. Rescue demands that someone or something outside themselves accomplish whatever feat is required. Again the discussion returns to the same realization that a choice in how to experience manifested life faces the inhabitants of this planet. It Is No Longer Survival Of The Fittest, But Survival Of The Personally Responsible.

Image result for dr. claud anderson                               (Dr. Claud Anderson- visit


The opposite experience of the victim is currently achieved as exercising power over other victims, and has become an unending chain of interlocking experience for an incredibly long duration. That chain is long overdue to be broken. Its strength lies in the failure of those involved to choose another way of experiencing. Without the awareness and comprehension of the universal laws  that support successful (r)evolving life experience, the chain remains unbroken. Hue-manity can change this long-standing experience, break the chain and return to the (r)evolving citizenship of the galaxy/universe, by choosing responsibiiy and applying the laws in their daily experience both individually and as a group. Because of the presence of POLARITY, when those are drawn together as a group-this also repels those who choose otherwise, and a great division is made. The application of the laws creates a cooperative situation that allows for protection from the fear of the actions of the other groups in most surprising ways. The vibration increases rapidly and protective means are most creative indeed.

Image result for jewel pookrum age Pookkrum




The question arises from a point of overview, if victim consciousness is present in our experience, then is it present within the consciousness of the creator? The obvious answer is yes. The Creator Is In Self Contemplation For Self -(R)Evolvement. At this level, the tiniest imbalance must be fully understood and cleared. You Are The Clearing Process. When you move through it and arrive at personal responsibility, another phase of that imbalance is resolved.  A wisely pruned vineyard produces a prolific healthy crop. Once this imbalance is pruned from your experience, yours will be a healthy and prolific experience!

It is not our purpose to assail the current beliefs in a frontal attack causing resistance and stress, but to give a gradual and convincing alternative to lives that have been lived in frustration and grim survival. Ending lives in pain and disease is demonstration of the soul consciousness of the denial of a solution by those experiencing this descending cycle of manifested circumstances. What appears as a complex and impossible situation has a simple solution. A change of attitude and application of simple understandable laws will provide the passageway through to new experience. Creation does not provide for suffering to buy anything but more suffering. It is a freewill choice. Therefore, it is time to opt for a new experience by giving up what does not work, and has not worked for an eon of sequential episodes.

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( Dr. Moo-Twahz-  )


The laws of attraction, intention, and allowing  used purposefully through freewill choice , are the criteria that will allow for the freedom of humanity and its return to full galactic citizenship and the ability to travel freely. Failure to follow these guidelines will require placement of those individuals into another learning situation. You are being offered the opportunity to begin again with the basics, and incorporate the into your experience and surge ahead–in a leap of consciousness that is unparalleled. How sad it will be if you stubbornly refuse to take advantage of the opportunity…..






Project:Blue Rock-Geometric Prison Keys





Geometry Is A Very Important Subject, And Curriculum In Mathematics. Most People Do Not Recognize It’s Importance, However It Has Many Practical Applications, Most Especially In Engineering And Architecture. Geometry Deals With Size, Shape, And The Relative Position Of Figures And The Associated Space.  An Object, As Well As A Space’s Property Such As Volume And Strength, Is Computed Using The Principles Of Geometry. All Of What We See Around Us Employs The Use Of And Is Composed Geometry/Geometric Figures–“Templates Of Reality”. These Designs  Most Assuredly Were/Are Not  Made By Accident. Complex Computations Are Necessary To Come Up With The Designs, And Some Geometric Figures Are Not Only Designed For Aesthetic Purposes, But Serve Other Functions As Well. From Ancient Times Till The Present Day, This Most Conspicuous, Yet Secretive Knowledge Has Been Employed For The Advancement, And Detriment Of The Beings On This Planet, Hence- “Geometric Prison Keys”.

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Depicted Above Are The ‘Platonic Solids’, And Their Associated Elements. These Geometric Forms Dubbed The  “Templates Of Reality” Creates All Of Our Reality In This Dimension. There Is A Geometric Template For Every Life Form That We Know Of, And We Give It A Name–Bird, Turtle, Fish, Pencil, Chair etc…We Recognize Them Because Of Their Geometric Configuration.

Image result for geometric configuration of animalsImage result for geometric configuration of animals

Certain Geometrical Shapes Have The Power To Reach Deep Into The Unconscious And Effect Subtle Changes In The Mood Of The Observer. This Property Is Perhaps Most Apparent When Applied By A Skillful Architect. For Example, Visitors To The Pyramids Of Egypt And Classic Greek Sites Such As The Parthenon Often Experience A Sense Of Inner Tranquility That Can Linger For Days Or Even Weeks. The Most Direct Explanation For The Psychological Power Of Abstract Shapes Is That They Symbolize Certain Human Emotions. An Abrupt Shape With Irregular, Jagged Edges For Most People Symbolizes Anger Or Anxiety, While A Symmetrical Or Rounded Shape Represents Feelings Of Relaxation And Inner Peace. It Is Possible That The Near Universal Meanings Of Certain Shapes Reflect Sonic Pattern-Making Ability Within The Mind Itself. There Is Firm Evidence Some Geometric Forms Are Innately More Pleasing Than Others.

Sacred Geometric Forms, Or Polyhedrons Allow a Correct Balanced Absorption And Emission Of Energy & Information From All The Relative Directions Of The External Universe Coming Thru Those Axes. Now That The (hopefully) Simplified Intro To Geometry Is Out Of The Way…Let Us Proceed Onto The Evidence Of Our Imprisonment By Geometry, The Battle Between The Custodian-Jailers Of This Planet, And The Members Of Project:Blue Rock & Their ‘Geometric Prison Keys’—-


“Major Cities Like Washington D.C., Are Built On Geometric Talisman Layouts, i.e. The Pentagram. BUT More Importantly, There Are 3-4 Layers Of Talismans Built Upon Each Other, Then The Structures Placed. It Is Like That For Many Cities, Government Buildings, And More. Most People Don’t Realize, Care, Or Catch On To This…”

Geo Prison1

(The Pentagon-Washington D.C.)    


Geo Prison14 DIA-denver international airport swatika

(Denver International Airport-note the swastika)

Geo Prison6 NY Supreme Court Centre Street

(Supreme Court-New York City-Hexagon)

Geo Prison11 fort mchenry_small

(Fort McHenry-Baltimore, Maryland-Pentagram)




(National Library of Republic of Belarus- note the  Rhombicuboctahedron)

GEO-Vesting Boutange Holland 

(Fort Bourtange, Holland-Pentagonal Flower)

Geo Prison2 Greensville Correctional Center

(Greensville Correctional Center, Virginia-Hexagon)

Geo Prison3 715118NavalCommunicationStationHaroldEHolt

(Naval Communication Station-Harold E. Holt, Austrailia: Hexagonal Layout)



(Canberra, Australia Capital City- note the nine pointed star or Nonagon, Tessalated or overlaid 4 times!)  


Geo Prison19 UN City-Copenhagen

(UN City-Copenhagen, Denmark-note the Octagram or 8 pointed star)

Geo Prison12 Cologne-Bonn-Airport 

(Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany-note the Pentagram & Hexagons)


There Are Many More Examples Of These ‘Geo-Talismans’, But For The Sake Of Brevity, Am Keeping The Lions Share Of My Collection In The Bag! However, If Your Looking Through Your 3rd Eye, The Implications Should Be Sobering, To Say The Least.


Geometric Prison Keys :  This Segment Is A Short List Of The Entities Involved With Raising The Consciousness And Quality Of Life For Humanity, Through The Employment Of Geometry:

1.Crop Circle Creators: What Are Called Crop Circles Have Caused Great Curiosity. In Times Of Great Stress For A Planet, Not An Unusual Thing In Keeping All Within Balanced Orbits, etc., Energy Is Focused Into The Various Grid Systems That Maintain Orbit And Spin Velocities And Other Physical Phenomena.


Geometric prison keys1


Geometric prison keys 2

It Is Similar To Tuning Up Your Automobile Engine To Keep It Running At Peak Efficiency. This Is Done On A Regular Basis. In The Case Of Our Planet, Which Is Under Great Stress, As Even The Most Sleeping Human Will Acknowledge, This Process Is Going On With Increased Regularity. The Crop Circles Are Dynamic Energy Codes That Are Being Sent As Usual, But Are Being Made Visible As An Attempt To Awaken Humanity To The Truth That Outside Help Is Maintaining The Balance.

Image result for crop circles 2016Image result for crop circles 2016

Image result for crop circle energy grid of planetImage result for crop circle energy grid of planet

Image result for crop circle energy grid of planetImage result for crop circle energy grid of planet

The Shapes Vary With The Specific Energy Patterns Being Focused. There Are Certain Particularly Restorative (for lack of a better word) Areas That Bring Forth Specific Planetary Responses. These Shapes And Places Are Matched For The Response Needed. These Are Not Meant To Be Decoded, But Rather Accepted For Their Intended Purpose.



Image result for tama re egypt of the westImage result for tama re egypt of the west(Tama-Re’ ‘Egypt Of The West’ in Eatonton, Georgia. A fearless & defiant declaration of war against the malevolent influences/energies being placed into the energy grid of this planet. The Magurag ritual pictured, was a  positive counteracting and balancing ritual  that was initiating a “morphic dominoe effect.” One of the main reasons, in my view, of the invasion and takeover of the land.)


3. Dr. Ibrahim Karim: This Architect From Egypt Is The Founder Of A Science Which Has Been Rediscovered From Ancient Times Now Known As Biogeometry.

Image result for Dr. Ibrahim Karim

The List Of Good Things To Say, And The Awesome-ness Of This Man & This Modality Are Numerous, So Eye Will Just Quote And Post Link:

“Balancing the activities of daily life, achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, humanizing modern technology, integrating science and spirituality, and discovering the unified scientific reality behind all religions is the work of the science of BioGeometry®.

Just two decades ago everybody was afraid that the end of life on earth would come as a result of a Third world War. We thought that the global extinction of life on earth would come from nuclear warfare and our carelessness towards our environment, endangering plant and animal life; the ozone hole and global warming causing natural disasters everywhere. However, the real potential danger is one that we are barely aware lurking just around the corner.

The age of information carries with it the potential to the global extinction of our civilization. We are continuously increasing the amount of carrier waves needed for the wireless technology of modern communication in the earth’s atmosphere every day. These electromagnetic waves are thousands of times stronger than the level used in the communication in our body cells. The problem is not the saturation of the earth’s atmosphere through quantity, but also a detrimental quality. Even people who avoid using high technology are not immune. No one is immune even if one lives at the far end of the world or on top of the Himalayas, because these are carrier waves with penetrating properties. It is like trying to move a breeze through a storm, our immune systems are continuously trying to correct the distortion in the transfer of inner information in our body; very soon the threshold will be reached when a total collapse of our body defenses will take place.

BioGeometry® is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape; it uses shapes, colours, motion, orientation and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. BioGeometrical shapes are two or three-dimensional shapes specially designed to interact with the earth’s energy fields to produce balancing effects on multiple levels on biological systems. They were developed and patented by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim, D.Sc. in Cairo, Egypt, during research since 1968.

To understand the effects of BioGeometrical shapes on the human energy system, we have to recognize that the human body has an energy field around it, which has its own north-south axis. As we move around, the angle formed between our individual axis and that of the earth is constantly changing, and this in turn either strengthens or weakens our energy field. The positive range is very small, vulnerable most of the time, and is a major factor affecting our health and well being. BioGeometrically balanced energy, however, considerably strengthens our energy fields to such an extent that we are not detrimentally affected by changes of orientation. In fact, it appears to cancel obvious energy interactions predicted by currently accepted physical laws.

Research in BioGeometry® was and still is mainly dedicated to the development of a new form of architecture that would enhance the human biological system and give a new meaning to the concept of “Home”. To upgrade the energy quality of existing homes and cancel the potentially harmful effects of unchecked energy fields due to the architectural design, furniture layout, electrical wiring and modern appliances, specially designed decorative elements are strategically placed to neutralize negative energy and add a positive quality to it. BioGeometrical shapes when designed or engraved on jewelry have shown positive effects on the body’s energy field, and reduce considerably the potential health hazards caused by cellular phones, computers and all other modern appliances.

The impact of geometrical shapes on human energy systems has always been universally recognized. This awareness gradually disappeared, and our “modern” approach is to consider these ancient forms either as symbolic art without function, or attribute them to magical practices. Although the modern development and practices are not directly derived from Ancient Egypt, a very advanced know-how in this field is evident when we analyze and use the shapes that they have developed thousands of years ago.

They must have been able to interact with nature in a more advanced way than we do today, based on the study of the vibrational properties of the geometrical shapes they used in their monuments, art, statues, amulets, and many other aspects of life. The effects of energy went beyond the Pyramid shape; the Ancient Egyptians used it in a very practical way in all aspects of their life. Unlike our modern energy forms that are highly amplified states of energies occurring in nature, this science dealt with forces on a natural level as they occur in nature. That means that this Ancient Egyptian science was more like a language that they used to establish two-way communication with nature. This two-way information flow process was used to establish total harmony in all actions between man and nature, to acquire a deeper knowledge about anything by accessing information about it’s working principles on the energy level, and most important of all to influence any action in nature by manipulating its energy patterns to achieve the intended results.”

Ahhh……….’Nuff Said Folks. If You Have Gotten This Far, Thank You For Reading…


Kosmic Laws Of Nature Pt.2

Kosmic Laws of Nature pic2


Greetings! As Has Been Repeated Ad Nauseam In Some Of These Posts, The Future Will Involve Cooperating With Nature Within The Laws Of The Universe. But…What Are Those Laws? Where Does Humanity Find Those Laws That Have Been Hidden From Them? This Is An Attempt To Put Together An Accurate Comprehension That Can Be Disseminated Quickly Enough…How Many Laws Are There? Less Than You Might Think. The Number Of Applicable Laws Increases At Each Dimensional Level, For The Learning Of These Laws and Their Application Allows For (R)evolvement To The Next Level, Where There Are More To Learn And To Apply Within Experience. Let Us Begin A Review Of These Laws. It Is A Review Because You Have Forgotten Them In Your Sojourn To 3rd Dimensional Experience…

  1. Law Of Attraction(Magnetization):lights_of_ideas Through the action of the Law Of Attraction and the malleable nature of the potential of an idea actually coming into your experience, it does. These thoughts must be relatively depictive. For example, if you simply focus on change, then expect chaos within your life for that will be the change you create until you decide upon some more precise idea of what you want in your experience. Since instant manifestation of ideas on this planet at the moment is very difficult, the ego incorporates the process within your supporting idea of time. If you are unable to remain focused on your desire of a certain experience, then often times you deny yourself that desired experience. There is a comment in your bible regarding “praying amiss”. Since that which you refer to as God is creative in Nature, whenever you are focusing your desire in a sincere manner for an experience, then you are in “constant prayer” for you are within this creative, expansive expression that originates within the Source of your existence. But, what if you’re asking for something that would cause problems for someone else? The Law Works! But, there is an effect for that which you have caused. As noted above you are using the Law Of Attraction and its process involves like energy attracting like more like energy(magnetization). If you cause a problem for someone else as a purposeful use of this Law, then what you create for someone else, you will also experience. It is like two sides of the same coin. One is presented to the other person and one is presented to you. If you are serious in attempting to understand this Law, then if you dare, look at the events that you have already experienced and  you will see that this has been the case many times. When you wished a blessing for someone else, you also experienced one, not in exactly the same way, but in something of meaning that came into your life. Consider also difficulties. There is a reference in the bible that instructs you to “put a guard on your mouth for the words (including thoughts) that come forth do not return empty.” In utilizing this comprehension you must hold the desire steadily within your consciousness. If you error in desire by wishing to create a problem in the life of another you have time early  in the process in which to reconsider and to withdraw the focus of that intent. Then it will not manifest for them to experience. Emotion, strong feelings, can increase the potential of manifestation and hurry the process, whether it is for your own “good” experience or for another one. The opposite is also true.

2.The Law Of  Deliberate Intent– Purposefully withdrawing your fear and fascination for the evil situation once you are aware of it, with the deliberate intent to do so, is using this Law. You cannot do this by attempting to stop thinking about it. It is only possible to do this by substituting another thought on a completely different subject. In the case of the evil plan, it requires the total inclusion of those involved. It does not matter what the thoughts are as long as they support the plan. Complicity involves believing the intent of those involved is for the good of all. Perhaps now you can see the power of sympathy for the afflicted ones around your globe. This supports the victim consciousness that is required, for it is complicity in disguise. Do you not consider them victims of war or natural disaster or poverty? You must take a deep breath, accept your part in bringing support to their feelings of victimhood. They too have responsibility in the creation of those situations. Your sympathy will not solve their misery. Your deliberate choice to create a New Paradigm of experience will do that. Withdrawing your focus of attention and bringing it toward creating a new experience, will bring the change about far more quickly than repeatedly sending aid while considering them poor innocent victims. Does this sound hard hearted? From our point of view, it is hard hearted to be part of the creation of these horrendous situations in the first place. You must deliberately choose to implement your desire to create a whole new experience for them as well as yourselves. When you choose to place your intent beyond the play perceived by the 5 senses, and place it instead into the creation of a new experience, you are withdrawing your consent and support of the experience in which you no longer wish to participate. You are using the second Law of the universe.

These are the two Laws that apply to the planetary situation. There are yet two more and those shall be brought to bear  within this information, as it is appropriate. It is important that you come to realize that the Laws of the Universe are immutable. They cannot be changed or distorted. They work without question as to whom is applying them. When you consider the plan of evil intent that surrounds you, you can see them at work. Like attracts like, and intent of purpose brings situations into being. However, this is an attempt to bring to your awareness that there are nuances within these Laws that allow for Creation to continue. There needs to be a comprehension and awareness of the leavening ingredient of Free choice followed by its proper use. Through this we have infinite variety within Creation and expansive movement results.


Kosmic Law of Nature_maat5_1_by_endraganest-d640h2c


3. Law Of Allowance– It is through the application of the Law of allowance that the greatest progress will be made with regard to the invocation for manifesting the new paradigm of experience. This is the most difficult of all the Laws to apply, for it requires the letting go of detailing the desired outcome. It is extremely difficult for the limited mind to focus on the outcome without feeling sure that it is necessary to also envision the process by which that outcome will come into being. It cannot be emphasized too much that it is the outcome that it is necessary to focus upon. The question then arises within the mind as to what indeed it should “look” like. the fact is the most important aspect to “envision” is what it will feel like. Therefore, it is necessary to coin a new expression such as “Enfeel” in order to bring the proper focus on this aspect of manifesting. What is called manifesting is indeed coming into the comprehension and the application of the Universal Laws. These have been simplified in concept and renamed to words that bring forward greater applicability for they fit  within your normally spoken vernacular. Focus, intend and release with “enfeeling” to experience “harmony & balance” is as simple as it is possible to place these wondrous Laws into your conscious awareness…

The complexity of the Universal Laws increase, as they are comprehended. Moving through the comprehension of the Laws of attraction , and focused intentional manifestation to the Law of allowance adds complexity at each level for all are interactive. Application of the Law of allowance opens the door to experience the flow of creative energy. It might be said that it is “love in action.” What is called patience is allowance. Here a nuance must be understood. There is a difference between tolerance and patience.  The difference can best be described by the emotion that is felt. This is an especially fruitful opportunity for self-contemplation. Tolerance carries an emotional charge of resentment, while patience is usually accompanied by heartfelt anticipation, even amusement, by the observer. There is a very profoundly observable difference between tolerance and patience. This is a difference that can be observed and intentionally changed in mid-stream, so to speak. It is this type of conscious decision that promotes the transcendence of knowledge into wisdom through the conscious choice to rise above one emotion into the other, by giving up an attitude and an opinion. Without releasing what is causing the resentment, no transition of attitude can be made. In the human experience, it is noted that release of tolerance into patience is often accompanied by physical smiling. An indication of just how good it feels to allow the creation flow to express through the human experience.

4. The Law Of Balance– Applying the first 3 Laws and focusing within the present moment. Within the ability to comprehend, accept and apply these Laws, lies the future design of hue-manity’s experience.



The Laws of the Universe allow those who help themselves to be helped. Within victim consciousness, the need to be rescued rather than bring about their extrication by changing their attitude and actions, is a trap. Its siren call keeps humans like crabs in a basket. Each one pulling back any attempting to climb out. Help is at hand and all that is possible to be given in correspondence with the shift of consciousness within the collective human belief systems is being given. How do you know? There are those that risk their lives and in some cases, give their lives to reveal the actions and plans of those that intend to limit the hue-man experience. Many receive information that is being circulated among the people. These include many lessons in discernment. Further, the crop circles serve many purposes. Think of them as input of balancing energy to keep the earth functioning as normally as possible as well as being messages to those who need reassurance that help is standing by. These are appearing in more and more places on the planet. Reports of the phenomenon are withheld from publication. Those with plans to curb diversity in human expression do not want more messages of encouragement to be circulated.

It is imperative that the desire for diversity of expression is held firmly and foremost in the consciousness of as many as possible. The Laws Are Worthy Of Veneration. It is important that hue-manity’s affinity to “personify to identify” be released. Only then will the true freedom of consciousness to (r)evolve be experienced into wisdom…..


The Elder Scroll: Galactic Citizenship The Compilation-7





As the sequence of events seem to accelerate, and lineal time to pass more quickly, the chaos will grow. Each individual will experience their own sequence of events that are only a small portion of the total picture. The controlled media will report only segments of the true picture. When viewed from the perspective of the planetary whole, there is a far greater degree of chaos now present than can be perceived by humanity. Those yet in zones of calm have little frame of reference for the experiences of those who are in the midst of war, geological or weather phenomena. Though greater global awareness is present, yet there is little exchange of actual experiential trauma between these separate experiences. It would not serve the planetary wholeness if there were such a connection so all were experiencing the trauma of those within the distressed areas. Those that appear  to be uninvolved serve to hold the equilibrium of the planet steady as the chaos is experienced elsewhere. There is a balancing act that takes place. 

(People of Color Silent  Meditation Retreat-Barre, M.A.)

                                          (War in Turkey with Kurdish rebels-2016)

It is planned to increase the experience of chaos in order that this balance may be forfeited. This plan to deliberately upset the balance by increasing the chaos beyond the planets ability to retain its balance is based upon the theory that once the imbalance reaches a certain point, it can be pushed into a negative vibration that will change its access by positive energy foci. In other words, the planet would then be Wholly owned by those of negative energy vibration, and would then be no longer accessible by those of balanced or positive vibrations.


In Order to accomplish this, it has been thought that it was necessary to lower the vibrational fields of the inhabitants; to a point that survival of some would be possible when the conversion to pure negative energy is completed. The installations of massive energy converters in order to bombard the Ionosphere have been planned for this purpose. The testing of these converters appears to be for reasons other than what is planned. Indeed, they are to “protect” the planet from positive foci and appear to the planners to be accomplishing their intended purpose.


The question remains as to whether the theory on which all of this is predicated is one that will produce the desired change of polarity, and if it were applicable, what are the implications that would accompany the result. When change is undertaken within the laws of the universe, the “thought thinking” principle can and does work through all the possibilities and probabilities and reaches a conclusion as to feasibility. When change is attempted without this inclusive aspect of wisdom, there is the inherent danger that unknown factors are disregarded and the outcome is likely to be unstable at some point in the process. This then brings the situation to the consideration as to how far freewill can be allowed to operate if the use of it involves massive risk to whole segments of creation.

Freewill with regard to individual experience is inviolate. However, when “will” is focused into a situation that is for the deprivation and destruction of not only the freewill choice of (r)evolving consciousness, but to the point of destruction of the soul energy at the basis of life expression, then careful consideration must take place as to how this situation may be handled. The situation not only demands consideration and decisions, but also involves the decision of what intelligent foci may be involved in making that decision. In other words, a stacked deck cannot exist either for or against the continuation of the experience. This creates a considerable dilemma in coming up with a consortium of qualified and empowered “beings” willing to become involved in such a situation, for serving in this capacity puts their own (r)evolution at risk. (r)evolution is in reality a growing participation in responsibility. Just as maturation into earthly experience naturally involves greater participation and responsibility, so also does (r)evolvement into the higher dimensional realms.

A great “Talent” search was initiated in order to find a cohesive group willing to consider the dilemma that the situation upon this small planet contains. To say that it covered a great deal of manifested reality is an understatement. The vested interests in the future of this planet are varied, well established and of intensely determined purpose. At the irrefutable basis of any solution is the will of the human population on the planet involved. It is then self-evident that those who would retain their control of the planet would make every effort  to make sure the inhabitants decide that “Change” is undesirable. Herein lies the purpose of the massive release of communication devices, and the focus on the retention of the victim consciousness. The foundation of victim consciousness has been carefully laid within the religious foci from the very beginning. It has allowed for control of the progress of humans not only in the discovery of the “God-Like” qualities that are inherent to all, access to the understanding and application of the Universal Laws, but also to the understanding and ability to relate to the “creator mind” that is available within the outflow of Undifferentiated energy at the basis of all creation. The key to the entry of the gathered wisdom foci is held within the collective mass consciousness of hue-manity. Unless the individual and collective desire of huemanity for freedom from the oppressive outside intervention that has been present on this planet for thousands of years is focused towards an end to this situation, it cannot and will not change. The only possible help that can be given at the moment is to focus  energies into the available thought realms surrounding the planet, in the hope that individuals will accept these subtle suggestions to augment the desires that are already there to bring forth a change within the collective thinking of huemaity as a whole. This seems like drops into an ocean of misery, but in accordance with the freewill principle, nothing further can be done.

The presence of craft from positive origins, what are called extra-terrestrial visitors, among those of negative and earthly origin as well as visible energy patterns imprinted on the surface of the planet has been increased. It is hoped that these will stimulate curiosity, and trigger into awareness some of the volunteers that now risk their level of (r)evolvement in service to their fellow humans. These messages are received and circulated by individuals that are responding to this plan. Those of you that hear of these, read and respond to them are in reality coming into harmony with the energy of concern and the desire to assist that is being generously focused into the atmosphere surrounding earth. The Electrical Charges That Are Being Forced Into The Energy Fields Encircling Earth Are Being Placed There In An Effort To Block All Positive Support For The Planet And Its Inhabitants. Fortunately, all efforts in harmony with the laws of the universe are supported by the intelligence of “thought thinking” which finds ways to circumvent such plans. If huemanity can be triggered to desire freedom, despite the plans to block any such assistance, then the universal laws can and will support them. However the focus is to be held on that which is desired instead of retaliation and resorting to the old methods that have failed to bring manifestation of the desire for change in the past. In other words, the focus must not resemble that which it is desired to leave behind.

The human population that desires to experience the opportunity to (r)evolve in freedom from oppression must focus on what is desired and let go of the experiences of the past. These have led them in a continuous circle of repeating what has been taught them by the example of their oppressors. The same blood/dna of those oppressors flows in the blood of humanity. The question remains whether there are enough humans on this planet that have (r)evolved beyond those genetic aberrations that do not serve their advancement. Can they focus on the desire for freedom from the repetitious pattern of life as they know it, and transcend it into a New Paradigm of experience? Can they now live those experiences into wisdom?




The Elder Scroll: Galactic Citizenship The Compilation-6



Greetings! As It’s Been A Minute Since My Last Post, To Start This New Gregorian Calendar Year Off, Have Done My Best To More Than Make Up For The Sabbatical With This “Set It Off” Entry! (LOL)….Of Course, There Has Been Inspiration: The First Is The UFO ‘Battle’ Over Nuremberg Germany, Recorded In 1561, As Seen In This Missive Picture Header. The Second Is Ed Grimsley, A UFO Researcher Who For Many Years Has Witnessed Seeming Battles In Our Night Skies In Other Light Frequencies/Dimensions Through Military Grade Night Vision Binoculars, And Conducts Night Vision “Skywatches” Making Many A Believer–……..And Now, Onto Wyzedome’s Preface…..



There are areas of focus that the human mind is totally unaware would serve him in the change of direction from subservience to freedom of choice. Where the mind is focused determines where the totality of experience will arrive. When the awareness is bombarded with a confusion of ideas and experiences, the holding of a single or singularly coordinated group of ideas, thought, opinions, and desires becomes difficult indeed. It does not require the effort of what is termed concentration, but does require the broader and more easily managed process of focus. Focus allows for what might be termed perimeter awareness of events and information that can be noticed and allowed for short-term inclusion, without diluting or taking away from the intended direction of the intent of overall focus. It allows participation within the currently perceived reality while yet holding in the awareness the intended direction of desire, of intended purpose.

Hue-manity must first allow itself to accept the possibility that it is their birthright to steward this planet and manage their own evolvement without the interference or direction from outsiders. Once the possibility is allowed to take root, the desire for this experience will grow within the awareness, for it is well established within the psyche. It is latent, or buried, under the mind control programming that has been layered within the social and religious structures on a worldwide basis for literally thousands of years. This entire program of control literally surrounds humanities comprehension of itself like a tough skin. It is necessary to literally squirm within this skin of deceptive understanding, and shed all of it in order to perceive and create a new experience. If this were not possible, then there would be no necessity to place so many layers of false information into the minds and to hold it there through intimidation and fear. This need for control at all costs is the clue that the armor is fragile, and that the fear of the controllers is greater than your own. If hue-manity discovers its power and its true heritage, there is no answer for them but to destroy but a few, and to begin through intimidation to rebuild the population based on the same deception and fear program. Try as these beings have, it is not possible for them to change the necessary dna programs to reverse the (r)evolvement and degrade humans into a more animal like being.

In Reality, Mankind’s Saving Grace At This Moment Is The Number Of Outside Influences That Are Vying For Control Of This Planet. Indeed, There Is More Than One. Is Earth That Valuable? It Is The Competition For Supremacy That Is The Important Point Insofar As The Outside Interests Are Concerned. Each has their influenced faction among the deceived. And deceive you they must, with clever and deceptive techniques. For those awake and aware human beings, it is possible to perceive these as factions vie for control. Even within the controlled media and religious dogmas there is confusion. Stories are reported, then either changed or withdrawn. There is conflict and competition between various warring factions so that if discernment is practiced, the contention and factions are obvious. Many of the visions and esoteric prophetic experiences being reported are nothing more than another form of mind control. When these prophecies include future utopian life without responsibility, beware! What is important to these factions is which one can win the prize, regardless of the condition of the prize at the end of another phase of history. Meanwhile, Humanity Has The Opportunity To Sleep On Amid This Virtual Reality Game Or To Awaken, Stand Forth In Their Own Awareness And Claim The Prize, The Planet, Right Out From Under The Warring Factions Noses. They Need Only To  Come Forth Into Personal And Group Awareness Of Their Birthright And Collectively Stand Forth In Declaration And Ask For Help From That Point Of Consciousness And It Will Be Given!

The key is that mankind must evolve to a point of maturity that indicates the ability to accept galactic citizenship. To be a planet of full-fledged citizenship, earth must be self-governed. Otherwise, this planet is considered a colony, available to be owned and ruled by outsiders. Until Humanity is ready to be responsible for itself and its planet, it cannot participate in the Galactic Family. Then it must decide between being a positive or negative expression. Both experiences exist. Difficult as it is to accept, That is how it is. Citizenship hinges on and results in total self-responsibility. It is not a case of aggression vs. regression. It is aggression vs. progression. Earth has been caught up in the process of rule and control by negative, stuck expressions of the expansive energies of potentiality. If this opportunity to change the situation is taken advantage of, then the decision must be made to simply continue that which has been the victim side of the coin, by expressing the other side through aggression and abuse as you have been used, or to indeed create a New Paradigm of experience.

As has been mentioned before, When Citizenship Is A Reality Through A Quorum Of Humans Declaring Their Independence And Self Responsibility, then the opportunity to observe and receive consultation on what the other expressions of positive experience are currently in practice will be available. The space in sequential time to synthesize the New Paradigm will be given and protection will be provided. Only A Framework Need Be Idealized. The proof of the pudding will be in the individual personal changes demonstrated by those humans that are able to shed the skin of manipulation and deception. These must walk their talk, so to speak and live their conviction of personal and group responsibility. It Goes Beyond A Change Of Mind To Living The Conviction.

Where does one go when there is no capricious god to direct one’s wishes, desires and fears toward? Can that empty place be filled by the “god” perceived to give and take, answer or not answer, hear or not hear, depending on whim ever be filled again? Indeed! Now is the time to remember the laws of the universe and to read them again and to practice them. Each Must Become The God In Their Lives, For The Laws Are The Premise Of Life Expression. The missives are written so that each time they are read a different perception is received, more is comprehended, and the Desire To Experience Real Freedom Is Kindled. There is no freedom without responsibility. As responsibility is relinquished, freedom dissolves into slavery, no matter what clever face is painted over it. The choice between these realities, the fork in the road has been reached. It is decision time….

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Right: A 1680 engraving accompanying a description by Erasmus Francisci of a battle between ships in the sky said to take place in 1665. Background: Text and an image from "An Illustrated Description of the Miraculous Stralsund Air-wars and Ship-battles), 1665.

(Right: A 1680 engraving accompanying a description by Erasmus Francisci of a battle between ships in the sky said to take place in 1665. Background: Text and an image from “An Illustrated Description of the Miraculous Stralsund Air-wars and Ship-battles), 1665. Barhöfft (then in Sweden, now in Germany)

True to the predictions written into the Christian bible, the false “Christ’s” abound. Not in the form of people claiming to be the “Christ”, but in those giving all kinds of “higher” information. Most of this information contains elements of truth. These are people who are most sincere and have no idea that it is arriving in forms of thought manipulation. The elements of truth give credence to that part of each that must have verification in order that the messages are accepted. Much is known as to the way the human psyche functions. The art of manipulation of the mind/brain/body-coordinated systems is well understood. Those that are concerned with perfecting these technologies have much experience in this art for it has long been practiced on beings of lesser evolvement. Because Of the freewill element and the adaptability of the DNA of the humans on this planet, this branch of humanity has proven to be a frustrating challenge to those of intent on restricting and reversing the natural (r)evolvement process. The frustration is two fold. Not only does it make humanity difficult to control, but these beings find there are elements of (r)evolvement present that they desire to incorporate into their own life expression. However, thus far, most have not been able to accept the desired changes within their own strands of DNA. Some changes have been accepted, but not the ones most desired by them.

To indicate that the true total picture of the situation, in which planet earth is the focal point, is complicated and confusing is a major understatement. All players but one in the larger picture have had control of the planet at one time or another. The only player that has not had control is Hue-manity itself. The others want control of the planet and its inhabitants now. The winning of the competition between them is as important as the prize. Unfortunately, the physical resources of the planet are of more importance than the inhabitants are. Thus in the final confrontations, if the population cannot be controlled, and in order to gain the prize, it is necessary to destroy them, it would be done. Further, considering the technological development of those game players, what chance does humanity have to come through this scenario?

To answer that question it is necessary to return to the fundamentals as given in a earlier missive. The laws of the universe govern all potentiality in expression. Thus it can be observed that those who vie for the control of this planet have drawn to themselves others that also vie for the same thing. The inhabitants of earth at this moment are not involved in that same focus. When and if the inhabitants of earth focus cooperatively and decide to take ownership of their own planet for the purpose of creating a New Paradigm of experience, they are removed from the scenario. If they choose to change their perception from victim to self-responsibility for the use of the expansive energies of potentiality then the picture changes. Each law builds on the others, and when thought is incorporated within the law, it thinks independently, releasing coordinated complimentary actions in ways that cannot be planned by the mind/brain of individuals. For Example The Human Body Was Created (grown) Within The Universal Laws And Continues To Think For Itself Allowing For Adaptation That Frustrates Those With Other Plans For It.

While hue-manity is caught up in the games of others and refuses to see itself as a prize in a giant game of one-upmanship it cannot free itself. It is of primary concern that this picture be given to them, in order to see the illusion that has been fed to them for the purpose of keeping them under control, while the players continue to vie for overall ownership. The power players are evenly matched; thus each move is so decisive that sequential time is of no importance. The life span of these players range from virtual immortality, to generational changes in which the focus is locked in so that life span makes no difference to the final outcome. It would be easy for those humans who do awaken and accept the truth of the bigger picture to feel themselves so insignificant as to have little if any power to change the situation. In truth, They are the only ones in the scenario that do have the power to change it. The other players are so locked into their side of the victim-abuser expression that the chances of their changing that perspective are slim to nothing. Humanity has been calling for help begging the very “gods” who have perpetrated this situation on them, to get them out of it. What chance is there that these beings will do that..? None!

The human beings becoming on this planet if they are to become now, must do this for themselves. They must accept who and what they are, learn of the existence of the basic laws of the universe that have been denied them, put them into practice and create their own new expression of potentiality. That is their inherent  birthright. There is no other way out of this dilemma that totally surrounds them and in truth threatens their possible extinction….

Kosmic Laws Of Nature

maat-The circle of Space, #Matter and #Time

Greetings Kin’s And Friends! And Welcome To The Counterclockwise Swing Of The SMAT (Space-Matter-And-Time)Circle Of Existence, Into The Springtime/Renewal Of Existence—Known As The Sun(Revolution) Cycle. As Of This Time We Are At 3 South As Indicated By The Black Dot.  For A More Thorough Discussion Of SMAT And Nature’s Eternal Cycles Please Visit Here. There Is Much Adieu Concerning “Spiritual” And “Natural” Laws, But Little To No Breakdown Into A Comprehensive And Practical Format. Well….KISS Is The Order Of The Day….And Thankfully Isn’t A Bunch Of Religious Do’s And Don’ts….Shall We Proceed?

A LAW OF NATURE (by definition) IS A CHARACTERISTIC OF NATURE that causes action, reaction, stop-action, or non-action of a person or place or thing the same way each time that conditions are the same, continuously. A law is CONSISTENT AND CONSTANT the same way when given the same conditions–THIS QUALITY, ABILITY, AND STANDARD CONSTITUTE LAW, whether it be natural or man-made law. Likewise, a law is not law without enforcement to the letter, and Nature’s laws are enforced, automatically, by cycle, energy, and Time. Therefore, when man-made law is NOT CONSISTENT AND CONSTANT in its application and enforcement the same way each time that conditions are the same, everywhere it is applicable, it is not law but something else. A CYCLE OF NATURE (by definition) IS A NETWORK OF LAWS OF NATURE able and designed to accomplish a complete circuit of actions and/or changes by Nature in a given time. The order, survival, tranquility, and well-being for the peoples of planet earth and elsewhere depend upon individuals and races of individuals getting back to The Laws Of Nature in The Positive and adhering to them. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!


MA’AT–Kosmic Goddess Of Balance And Order

Laws are instruments and beings too that help keep organisms (including organizations, societies, civilizations and cultures) in order and order of sequence, and therefore, when laws are disregarded and broken, there is breakdown in order, peace, and well being for people. This holds true whether the laws be those of Nature (natural law) or those of Nature’s people (man-made law). However, man made law and activities may work against the Reasonability and Responsibility (natural process) of Nature’s Law, and when this occurs, Nature eventually takes steps to correct that  breach of law by disaster, disease, or some other suffering or death. So, it is in people’s best interests to learn what The Laws Of Nature are, accept them, and adhere to them, for The Laws Of Nature are The Supreme Laws of the land and Existence in all its infinity and eternity. Laws of other beings in Nature are secondary to those of Nature itself, unless they are in accord with the Nature of Nature and Nature’s present cycle. The Laws of Nature can be broken or breached temporarily, but they will make the necessary corrections and prevail in Time and Space and Matter, forever and ever. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!

Listen to Reason! In the following paragraphs of this topic, this Scribe gives and explains a couple of examples why The Laws of Nature are so very important for peoples to learn and practice for the mental and physical well being of all individuals and races of individuals on Planet Earth and elsewhere.  Basically and scientifically, all individuals of a race of people are THE SAME NATURAL KIND. Therefore, all persons of a race of individuals are RELATIVES BY NATURE. The immediate relatives are the family and tribe, and the other relatives are the continuation of the ethnic race of the person or persons in focus. Of course, a person’s kindred (past or present) is his or her BLOOD LINEAGE–people with the same family and/or racial blood running in their veins. Let it be remembered and let it be known!

Listen To Reason! THE PURPOSES OF KINDRED are: Origin as well as relativity, unity, life, inheritance, participation, and also identity by nature. Hence, THE LAW OF KINDRED relates and vows: ” If an individual transgress (that is, breaches or breaks) a Law of Nature (does a wrong deed to Self or someone else), and the transgressor himself or herself does not account for (pay the penalty for) the evil or transgression voluntarily or by force from others, the penalty for the transgression (because of origin, affinity, relativity, unity, life, inheritance, participation, identity by Nature) will fall upon THE KINDRED (a member or members of the family or ethnic race) of the law-breaker, the same way each time that conditions are the same and in accord with the Nature of Nature.” And this is one reason why every responsible person existing should know The Laws of Nature and stand on his or her own merits (positive or negative) and stop trying to put the blame off on some other innocent person, because you are doing you own kind and kindred ( your own family or your own ethnic race or both) great harm and disservice, when you fail to account for your own wrongs to others. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!

Listen To Reason! If the wrongness is done to self or your family by you yourself, the penalty for it falls upon yourself or your family. If the breach of Natural law is done to some other member or members of your own ethnic race by you yourself, the penalty for it falls upon yourself or your family. If the breach of Natural Law by you is done to a member or members of an ethnic race other than your own, the penalty will fall upon you yourself, your family, or your ethnic race by The Laws of Nature and their enforcement via their balance-of-powers processes. THE KINDRED LAW OF NATURE pertains to all individuals, races of individuals, colors of individuals, and creeds of individuals. THE LAW OF KINDRED (one of many laws of Nature) may also be correctly called THE BLOOD-LINEAGE LAW OF NATURE or THE LAW OF BLOOD LINEAGE, meaning, of course, people of the same family and/or racial tree. So then, the adage that BLOOD is THICKER THAN WATER is very true. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!

Listen to Reason! The first example of the importance of Natural Law to peoples is THE LAW OF KINDRED BY NATURE already given, and the second example is THE PAIN-AND-PLEASURE LAW OF NATURE found in this paragraph. The purposes of pain and pleasure are: the exercise of opposites, balance of opposites and Nature in general, experience of opposites, gladness and sadness, and to balance each other. Irrational or fast living shortens life, prolongs suffering, and hastens death. THE LAW OF PAIN AND PLEASURE maintains and also swears: “Absolute Nature is The Supreme System of Balances, therefore, pain must be offset (balanced) by pleasure and pleasure must be offset (balanced off) by pain, hence, the more pain one endures the greater will be his pleasure ( or the greater has been his pleasure) and the more pleasure one enjoys the greater will be his pain (or the greater has been his or her pain and suffering) in keeping with the purposes of pain and pleasure, the same way each time that conditions are the same, and in accord with The Nature of Nature.” Now apply The Kindred (or Blood-lineage) Law to The Pain-And Pleasure Law and you will further see why everyone should know, accept, and practice The Laws of Nature to the best of his and her knowledge and abilities. Penalties for persons as well as things are like water, they do not rest until indeed they eventually find Nature’s level and balance, then also like water, they are then satisfied to rest in law and order of existence. In other words, The Laws of Nature must eventually be satisfied, absolutely, in accord with Nature’s BALANCE OF POWERS. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!

Listen To Reason! To apply The Blood-lineage (or Kindred) Law of Nature to The Pain-and-Pleasure means– if a person experiences unnecessary pleasure (like pleasure of excessive sex, alcohol, drugs, or other excessive fun or folly), and the individual who experiences the excessive and unneeded pleasure does not pay the penalty for it directly himself or herself, someone of his kind (same as kindred) will eventually pay, according to The Laws of Nature, because: A member of a species (like a member of an ethnic race) is part of the whole, for the whole being (that whole part of Nature) is every member of that species. Therefore, when a member (a part of the whole) does something (positive or negative), it is a reflection on and related to the whole part, and thereby the whole is responsible,  UNTIL DEFINITELY THAT TRANGRESSIVE PART IS BALANCED OFF, either by the deviating and transgressive part suffering the consequences of his or her own act or fate (The Laws of Nature) passing it on to the whole or another member or members thereof. So, Reader, you should now see clearly that your activities, and behavior (if negative) can cause your own kind (family and racial kindred) much misery and hardship, if you are negative enough to practice wrongness intentionally or even unintentionally. The Laws of Nature are effective and binding on each and every individual and all species (all ethnic races) of persons and things. Let it be remembered always, and let it be known!



Listen to Reason! To apply the Pain-and-Pleasure Law of Nature to the Blood-Lineage (Kindred) Law means: Unneeded, unnatural, and excessive fun and pleasure are transgressions of The Laws of Nature, because they bring some things together (such as the use of drugs like dope, and sex organs to other than (human) sex organs) that do not belong together, and cause imbalance between the opposites, especially PAIN and PLEASURE. Moreover, too much fun and pleasure cause the indulgent person to do other evils and wrongs that may be very suppressive and harmful or hurtful to others as well as self, and these excessive fun transgressions must be paid for, as built in The Laws of Nature and in accord with the Laws of Nature. And consequently, the ultimate victim of transgression will be and must be THE TRANSGRESSOR HIMSELF OR HERSELF OR SOME OTHER MEMBER OR MEMBERS OF THE TRANSGRESSOR’S BLOOD LINEAGE (kindred). For after all, indeed THE ONLY GUILTY ONE is THE SPECIES who did the law-breaking, beginning with THE ACTUAL MEMBER who erred. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!

Listen to Reason! As we get closer to the end of this topic, let this Scribe further clarify THE PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW. But first, let him say this: The two Laws of Nature, The Blood-Lineage (kindred) Law and The Pain-and-Pleasure Law given in this topic are CENTRAL-CORE LAWS, so meaning, they are most important laws that other natural and active laws should be composed upon and around, because The Laws of KINDRED and THE OPPOSITES (pain and pleasure) are the CENTER-CORE OF NATURAL LAW for Human Beings, for they determine the fate of individuals and races of individuals…….

Excerpted From THE NATURE OF NATURE Vol.1