Kagero’s “Poison Hand”

Greetings! Having Come Up On Saturday Supercade, The Littles, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, & All Of Those Epic Cartoons Of That Bygone 80’s Era…Eye Was A Bit Disdainful At The Influx Of What Eye Lamentingly Referred To As “Adult Themed” Animation And The Growing Popularity. Well, In 1995 The Now Legendary Cult Classic “Ninja Scroll” Movie Forever Changed & Opened Up My Mind….

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This Post Will Give No Breakdown, But If You Have Not Seen It- Do Check Out!! One Character From The Movie Is Very Intriguing, Kagero,  A  Ninja And Food Taster  With The Capability To Poison & Kill Anyone Who So Much As Kisses Or Touches Her, And Virtually Immune To Any Poisons. This ‘Technique’ Is Used To Great And Dramatic Effect In The Movie. And It Got Me To Thinking…Hmm.. Is It Possible? Luckily, Was Able To Find A Reference For This Secret Practice:

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“The Poison Hand- Ancient Martial Arts Technique. They Take A Child And Feed It Miniscule Quantities Of A Special Deadly Poison. The Quantities Are So Small, That They Don’t Kill The Child. Gradually The Doses Are Increased. Eventually, When The Child Is An Adult, The Adult Is Immune To The Poison. However, There Is So Much Of The Poison In His System That She/He Merely Has To Touch Someone For Them To Die–Which Gives This System The Name ‘Poison Hand’

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Excerpted From “Mars Records”

The Elder Scroll: Galactic Citizenship The Compilation-9



There was a time in which the beings on this planet resided elsewhere in the galaxy. Not in the present body, but you would say these were your ancestors. Hue-mans did not originate on this planet. To those who believe that you came into being out of some primordial soup, this shall be an affront to that theory. However, through consideration of the laws of the universe, remember that creation is possible through intent and purpose. Development of body, mind, spirit and emotion does not fit into the criteria of random selection as a possible scenario. Indeed, the physical body does match the physical attributes of the earth mineral content, but that is through the law of attraction(magnetization) that allows for adaptation within the environment. The marvel of the human body is that it has adaptive capabilities that make it possible to survive in hostile environments. This is surely being proven by the introduction of purposeful chemical abrasive combinations, and vibrational variations designed to destroy it. The plan being that only the most adaptive will survive and be useful in further experimental adaptation and exploitation. Resistance to a negative environment allows for adaptation and can be stimulation to either advancement or regression, depending on the degree and the focus of the  individual desire to move through the experience.



This possibility can now be discussed openly as the subject of extraterrestrial presence has been the subject of extensive media presentation. Though many older people still resist the possibility, most children accept it as true, and dream of traveling to take part in other planetary experiences. http://www.mars-one.com/news/press-releases/78000-sign-up-for-one-way-mission-to-mars….Much of this is presented because of the belief that there is little left to be known of this planet and that adventure will soon be found only by exploring the space beyond. The popularity of the long-standing Star Trek series exemplifies this. The information as to the monumental number of solar systems that frequent this galaxy, and the presence of numerous other galaxies that are being observed, makes the possibility of other life supporting planets refute the assumption that this is the only planet with conscious life. Yet to be known is a way to construct and power appropriate craft to enable humans to traverse space. With the number of inhabitants draining the life force of this planet, the possibility seems beyond reach.

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Indeed, hue-manity is at a crossroads of multiple levels of experience. How indeed are they going to come through this crisis? Obviously not without help! In their arrogant stubbornness will they ask for it and accept it, if it is given? That can only be answered as the situation progresses. As has been pointed out before, help cannot be given to those locked in victim consciousness. The solution lies in hue-manity creating its own solution, and victims cannot accomplish this because of their desire to be rescued. Rescue demands that someone or something outside themselves accomplish whatever feat is required. Again the discussion returns to the same realization that a choice in how to experience manifested life faces the inhabitants of this planet. It Is No Longer Survival Of The Fittest, But Survival Of The Personally Responsible.

Image result for dr. claud anderson                               (Dr. Claud Anderson- visit http://www.harvestinstitute.org/)


The opposite experience of the victim is currently achieved as exercising power over other victims, and has become an unending chain of interlocking experience for an incredibly long duration. That chain is long overdue to be broken. Its strength lies in the failure of those involved to choose another way of experiencing. Without the awareness and comprehension of the universal laws  that support successful (r)evolving life experience, the chain remains unbroken. Hue-manity can change this long-standing experience, break the chain and return to the (r)evolving citizenship of the galaxy/universe, by choosing responsibiiy and applying the laws in their daily experience both individually and as a group. Because of the presence of POLARITY, when those are drawn together as a group-this also repels those who choose otherwise, and a great division is made. The application of the laws creates a cooperative situation that allows for protection from the fear of the actions of the other groups in most surprising ways. The vibration increases rapidly and protective means are most creative indeed.

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http://drjewelsbalancingprogram.com/-Dr.Jewel Pookkrum




The question arises from a point of overview, if victim consciousness is present in our experience, then is it present within the consciousness of the creator? The obvious answer is yes. The Creator Is In Self Contemplation For Self -(R)Evolvement. At this level, the tiniest imbalance must be fully understood and cleared. You Are The Clearing Process. When you move through it and arrive at personal responsibility, another phase of that imbalance is resolved.  A wisely pruned vineyard produces a prolific healthy crop. Once this imbalance is pruned from your experience, yours will be a healthy and prolific experience!

It is not our purpose to assail the current beliefs in a frontal attack causing resistance and stress, but to give a gradual and convincing alternative to lives that have been lived in frustration and grim survival. Ending lives in pain and disease is demonstration of the soul consciousness of the denial of a solution by those experiencing this descending cycle of manifested circumstances. What appears as a complex and impossible situation has a simple solution. A change of attitude and application of simple understandable laws will provide the passageway through to new experience. Creation does not provide for suffering to buy anything but more suffering. It is a freewill choice. Therefore, it is time to opt for a new experience by giving up what does not work, and has not worked for an eon of sequential episodes.

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( Dr. Moo-Twahz- http://www.thepeopleshealer.com/teachers  )


The laws of attraction, intention, and allowing  used purposefully through freewill choice , are the criteria that will allow for the freedom of humanity and its return to full galactic citizenship and the ability to travel freely. Failure to follow these guidelines will require placement of those individuals into another learning situation. You are being offered the opportunity to begin again with the basics, and incorporate the into your experience and surge ahead–in a leap of consciousness that is unparalleled. How sad it will be if you stubbornly refuse to take advantage of the opportunity…..






S.M.A.T & The Supreme “Neuro” Melanin Pt.2


Greetings! Eye Have Finally Gotten Around To The Completion Of This Compilation Of Data. It Has Been A Fascinatingly Powerful Journey Of Exploration And Learning Which Eye Am Thankful For And Eager To Share.  And So, Picking Up Where We Left Off…

The Nubun Mental-Nature Quantum science as a living spiritual science, will be stimulated by sun energy contributing to higher reasoning working within those parts of the brain not utilized in this day and time. The scientific community wish you to think that these parts of the brain have no purpose. This is seriously wrong knowledge and is a hint for the wise on the global trickology to hold back progress in universal reasoning. The powers that be are keen to damage these parts of the brain before reaching the cycles in nature which will naturally activate their usage. This is done through bad food and drink, genetically modified foods, liquids, toxicants, drugs etc.  This era of brain utilization begins within the sun-cycle……” -Afronauts

-Due To The Counterclockwise Swing Of SMAT (space-matter-and time/turn of order), And The Incoming Sun Cycle, The Black Holes And Stars(suns) Of The Kosmos Have Begun To Emanate A New Frequency Of Color And SOUND, Which Created Or Grew The Universe. This Type Of Radioactivity Is Of The Acoustical Type, Phonons And Tachyons, Not The Usual Electromagnetic Photons. The New Astro-Biological Light Can Be Referred To As “Superlight”, Black Energy, Or Simply The Magneto-Electric Spectrum.

-This Form Of Light Radiation Travels 10 Billion Times (C^2) Faster Than ‘Regular’ Light . It Produces All Forces, And Manifests As Gravity, Inertia, Nuclear Force, Radioactivity, And Electro-Magnetic Forces–And It Is Only The Geometry, Density And Motion Of Matter That Changes The Force. The Specific Atomic Structure And Sub-Atomic Structure Of Matter Are Resonant To And Interact With Different Aspects And Frequencies Of “Superlight” As It Passes Through Them And Our Bodies As Well. This Superlight-MagnetoElectric-Black Energy, Is Called By Universe Scientists 9ETHER, Which Sub-Atomically Creates Pathways In Matter To Allow The Strengthening Of Neuro-Brain Activity (Substantia Nigra, Neuromelanin)….In Essence What Can Be Called “Black Mind Power Increases”.

Kosmic Laws of Nature pic

-The Neuromelanin Is Located In The Midbrain Or Inner Cavity aka “Cave Of Brahma”. This ‘Cave’ Is A Magnetic And Acoustic Resonance Chamber–Meaning It Amplifies Sound And Magnetism. The Brain Is A Biological Space/Time Energy Transducer. As Such, It Creates Not Only Space, But Also Time… Space And Time Are Essentially  Biologically Modulated And Formulated. The Brain Is Analogous To, And A Scaled Down Version Of The Sun, Mirroring Its Ability To Modulate Time (continuity) And Space.

Image result for neuromelanin in the pineal

-Melanin And Light Correlation: <1.> Pheomelanin= Visible Light <2.>Eumelanin=The Entire Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (allomelanin, pyomelanin, etc.)  <3.>Neuromelanin= Magneto-Electric Spectrum or “Superlight”.




-The Pineal Gland Has To Coordinate With Stars, Because The Stars (suns) Are JET BLACK On Their Surface And Contain Carbon In its Brain-Core, Located At Its  Center. The Carbon In The Stars Is The Same Found In The Pineal, When It Manufactures Melatonin. Fortunately, The Melatonin Manufactured Is Liquid Carbon. That’s Why Melatonin Is Called Black Tonin. Our God-Sun, Ra, Is Also A Carbon Atom Of The Galaxy (as above-so below), Because a Galaxy/Universe Is A Colossal Organism Of Almighty-Infinite Nature…(birth of a sun pictured below)

Sun Solar System Birth_of_a_Sun_by_Danial79


-We Must Learn To Open The Pineal Gland To Receive These Beneficial Kosmic Rays. Light Starts In The Sun Because There Is Carbon At Its Core. If There Is No Carbon In The Sun Or In Any Star, There Will Be No Light. In Effect, Light Comes From Carbon Because Carbon Produces The Hydrogen Atoms That Combine With Themselves To Form Helium. Its Helium That Forms The Light Particles That Produce Light In The Stars Of The Kosmos.

-In The Stars Are The Electrical And Magnetic Bands. Right Now, The Electrical Bands Are Diminishing Because The Era Of Pisces (water) Is Dying. The Magnetic Era Of Aquarius (Ether) Is Incoming, And That Is Why The Magnetic Band Is Getting Bigger Around The Carbon Brain-Core In The Sun.

Electric bands of the sun

Electric-F5_large (increased magnetic activity)


Magnetism In Humans Comes From The Pineal Gland. The Pineal Is Influenced By Kosmic Rays. Therefore Magnetism In Humans Is Externally Influenced, Not By Cellular Electrical Forces. Since Magnetism Is External, You Have A Greater Ability To Control It As Our Ancestors Did In Tama-Re (KMT).  There Must Be Preparation For The New Era Of Aquarius (Ether) As The Sun(s) Are Changing, We Must Be Prepared To Change As Well. We Are All Used To The Electrical Forces Of The Sun Because Sirius-A Has Been Giving A Lot Of Electricity To The Sun.  Now, Sirius-A Is Going To Change To Start Giving A Lot More Magnetism To The Sun.  If We Are Not Ready For The Magnetism, Then We Will Certainly Vanish Like The Dinosaurs….








The Elder Scroll: Galactic Citizenship The Compilation-8

Elder Scroll-8 futuristic southafrica

It is resistance to recognizing the situation and more resistance to Being Responsible For The Changing Of It, as well as the induced Feeling Of Overwhelm that blocks the participation of the majority. The willingness to be responsible for Personal Conduct and to change the focus of perception, is buried within the busy (frantic) schedules of daily existence. Individuals find solace in their excuses for not confronting the growing signs of coming oppression. Breaking Down This Line Of Resistance And Drawing As Many Of These Into The New Planned Pattern Of Life Remains The Goal. Those of the dark plan have set their focus to overwhelm any human beings with plans to resist, and have preconceived plans ready to move toward the crushing of resistance.  However, there are none for the Coming Of A New Vision. This leaves that opening available to us, in fact, the ideal opening. Our plan is not to fix the old, but to create the new.

(There will always be the repetition of certain ingrained habitual thoughts, hopefully not to the point of nausea.) The skill of speaking, indeed even thinking, discretely on the subject of those with plans contrary to the will of Creation will aid in helping to bring that style of referring to them into usage. The more variety in this application of presenting the subject being discussed the better. It is easy for focused individuals to ‘get right to the point’, but this will not serve in the long run. It might be appropriate to point out that a linear progression within this project will not always be apparent. “Divine Order” is the order of the day, and “Divine Order” does not follow man’s ideas of sequence at all. You have set up certain unspoken, subconscious rules to give ‘sequential order’ to your experience. The Forces of Creation do not have to follow sequence to have organization. Therefore, it is important that once the process is initiated to a critical point, then you must trust in its completion of itself without the ego control so familiar to each of you. This is imperative, lest you monkey wrench your own dream…….

Our co-operative effort…and it is that, must begin, continue and end with focus on a completed goal. It is the composite of dreams of what a Utopian world would be like, one that each would truly like to experience that will bring this to pass. This is the opposite of the resistance that is expected. How much time do each of you spend in this ‘daydreaming’ process? Survival daydreams are more the norm in the group that we are depending upon for this formative process. Granted such a thing, as easy Earth compatible energy sources are a part of that dream, for luxuries of easy living are not appealing sacrifices for freedom from oppression. This is what is automatically supposed will be the cost of such change. Would a new paradigm of experience be without comforts? Different comforts probably, but Eye doubt anyone will feel any regrets for having given up the present situation. This again is the ‘resist or be shoved backwards’ though process that must be abandoned. That you want  what will make your experience even better is a given, and it should be assumed. It must also be assumed there may be a short period necessary to endure in order for this change to happen, but it can be shorter than you might imagine.

Elder Scroll-8_86716919_27_making_africa_vigilism_858659_master

When this pivotal project is accomplished, our help is not only allowed, it is Mandated. It is the beginning ‘think tank’ discussions that will bring about the beginning of the change of expectation to an ever-expanding group. Think of a stone tossed into a pond. The ripples reach out to effect a greater and greater area. We call it a critical point, you refer to it as the ‘100th monkey theory’. Think of the counter group as having to send the ripples in from the outside to the middle. Remember, they are creating what is not in accordance with the laws of the Creator. Their concentration is toward containment while your focus is toward rippling outward. Now, which one do you think works the best? When these ripples meet what happens? If you are using the same pond water, which one is likely to overwhelm the other, especially if the stone that is dropped is becoming larger and larger in what might be interpreted to be slow motion?

Remember, there are vibrational effects that are and will be brought in to being that cannot be observed by you. Each time the thought pattern is focused toward the goal, the more it becomes intensifies. As it intensifies, it becomes more magnetic and attraction begins to build. You are not likely to surprise any contacts. What you are most likely to hear is that it has been in their thoughts already, but they just hadn’t made the effort to follow through with its implications. The process will become appealing and challenging when you begin to dream of ways to use the mechanisms put in place for the use of those of opposite intentions. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Rather than to destroy and resist, it might be possible to use some of what they have in place for your own intentions. You have focusing powers that are capable of many things when there is group participation and a few innovations of your own can be added. Ever heard of the pipe (http://dancarlsonsonicbloom.com/) that sends vibrations to the crops in the fields? Ever wonder what else it is capable of doing? Even the sound embedded in Dan Carlson’s music tapes for the growth of plants might be interesting in the presence of their focused vibrations. Just a thought or two about what you already have available….

Elder Scroll-8 Utopia Antelope



Hydrogen & Immortality: From Hot Water?! Pt.2

Greetings! This Post Is A Brief Missive, And Long Overdue Part 2 And Proper Introduction To  Dr. Eng. Faris Rashid S. Alhajri; Quantity Surveyor, Researcher And Author Of The Tome: “The Miracle And Wonders Of Treatment From Hot Water“. A Great And Most Effective Way Generally Lacks Complexity, And Myself Drinking The Sacred, Distilled And Boiled Universal Solvent(Water) For Several Years Now, Can Testify That This Daily Practice Is Most Wonderous And Beneficial! So Please–Absorb The Science, Cop The Book, & Reap The Benefits Of Practicing This Amazingly Simple Science…Hot Water Therapy!


Excerpted Book Summary:

Hot Water, purifies the toxins, helps melt the fat deposits and destroys harmful bacteria in our body.

Water is formed when hydrogen is burned by oxygen. Hydrogen may play a role in hydrating our cells. Without hydrogen to combine with oxygen we wouldn’t have water.

Our bodies store hydrogen in “hydrogen-pools” in the organs with the greatest amount stored in the liver which is the body’s chemical factory and our most important organ for protection and self-defense.

The liver detoxifies poisons to prevent them from getting into the body. As we grow older, our cells become dehydrated and our hydrogen pool becomes depleted. The hydrogen pool protects our cells from free radical damage. Free-radicals are responsible for the aging process.

Hydrogen is the Ultimate Antioxidant.

We get Hydrogen by burning Oxygen in the Water, simply saying by heating/boiling water.



Our Binary Solar System (Yes, There’s Two Suns Up There) Pt.3

Tri Solar World-1 (The God-Sun Ra….The Perceived One And Only Sustainer Of This Solar System, Soon To Become A Tri-Solar System, In Preparation For The Elders Arrival. The Other Sun Is Already On Its Way…)

Greetings….& The Conclusion To The Binary Sun Series……

As People Learn And Practice Living In Unity With Nature’s Order Of Persons And Things, And Its Processes, Cycles, And laws, They Will Begin To Have More And More Happiness Or Contentment, Greater And Greater Physical And Mental Security And Safety, Less And Less Physical Violence, Less And Less Pain And Suffering, Better And Better Balanced Justice And Equality, And Longer And Longer Life.

Nine Ether Influence (positive mind energy and sound right reason) Is Able To Resurrect Mentally Dead Peoples From The Grave Of Ignorance About Nature And Its Laws, Continuously And Increasingly. And The Mentally Life-Giving Energies Emanate From The Centers Of UNIVERSE ORBS–Our Suns, Earth And Moon Whose Centers Are Gradually Beginning To Produce Nine Ether Mind Because Of The Advent Of The REVOLUTIONARY CYCLE- Sun Cycle At Point 3 South Of The SMAT (space-matter-and time) Circle.

maat-The circle of Space, #Matter and #Time


And What Is Meant By ‘The Revolutionary Cycle?’ Revolution Is Upward Movement Through The Increased Mental Ether-Fire Formula Of The Suns Of Nature, Appointed By ABSOLUTE NATURE, THE ONE SUPREME BEING. This Increase Causes REVELATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS; Thus, RE-ELEVATION Is Going Upwards, Called In Religion “The Rapture” Via Ra-Aperture, Which Means That The Sun Will Characteristically Open Its “All Seeing Eye” Or Lenses In A Larger Aperture To Ensure That A Sufficient Exposure To Ether Light And Energy Will Pour Forth In Its Prominence (rays) To All Who Can Receive Them–In Particular, The Ether-Utopian Beings. However Unlike Its Religious Understanding, The True Rapture Is Overstood As All Space, Matter, And All Time Making Degree Changes Upwards (so to speak) In Uni-Sun (NOW) On The Right Side Of The SMAT Circle Of Order (Ma’at). Revolution Actually Means “The Reversal Of Evolution” By Way Of The Positive Forces Of Nature, Reversing (Re’versing) The Things That Occurred In The Evolutionary Cycle By Way Of The Negative Forces Of Nature.


The Positive Mind Energies In Universe Science Are Called Noopooh/Wu Nuwaupu–Nine Reason–The Mental Resurrector Of Persons And Things And Nature In General. Those Increasing Degrees Of Nine Ether (& nine reason) Reach The Center Brains Of The Planets And Satellites, And Their Resurrection Begins Also; So In Turn The Planets And Satellites (and the Hue-mans and other beings in and on them by way of positive gases emitted from Self-Cultivation) Help Our Suns Emanate Resurrection Energies.


Aeriform Gases Like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, et cetera, Can Expand Indefinitely In All Directions, If Uninhibited. THE GASES AND FIRES State Of Existence Is The Most Mobile And Includes THE SPIRIT WORLD. Indeed, Spirit Beings Are Universe Programmers And Controllers, Therefore, It May Be Concluded That THE ATMOSPHERE (The Universe Gases & Fires) Rules. Especially When One Considers That Fires (Natural Ethers) Energize The Gases Of The Atmosphere And Make Them Increase Or Decrease Pressure On The Mental And Physical Persons Of Living Beings Which Affects The Thinking Of Living Beings. The Quantity And Kind Of A Gas Or Gases In The Atmosphere May Determine How Well One Thinks For A Period Of Time And The Degree Of The Drive Of His Or Her Ambition…

Binary Sun 3-Elemental-Field1

A Car Or Any Motor Vehicle May Run Better On One Day Than It Does On Another Day Because Of The Change In The Gases Of The Atmosphere; And The Tires Of A Car May Have More Or Less Air In Them On One Day Than They Do Another, Although No One Has Put Any Air In Or Let Any Out. The Temperature On Planet Earth Is Not Solely Determined  By The Temperature On The Surface Of The Sun (As Posited), But Likewise By THE GAS CHANGES BETWEEN MOTHER EARTH & FATHER SUN. And, All This Scientific Information Means That THE UNIVERSE GASES AND ETHEREAL FIRES RULE EVERYWHERE TOGETHER WITH SPIRIT BEINGS Who Are The Combinations Of Both. Hence And Moreover, The More Positive The Atmosphere One Breathes, The More Positive Is Her Or His MENTALITY and PHYSIOLOGY..

It Is Reasonable, Practical, And Winnable For Us To Fight First With (9)Nature Knowledge, For (9) Knowledge Gives Us Melanin Dominant The Proper Guide, And Helps The Sun Change The Gases Of The Atmosphere To Our Favor. Our Minds Emanate Gases. If Our Minds Are Negative, The Gases Are Negative And Against Us. If Our Minds Are Positive, The Gases Are Positive And For Us, And Positive Gases Of (9) Help The Nine Sun Change The Atmosphere To The Positive Cycle That Is Growing Now. The Gases Of The Atmosphere Working On And With Our Minds Are What Control And Rules..

Hence, The Mental Resurrection Of Nature Is Universe Spring Gradually Coming Out Of Universe Winter, And Causing The Persons And Things Of Nature To Indeed Sprout And Grow New Life & New Order Via Nine Reason And Novenary Nature Knowledge…….




“Defileth not my temple.” Ra says. “Don’t watch tv watch me. For, thy 3rd Eye’s a terrible thing to waste.”

The Liberating & Nutritional Power Of Black Light..
UVA-B-C All Day!



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