Kagero’s “Poison Hand”

Greetings! Having Come Up On Saturday Supercade, The Littles, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, & All Of Those Epic Cartoons Of That Bygone 80’s Era…Eye Was A Bit Disdainful At The Influx Of What Eye Lamentingly Referred To As “Adult Themed” Animation And The Growing Popularity. Well, In 1995 The Now Legendary Cult Classic “Ninja Scroll” Movie Forever Changed & Opened Up My Mind….

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This Post Will Give No Breakdown, But If You Have Not Seen It- Do Check Out!! One Character From The Movie Is Very Intriguing, Kagero,  A  Ninja And Food Taster  With The Capability To Poison & Kill Anyone Who So Much As Kisses Or Touches Her, And Virtually Immune To Any Poisons. This ‘Technique’ Is Used To Great And Dramatic Effect In The Movie. And It Got Me To Thinking…Hmm.. Is It Possible? Luckily, Was Able To Find A Reference For This Secret Practice:

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“The Poison Hand- Ancient Martial Arts Technique. They Take A Child And Feed It Miniscule Quantities Of A Special Deadly Poison. The Quantities Are So Small, That They Don’t Kill The Child. Gradually The Doses Are Increased. Eventually, When The Child Is An Adult, The Adult Is Immune To The Poison. However, There Is So Much Of The Poison In His System That She/He Merely Has To Touch Someone For Them To Die–Which Gives This System The Name ‘Poison Hand’

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Excerpted From “Mars Records”

S.M.A.T & The Supreme “Neuro” Melanin Pt.2


Greetings! Eye Have Finally Gotten Around To The Completion Of This Compilation Of Data. It Has Been A Fascinatingly Powerful Journey Of Exploration And Learning Which Eye Am Thankful For And Eager To Share.  And So, Picking Up Where We Left Off…

The Nubun Mental-Nature Quantum science as a living spiritual science, will be stimulated by sun energy contributing to higher reasoning working within those parts of the brain not utilized in this day and time. The scientific community wish you to think that these parts of the brain have no purpose. This is seriously wrong knowledge and is a hint for the wise on the global trickology to hold back progress in universal reasoning. The powers that be are keen to damage these parts of the brain before reaching the cycles in nature which will naturally activate their usage. This is done through bad food and drink, genetically modified foods, liquids, toxicants, drugs etc.  This era of brain utilization begins within the sun-cycle……” -Afronauts

-Due To The Counterclockwise Swing Of SMAT (space-matter-and time/turn of order), And The Incoming Sun Cycle, The Black Holes And Stars(suns) Of The Kosmos Have Begun To Emanate A New Frequency Of Color And SOUND, Which Created Or Grew The Universe. This Type Of Radioactivity Is Of The Acoustical Type, Phonons And Tachyons, Not The Usual Electromagnetic Photons. The New Astro-Biological Light Can Be Referred To As “Superlight”, Black Energy, Or Simply The Magneto-Electric Spectrum.

-This Form Of Light Radiation Travels 10 Billion Times (C^2) Faster Than ‘Regular’ Light . It Produces All Forces, And Manifests As Gravity, Inertia, Nuclear Force, Radioactivity, And Electro-Magnetic Forces–And It Is Only The Geometry, Density And Motion Of Matter That Changes The Force. The Specific Atomic Structure And Sub-Atomic Structure Of Matter Are Resonant To And Interact With Different Aspects And Frequencies Of “Superlight” As It Passes Through Them And Our Bodies As Well. This Superlight-MagnetoElectric-Black Energy, Is Called By Universe Scientists 9ETHER, Which Sub-Atomically Creates Pathways In Matter To Allow The Strengthening Of Neuro-Brain Activity (Substantia Nigra, Neuromelanin)….In Essence What Can Be Called “Black Mind Power Increases”.

Kosmic Laws of Nature pic

-The Neuromelanin Is Located In The Midbrain Or Inner Cavity aka “Cave Of Brahma”. This ‘Cave’ Is A Magnetic And Acoustic Resonance Chamber–Meaning It Amplifies Sound And Magnetism. The Brain Is A Biological Space/Time Energy Transducer. As Such, It Creates Not Only Space, But Also Time… Space And Time Are Essentially  Biologically Modulated And Formulated. The Brain Is Analogous To, And A Scaled Down Version Of The Sun, Mirroring Its Ability To Modulate Time (continuity) And Space.

Image result for neuromelanin in the pineal

-Melanin And Light Correlation: <1.> Pheomelanin= Visible Light <2.>Eumelanin=The Entire Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (allomelanin, pyomelanin, etc.)  <3.>Neuromelanin= Magneto-Electric Spectrum or “Superlight”.




-The Pineal Gland Has To Coordinate With Stars, Because The Stars (suns) Are JET BLACK On Their Surface And Contain Carbon In its Brain-Core, Located At Its  Center. The Carbon In The Stars Is The Same Found In The Pineal, When It Manufactures Melatonin. Fortunately, The Melatonin Manufactured Is Liquid Carbon. That’s Why Melatonin Is Called Black Tonin. Our God-Sun, Ra, Is Also A Carbon Atom Of The Galaxy (as above-so below), Because a Galaxy/Universe Is A Colossal Organism Of Almighty-Infinite Nature…(birth of a sun pictured below)

Sun Solar System Birth_of_a_Sun_by_Danial79


-We Must Learn To Open The Pineal Gland To Receive These Beneficial Kosmic Rays. Light Starts In The Sun Because There Is Carbon At Its Core. If There Is No Carbon In The Sun Or In Any Star, There Will Be No Light. In Effect, Light Comes From Carbon Because Carbon Produces The Hydrogen Atoms That Combine With Themselves To Form Helium. Its Helium That Forms The Light Particles That Produce Light In The Stars Of The Kosmos.

-In The Stars Are The Electrical And Magnetic Bands. Right Now, The Electrical Bands Are Diminishing Because The Era Of Pisces (water) Is Dying. The Magnetic Era Of Aquarius (Ether) Is Incoming, And That Is Why The Magnetic Band Is Getting Bigger Around The Carbon Brain-Core In The Sun.

Electric bands of the sun

Electric-F5_large (increased magnetic activity)


Magnetism In Humans Comes From The Pineal Gland. The Pineal Is Influenced By Kosmic Rays. Therefore Magnetism In Humans Is Externally Influenced, Not By Cellular Electrical Forces. Since Magnetism Is External, You Have A Greater Ability To Control It As Our Ancestors Did In Tama-Re (KMT).  There Must Be Preparation For The New Era Of Aquarius (Ether) As The Sun(s) Are Changing, We Must Be Prepared To Change As Well. We Are All Used To The Electrical Forces Of The Sun Because Sirius-A Has Been Giving A Lot Of Electricity To The Sun.  Now, Sirius-A Is Going To Change To Start Giving A Lot More Magnetism To The Sun.  If We Are Not Ready For The Magnetism, Then We Will Certainly Vanish Like The Dinosaurs….








Hydrogen & Immortality: From Hot Water?! Pt.2

Greetings! This Post Is A Brief Missive, And Long Overdue Part 2 And Proper Introduction To  Dr. Eng. Faris Rashid S. Alhajri; Quantity Surveyor, Researcher And Author Of The Tome: “The Miracle And Wonders Of Treatment From Hot Water“. A Great And Most Effective Way Generally Lacks Complexity, And Myself Drinking The Sacred, Distilled And Boiled Universal Solvent(Water) For Several Years Now, Can Testify That This Daily Practice Is Most Wonderous And Beneficial! So Please–Absorb The Science, Cop The Book, & Reap The Benefits Of Practicing This Amazingly Simple Science…Hot Water Therapy!


Excerpted Book Summary:

Hot Water, purifies the toxins, helps melt the fat deposits and destroys harmful bacteria in our body.

Water is formed when hydrogen is burned by oxygen. Hydrogen may play a role in hydrating our cells. Without hydrogen to combine with oxygen we wouldn’t have water.

Our bodies store hydrogen in “hydrogen-pools” in the organs with the greatest amount stored in the liver which is the body’s chemical factory and our most important organ for protection and self-defense.

The liver detoxifies poisons to prevent them from getting into the body. As we grow older, our cells become dehydrated and our hydrogen pool becomes depleted. The hydrogen pool protects our cells from free radical damage. Free-radicals are responsible for the aging process.

Hydrogen is the Ultimate Antioxidant.

We get Hydrogen by burning Oxygen in the Water, simply saying by heating/boiling water.



Our Binary Solar System (Yes, There’s Two Suns Up There) Pt.3

Tri Solar World-1 (The God-Sun Ra….The Perceived One And Only Sustainer Of This Solar System, Soon To Become A Tri-Solar System, In Preparation For The Elders Arrival. The Other Sun Is Already On Its Way…)

Greetings….& The Conclusion To The Binary Sun Series……

As People Learn And Practice Living In Unity With Nature’s Order Of Persons And Things, And Its Processes, Cycles, And laws, They Will Begin To Have More And More Happiness Or Contentment, Greater And Greater Physical And Mental Security And Safety, Less And Less Physical Violence, Less And Less Pain And Suffering, Better And Better Balanced Justice And Equality, And Longer And Longer Life.

Nine Ether Influence (positive mind energy and sound right reason) Is Able To Resurrect Mentally Dead Peoples From The Grave Of Ignorance About Nature And Its Laws, Continuously And Increasingly. And The Mentally Life-Giving Energies Emanate From The Centers Of UNIVERSE ORBS–Our Suns, Earth And Moon Whose Centers Are Gradually Beginning To Produce Nine Ether Mind Because Of The Advent Of The REVOLUTIONARY CYCLE- Sun Cycle At Point 3 South Of The SMAT (space-matter-and time) Circle.

maat-The circle of Space, #Matter and #Time


And What Is Meant By ‘The Revolutionary Cycle?’ Revolution Is Upward Movement Through The Increased Mental Ether-Fire Formula Of The Suns Of Nature, Appointed By ABSOLUTE NATURE, THE ONE SUPREME BEING. This Increase Causes REVELATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS; Thus, RE-ELEVATION Is Going Upwards, Called In Religion “The Rapture” Via Ra-Aperture, Which Means That The Sun Will Characteristically Open Its “All Seeing Eye” Or Lenses In A Larger Aperture To Ensure That A Sufficient Exposure To Ether Light And Energy Will Pour Forth In Its Prominence (rays) To All Who Can Receive Them–In Particular, The Ether-Utopian Beings. However Unlike Its Religious Understanding, The True Rapture Is Overstood As All Space, Matter, And All Time Making Degree Changes Upwards (so to speak) In Uni-Sun (NOW) On The Right Side Of The SMAT Circle Of Order (Ma’at). Revolution Actually Means “The Reversal Of Evolution” By Way Of The Positive Forces Of Nature, Reversing (Re’versing) The Things That Occurred In The Evolutionary Cycle By Way Of The Negative Forces Of Nature.


The Positive Mind Energies In Universe Science Are Called Noopooh/Wu Nuwaupu–Nine Reason–The Mental Resurrector Of Persons And Things And Nature In General. Those Increasing Degrees Of Nine Ether (& nine reason) Reach The Center Brains Of The Planets And Satellites, And Their Resurrection Begins Also; So In Turn The Planets And Satellites (and the Hue-mans and other beings in and on them by way of positive gases emitted from Self-Cultivation) Help Our Suns Emanate Resurrection Energies.


Aeriform Gases Like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, et cetera, Can Expand Indefinitely In All Directions, If Uninhibited. THE GASES AND FIRES State Of Existence Is The Most Mobile And Includes THE SPIRIT WORLD. Indeed, Spirit Beings Are Universe Programmers And Controllers, Therefore, It May Be Concluded That THE ATMOSPHERE (The Universe Gases & Fires) Rules. Especially When One Considers That Fires (Natural Ethers) Energize The Gases Of The Atmosphere And Make Them Increase Or Decrease Pressure On The Mental And Physical Persons Of Living Beings Which Affects The Thinking Of Living Beings. The Quantity And Kind Of A Gas Or Gases In The Atmosphere May Determine How Well One Thinks For A Period Of Time And The Degree Of The Drive Of His Or Her Ambition…

Binary Sun 3-Elemental-Field1

A Car Or Any Motor Vehicle May Run Better On One Day Than It Does On Another Day Because Of The Change In The Gases Of The Atmosphere; And The Tires Of A Car May Have More Or Less Air In Them On One Day Than They Do Another, Although No One Has Put Any Air In Or Let Any Out. The Temperature On Planet Earth Is Not Solely Determined  By The Temperature On The Surface Of The Sun (As Posited), But Likewise By THE GAS CHANGES BETWEEN MOTHER EARTH & FATHER SUN. And, All This Scientific Information Means That THE UNIVERSE GASES AND ETHEREAL FIRES RULE EVERYWHERE TOGETHER WITH SPIRIT BEINGS Who Are The Combinations Of Both. Hence And Moreover, The More Positive The Atmosphere One Breathes, The More Positive Is Her Or His MENTALITY and PHYSIOLOGY..

It Is Reasonable, Practical, And Winnable For Us To Fight First With (9)Nature Knowledge, For (9) Knowledge Gives Us Melanin Dominant The Proper Guide, And Helps The Sun Change The Gases Of The Atmosphere To Our Favor. Our Minds Emanate Gases. If Our Minds Are Negative, The Gases Are Negative And Against Us. If Our Minds Are Positive, The Gases Are Positive And For Us, And Positive Gases Of (9) Help The Nine Sun Change The Atmosphere To The Positive Cycle That Is Growing Now. The Gases Of The Atmosphere Working On And With Our Minds Are What Control And Rules..

Hence, The Mental Resurrection Of Nature Is Universe Spring Gradually Coming Out Of Universe Winter, And Causing The Persons And Things Of Nature To Indeed Sprout And Grow New Life & New Order Via Nine Reason And Novenary Nature Knowledge…….




“Defileth not my temple.” Ra says. “Don’t watch tv watch me. For, thy 3rd Eye’s a terrible thing to waste.”

The Liberating & Nutritional Power Of Black Light..
UVA-B-C All Day!



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The Hidden Relationship Between Ra, Sirius & People of Color in History & in Our Modern Times!


y7a-TBHS Sirius is located in the constellation Canis Major – also known as the Big Dog – and is therefore known as the “dog star”. It is over twenty times brighter than our sun and is twice as massive.

tf1b-w6z2At night time, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and its blue-white glare never failed to amaze star gazers since the dawn of time. No wonder Sirius has been revered by practically all civilizations. But is there more to Sirius than meets the eye?

Artifacts of ancient civilizations have revealed that Sirius was of a great importance in astronomy, mythology and occultism. Mystery schools consider it to be “sun behind the sun” and, therefore, the true source of our sun’s potency. If our sun’s warmth keeps the physical world alive, Sirius is considered to keep the spiritual world alive. It is the “real light” shining in the East, the spiritual…

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The Truth About Meat: Notes From An Immortal-ist

Greetings! This Is An Embellished Post, Originally From https://www.dherbs.com/forums/index.php/topic,354.0.html. It Was A Response From A Most Respected By Me Dr. Jewel Pookrum Sampson MD, PhD, MFS. Preventative Wholistic Physician And A Fellow Immortalist, She Drops Precious Jewels On The Issue Of Meat In A Diet, And The Basic Fundamentals To Maintaining Youth, Vitality, And Longevity. So, With Love From Wyzedome The “Wandering Immortal”……

“Yes, it is time for truth and I have been prompted to share a little with you. Having lived a STRICT VEGAN LIFESTYLE FOR 32 years, I’ve garnered some wisdom on the subject. After being diagnosed with CANCER in 1984, Yes Cancer. I learned in a very profound way that Vegetarianism does not prevent Cancer. I had been and was a VEGAN for 18 years prior to my diagnosis.Vegetarianism helps to lower the incidence (occurrence) of this disorder but it does not prevent this. Vegetarianism does not prevent AGING, AIDS, or DEATH does it?

The truth about meat pic1

So if we really think about what we really want in life…Health, Longevity, Peace of Mind, Joy, Well being, Prosperity, and a career that we are excited to experience everyday…these realties don’t occur because you are VEGETARIAN.

When I pondered how I created a CANCER in my body after “eating so clean & Healthy (a Vegan Diet), an ancient axiom came to mind “Man does not live by BREAD ALONE”. It was with that wisdom that I realized that my Mental and Emotional diet was less than healthful.

As I proceed to enhance and evolve my mental and emotional state by changing my thinking and changing my perception of my life and its experiences, I became a much more JOY-filled and Life Devoted person. After raising the quality of my feelings about my life and thinking in a more Wholesome and LESS JUDGMENTAL manner, I noticed that all of life was comfortable for me even if I was not participating in the activities of others, I was most comfortable with “ALLOWING” others to be and do what they wanted to do and be.

The art of “Allowing” is such a lost and important art needed to live a Peace based life.

It has been of common knowledge to the wise and Ancient that there is a specific diet to actualize any DREAM you could desire. The diet for your dreams is Constructive for the Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies. Many of these Dream Fulfilling directives DO NOT ADVISE A VEGETARIAN DIET for the Physical Body. All of the “Diets for your Dreams” require a diet NULL of Criticism and Judgment of others and their behavior.

What is stipulated is that the seeker of the vision (dream) devote themselves to their nutritional, mental, and emotional guidelines 100% and never to Vacillate from them until the dream is actualized. These Master diets stipulate that if an individual has a goal (Dream) in life that they want to accomplish, and if they have not discovered what the Physical, mental, and emotional bodies requires to achieve that Dream, 98% of the time will never achieve the dream or if so, it will come with much trepidation.

The truth about meat pic4

Reflecting back on my contemplations while I was resolving the disease of Cancer in my Nature, I recognized that I had dreams that I wanted to accomplish. One of those dreams were Immortality..to become an immortal being. I decided that it was more important to me to live to be 500 years of age in this same body and look like I was no older than 37 lunar years of age, than to die and not live to see most of the wonders on this wonderful Planet! What was the diet to actualize this dream I asked myself!

My research indicated that you could live to be 10,000 years old, and keep the same body. Most people who live to be older than 300 years old do not eat meat. I have yet to meet a modern day vegetarian WHO HAS LIVED 300 YEARS IN THE SAME BODY. SO WHAT IS THE REAL ISSUE? IT IS NOT SO MUCH THE MEAT THAT WE EAT. It is the thoughts that create the emotions we FEEL, that either preserve or disintegrate our tissues, thus our health. Most people cannot live 2 minutes free from judging/criticizing themselves and-or others. This mind set is very, very destructive to the tissues of the physical body. Meat or no meat in the diet will not decrease the devastation that this type of mind creates on its own physical body.

In Summary:

The most important factor which promotes Life, Health, and Longevity is a mind that is always at peace with life in general, and its own life specifically. The neurochemistry of this Mind is so powerful that it allows tissue to spontaneously regenerate INDEFINITELY. This is the ULTIMATE secret with which Immortality is achieved.

The truth bout meat pic2

To judge what food is Good For You vs. what food is BAD for you, creates such destructive neurochemistry in your body that you will surely die. Death comes from living a constant life of being in conflict with the word around you!

The enlightened eat to actualize a DREAM to actualize an accomplishment. Depending upon what that DREAM may be, may require a physical diet requiring Clean Healthy Meat on a regular basis. Many Dreams do not require flesh for ideal achievement but a significant number do. Again, to achieve any dream with ease and perfection, requires that the mind of the individual must be able to envision the dream clearly, freely, and without DOUBT. Holding the vision of the dream STEADFAST in the Mind’s Eye and completing all activities necessary which, involve the physical body, will always manifest the DREAM.

We have lots of unhappy, disillusioned, and non-purposeful VEGETARIANS on the planet as well as meat eaters. The vegetarians are not as expressive of their dissatisfaction with their life as opposed to the meat eaters. Will the Vegetarians live to be totally free of disease throughout their lifetime…No, Are all Vegetarians joy filled and at peace…NO. Therefore, what is the real reason for being VEGETARIAN if both meat eaters and vegetarians DIE and that Joy and Peace eludes both?

We use the term for groups of people who are not eating to actualize a specific Dream, “Social Eaters”. They eat what is socially popular and not with focused intent to achieve a specific Goal/achievement.

Finally, the Ultimate Food is LIGHT. All Melanated People were created to live SOULLY off of SUN LIGHT. Putting Gross matter into the body, is an abomination to the Melanated Body. To live Forever requires that you reawaken your cells capacity to live solely off of Sun Light. We are SOLAR BEINGS. It was the Destiny of the Melanin Deficient Groups of beings to have to eat Gross Matter…Vegetables, Fruits and/or Meat to live, Not the Melanin Dominate Beings!!

The truth about meat pic2

So please don’t be mislead by the non-thinking to dictate what you are to eat. Your diet should be based on achievement–what do you want to achieve in life? Each goal may require you to drastically change your diet. Your body is Divine and Invincible when the mind that is driving it is Divine and Invincible. The body can do anything. It is the Mind and the consciousness that destroys the body as well as immortalize it. The flesh food has minimal effects on the body relative to the impact of an ignorant, enraged, critical, and unhappy mind and emotional body…

“Human Beings Are Immortal”–Dr. Jewel Pookrum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHkclXPbf7s