Solar Gods & Super Saiyan E.T.’s

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Greetings! Ahhh……..Yes, Eye Am On The Roll With The Animation Streak! This Missive Was Inspired By A Young And Fellow Fan Of The Japanese Anime'(animation)Series Known As ‘Dragon Ball’.Image result for dragon ball super wallpaper

And As Quoted From The Online Source

“Shaquile Dent, a sophomore at Cleveland Institute of Art is making rounds on the Internet due to his unique and creative hairstyle. Dubbed the “Black Goku,”in reference to the character from Dragon Ball Z, Dent’s hairstyle shows that Black people really do love cosplay.

 Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 4.08.29 PM

The animation major told Buzzfeed, that he discovered his hair could hold a spike in middle school and never uses a barber and only spends about two hours, twice a month, fixing the low-maintenance style.

Dent is surprised at the attention his hair is getting and told BuzzFeed the reason his hairstyle went viral was because of all of the haters bashing him for his hair — but ended giving him shine.”

Salute To The Young Man For Daring To Do Something This Aesthetically Radical, And The Positive Spin On What Was At First Ridicule! What Should Be Duly Noted Is That He “Discovered” His Hair Could Hold The Spike In The Style, Because As This Post Will Point Out—He Is In FACT The Black Goku! Let Us Continue….


“The Sun is male and Mother Earth is female. The Sun gives off Ether in the form of what is called PROMINENCES. The Sun has antennae called GRANULATION, and Ethiopians’ Wooly Hair looks like that granulation. So our Wooly Hair may correctly be called GRANULATION (using an English expression). If one puts a straight strand of hair closer and closer to a fire, that strand of hair will granulate, that is, ball up because of the potency of the heat. The Ethiopian (“burned people”) carries his and her SUN within, and we appeared on Planet Earth at a time when no other race could survive in earth’s atmosphere, because just after creation the atmosphere was too dense and potent for the weakness of human beings called MANKIND. Mankind is all peoples with straight hair by Nature. The Ethiopian became identified with mankind down through EVOLUTION….”         

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(Father Sun’s Photospheric Granulation, or rather his Nappy Afro)

Related image    Image result for pygmy peppercorn hair*Note: The “peppercorn” hair or Granulation of the Kalahari bushman, and the Bodi girl from Debub Omo, Ethiopia.

“Moreover, the Sun Heat Genes in those who had to live in Earth’s ORIGINAL ATMOSPHERE had to be much stronger than those of mankind’s who came much later. In other words, the Sun Heat Genes in the AFRICAN PYGMIES were so dense and potent in their bone marrow and reproductive system, they turned the hair KINKY, as fire does to a strand of hair. Wooly Hair is superior to straight hair, as the Suns are superior to other universal bodies. Wooly Hair by Nature assures the Ethiopian that he and she are the Originals on the Planets, thereby the original personifications of the Suns. We bigger Ethiopians evolved from the smaller Ethiopian now called THE AFRICAN PYGMIES who live in EQUATORIAL AFRICA…”

Image result for peppercorn hair     Image result for cumulus clouds      Related image

*Note: The Cumulus Clouds above which look like a white fluffy ball of cotton or WOOL, created by THERMAL CONVECTION or thermal (heated) uplift of air taking place in the atmosphere, same as the process involved in the creation of the Sun’s Granulation. Mother Earth even has an Afro in her atmosphere!

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*Note: Incense Cedar Leaves and the lovely woman’s ‘Locks…….

“We reiterate, the only people who could survive in the Earth’s original dense and hot atmosphere just after the fiery Creation, were those who had Sun Heat Genes within so strong that they would kink the hair, and those people were our ancestors, the African Pygmies.

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“Black skin is Sun skin and Wooly Hair is Sun Hair. The Sun is Nine and NINE is THE BALL which may conveniently be drawn as the circle (O). In ancient times, the African Pygmy was called PTAH “tar”, and worshipped as the personification of the ORIGINAL CREATOR. The Pygmies are from the Sun and we are from the Pygmies, and this means we bigger Ethiopians are the Sun, too. We are EVOLUTIONARY PTAH. Mother Earth gave birth to our ancestors, the African Pygmies, from the Source of the Nile on the Equator in Africa. The eggs of Mother Earth in the source of the Nile River was impregnated by Nine Ether rays from Father Sun, the Nine Power. Like the Sun, Wooly Hair symbolizes potency, life, and originality. The Ethiopian is the only one of the Races who grows his and her CROWN by Nature; Wooly Hair stands up like a crown, and this makes the Ethiopian the NATURAL King and Queen of the Universes by Nature…….

-II- SUPER SAIYAN Extra-terrestrial

“All other humans have 6 ether(straight) hair as do the animals of this planet Earth….

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Image result for animals and human furImage result for animals and human fur

“9 ether (Wooly) hair is a symbol of an Extra-terrestrial being…..

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This Is Not Racism, But Rather ‘Racial’, As Eye Do My Part To Promote Facts & Pride In The Unique Attributes Of The Ethiopian Race, Which Eye Am A Member Of. If You Have Gotten This Far, Thanks For Tuning In!

S.M.A.T & The Supreme “Neuro” Melanin Pt.2


Greetings! Eye Have Finally Gotten Around To The Completion Of This Compilation Of Data. It Has Been A Fascinatingly Powerful Journey Of Exploration And Learning Which Eye Am Thankful For And Eager To Share.  And So, Picking Up Where We Left Off…

The Nubun Mental-Nature Quantum science as a living spiritual science, will be stimulated by sun energy contributing to higher reasoning working within those parts of the brain not utilized in this day and time. The scientific community wish you to think that these parts of the brain have no purpose. This is seriously wrong knowledge and is a hint for the wise on the global trickology to hold back progress in universal reasoning. The powers that be are keen to damage these parts of the brain before reaching the cycles in nature which will naturally activate their usage. This is done through bad food and drink, genetically modified foods, liquids, toxicants, drugs etc.  This era of brain utilization begins within the sun-cycle……” -Afronauts

-Due To The Counterclockwise Swing Of SMAT (space-matter-and time/turn of order), And The Incoming Sun Cycle, The Black Holes And Stars(suns) Of The Kosmos Have Begun To Emanate A New Frequency Of Color And SOUND, Which Created Or Grew The Universe. This Type Of Radioactivity Is Of The Acoustical Type, Phonons And Tachyons, Not The Usual Electromagnetic Photons. The New Astro-Biological Light Can Be Referred To As “Superlight”, Black Energy, Or Simply The Magneto-Electric Spectrum.

-This Form Of Light Radiation Travels 10 Billion Times (C^2) Faster Than ‘Regular’ Light . It Produces All Forces, And Manifests As Gravity, Inertia, Nuclear Force, Radioactivity, And Electro-Magnetic Forces–And It Is Only The Geometry, Density And Motion Of Matter That Changes The Force. The Specific Atomic Structure And Sub-Atomic Structure Of Matter Are Resonant To And Interact With Different Aspects And Frequencies Of “Superlight” As It Passes Through Them And Our Bodies As Well. This Superlight-MagnetoElectric-Black Energy, Is Called By Universe Scientists 9ETHER, Which Sub-Atomically Creates Pathways In Matter To Allow The Strengthening Of Neuro-Brain Activity (Substantia Nigra, Neuromelanin)….In Essence What Can Be Called “Black Mind Power Increases”.

Kosmic Laws of Nature pic

-The Neuromelanin Is Located In The Midbrain Or Inner Cavity aka “Cave Of Brahma”. This ‘Cave’ Is A Magnetic And Acoustic Resonance Chamber–Meaning It Amplifies Sound And Magnetism. The Brain Is A Biological Space/Time Energy Transducer. As Such, It Creates Not Only Space, But Also Time… Space And Time Are Essentially  Biologically Modulated And Formulated. The Brain Is Analogous To, And A Scaled Down Version Of The Sun, Mirroring Its Ability To Modulate Time (continuity) And Space.

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-Melanin And Light Correlation: <1.> Pheomelanin= Visible Light <2.>Eumelanin=The Entire Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (allomelanin, pyomelanin, etc.)  <3.>Neuromelanin= Magneto-Electric Spectrum or “Superlight”.




-The Pineal Gland Has To Coordinate With Stars, Because The Stars (suns) Are JET BLACK On Their Surface And Contain Carbon In its Brain-Core, Located At Its  Center. The Carbon In The Stars Is The Same Found In The Pineal, When It Manufactures Melatonin. Fortunately, The Melatonin Manufactured Is Liquid Carbon. That’s Why Melatonin Is Called Black Tonin. Our God-Sun, Ra, Is Also A Carbon Atom Of The Galaxy (as above-so below), Because a Galaxy/Universe Is A Colossal Organism Of Almighty-Infinite Nature…(birth of a sun pictured below)

Sun Solar System Birth_of_a_Sun_by_Danial79


-We Must Learn To Open The Pineal Gland To Receive These Beneficial Kosmic Rays. Light Starts In The Sun Because There Is Carbon At Its Core. If There Is No Carbon In The Sun Or In Any Star, There Will Be No Light. In Effect, Light Comes From Carbon Because Carbon Produces The Hydrogen Atoms That Combine With Themselves To Form Helium. Its Helium That Forms The Light Particles That Produce Light In The Stars Of The Kosmos.

-In The Stars Are The Electrical And Magnetic Bands. Right Now, The Electrical Bands Are Diminishing Because The Era Of Pisces (water) Is Dying. The Magnetic Era Of Aquarius (Ether) Is Incoming, And That Is Why The Magnetic Band Is Getting Bigger Around The Carbon Brain-Core In The Sun.

Electric bands of the sun

Electric-F5_large (increased magnetic activity)


Magnetism In Humans Comes From The Pineal Gland. The Pineal Is Influenced By Kosmic Rays. Therefore Magnetism In Humans Is Externally Influenced, Not By Cellular Electrical Forces. Since Magnetism Is External, You Have A Greater Ability To Control It As Our Ancestors Did In Tama-Re (KMT).  There Must Be Preparation For The New Era Of Aquarius (Ether) As The Sun(s) Are Changing, We Must Be Prepared To Change As Well. We Are All Used To The Electrical Forces Of The Sun Because Sirius-A Has Been Giving A Lot Of Electricity To The Sun.  Now, Sirius-A Is Going To Change To Start Giving A Lot More Magnetism To The Sun.  If We Are Not Ready For The Magnetism, Then We Will Certainly Vanish Like The Dinosaurs….








S.M.A.T And The Supreme “Neuro” Melanin Pt.1

Wyzedome counterclockwise


Greetings! Of Late There Is A Lot Of Research/Interest In The Mid Cavity Area Of The Brain Known As The Substantia Nigra, Housing The Neuronal Cells Coated In The Blackness Known As Neuromelanin….Outside Of The Degeneration Of These Neurons Which Lead To Parkinson’s Disease, And Its Essential Function Of Releasing Neurotransmitters That Help Control Movement & Coordination…..Very Little Is Known (Or Rather Shared) About This Highly Pigmented And Intriguing Part Of The Brain/Nervous System. Well Let Us Begin Our Exploration Of This Most Divine Instrument With Some Pre-requisite Information– And It Does Involve Setting The Record Straight With Our Perception Of TIME….

The structure of time given to the masses today is definitely an agenda constructed by Greek and Roman philosophers, originating from the Phoenicians understanding of Egyptian Dynastic and Pre-Dynastic knowledge. The latter stage of this agenda refers to the Gregorian schedule which is a Roman Agenda sealed by the Anno Domini driven White Jesus. Through the White Jesus that is (JehZeus) the Caucasian time structure in the form of the Gregorian is given presidency globally because they aligned the global notion of the messiah with their time structure origination. A Time structure worked out by their philosophers to best suit their nature and Luna astrological forces. Luna is the Moon of course. From Luna you get Lunatic meaning a crazy person but subtly you will find the TIC that is LUNA-TIC. That’s the TIC and the TOCK of a clock and this represents their time. The letter C in the word clock represents the Moon Crescent and the word LOCK inside the word CLOCK is the sealing of this alternative time. The O as in O’clock is the cycle symbol. Their time is based around the Zodiac, Zoodiac, Zeus and He-Zeus. He-Zeus is Spanish for Jesus so can you now see the connection! Now the earlier stage of this agenda is prior to the Gregorian and the Roman Empire. It is actually concerned with the actual CLOCKWISE notion of time itself, which is actually WRONG KNOWLEDGE from the perspective of ORIGINAL EXISTENCE. The universe is actually an ANTI-CLOCKWISE REALITY and the majority of universal bodies – SUNS, PLANETS and MOONS even GALAXY SPIRALS are Anti-Clockwise in rotation when seen from above – please research these facts to now know the truth. In this solar system our Sun, Moon, Earth, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are ALL Anti-clockwise in rotation and in true ancient culture time was acknowledged anti-clockwise. To see this reality from below the universal body which then becomes CLOCKWISE is to see reality from the perspective of the underworld. On Planet Earth in the Northern hemisphere water while draining will form the 9 spiral symbol and in the southern hemisphere it will form the 6 symbol. Bathroom designs often alter this fact…




The ancients of the Nubun/Melanin Rich race knew that time was counter-clockwise in movement and they also read and wrote data from right to left. In fact they used numerous time processes and calendars simultaneously. This complexity of time management improves your awareness of nature forces itself. In turn, the anti-clockwise movement of time stimulated the creative right side of the brain while the clockwise notion stimulates the functional left side. With a different time comes a different mind and reasoning. The Phoenicians and the Greeks created dyslexia in nature when they converted writing direction from right-to-left, to left-to-right and changed time to Clockwise. Write (as in write a book) is pronounced the same as right (as in the direction of right) to psychologically make you write to the direction of right. They added light and white to this trickology as well. A Clockwise notion of time works best for evolutionary forces in nature because it is the complete opposite of original existence which is anti-clockwise therefore the highest products of evolution in flesh and blood (the Caucasian race) will be able to prosper better out of an evolutionary cycle in nature. Evolutionary forces in the form of beings, energy, matter as well as spiritual forces have more time to fulfil the requirements of evolution when conceptual time is altered in reasoning, because original existence can not be fully in sink with nature for nature is Space, Matter and Time – SMAT. If your notion of time is wrong then an imbalance in the other members of the TRIAD OF SMAT may exist. The black races sadly live in three main times of reasoning namely [1] 400 years (kidnapped/slavery). [2] 2,000 years Christianity and Islam via the White Jesus and [3] 6,000 years the religious based Adam and Eve creation story as well as the beginning of the historic existence of the Caucasian race outside religion. The Nubun/Melanin Dominant race is really millions of years old but you think and perceive reality from these stages of time. However, evolution must also face evolution in the form of revolution so change in eras and orders must occur by nature. These are quantum agendas you are reading about and we hope the Nubian is now beginning to overstand the true depth of the issues our race must face on our journey back to the Upperworld of reasoning and existence. This is Nature Knowledge.  


All reasoning is influenced by TIME and reasoning is the expression of MIND. In the very word CLOCK-WISE and ANTI-CLOCK-WISE you will see the word WISE. Wise is a representative of the word WISDOM and refers to the execution of intelligence seen through your actions. Your state of mind is influenced by your state of TIME. Also bear in MIND that the actual letter T is the bottom half of the Egyptian Ankh symbol. That’s Time from the bottom half of universal existence based around the number 6 (60 secs, 60 mins, 24 hours (2+4 =6), 6,000 years and so on). 


smat-untitled                                                    smat-ankhsymbol


The Egyptian Ankh represents Eternal Life. The life of life is represented as the circle at the top, and the life of death is represented as the cross + at the bottom of the circle. The Egyptians held the Ankh from the circle (life) (study this!). The masses today hold the Ankh from the cross (death). The Cross is the symbol of the cemetery. The T in the word Time originates from the Ankh and the Phoenicians have warped these philosophies altering human reasoning in nature. Most languages on earth have Egyptian symbols within them. The link between a Time and your state of Mind has been known through the ages and it is now time for the nubun races to remember this. In the west, they are altering the role of the Ankh in nature associating it with things far from sacred.

If universal bodies throughout this solar system including the SUN rotate anti-clockwise then your concept of time should follow suit.  This is an anti-clockwise solar system. THIS IS A FACT. Interestingly many time based consumer products (watches) which are suppose to represent time efficiency actually mean the opposite.  The notion ‘E.X.’ means in Latin the words ‘out of’. Therefore, you have TIMEX as Time. Ex. really meaning ‘Out of time’. Then you have ROLEX and to roll is the circle motion adding E.X. means ‘Out of rotation’. Another example is the watch brand called LIMIT, which does not make sense because time has no limit. There is trickery in brand names. These issues concerning time will not be resolved in the near future unless global events take place to stimulate the change. A change in time represents REAL change in eras and the best time is NATURE TIME as NOW. Nature time as Now is eternal, and the constant in nature that represents this existence, is blackness as vacuum – infinite space that is eternal in all directions. With no intervention it may be hundreds of years before this trickery is corrected, but the Nubian reader MUST reason that Nature is a Circle therefore everything must eventually return to original order. There MUST be a consequence for altering the direction of time in this solar system. This rule of nature is one reason why Armageddon processes in nature exist to seal off eras from existing out side their nominated season. The survivors of these natural processes that end eras often known as Armageddon are those who have Nature Knowledge or are guided by those that do. THEY ARE THE TRUE MENTAL LIVING. The signs are in the times. Armageddon processes are changers of era and can potentially take several decades’ even centuries to complete depending on the size of the cycle. These facts will eventually be reasoned out and once the reverse psychology planted across this notion of reality by factions against our existence are acknowledged by ALL RACES then original existence and the higher sciences of nature (many not known today) will naturally return. There will be NO MIRACLES or SACRIFICES in that future it will merely be recorded as a Mental-Nature Quantum science ignorantly associated with African black magic today in its decayed unscientific state by those who are not intelligent by nature but rather intelligent by belief….


The original nubun/melanin dominant tribes pioneered what can be called a quantum culture and reasoned reality from the perspective of time as a collective not from a fixed time as an era.  This is one reason why much of African culture in rural areas naturally remains unchanged over thousands of years. The reasoning has left but the actual actions remain in much of rural Africa. Therefore, the blackness was not an enemy to our ancients because the blackness as infinite-space vacuum is the constant in nature that is eternal, allowing nubun reasoning access to the totality of nature. Therefore
negative forces in nature must maintain a negative positioning of blackness from the perspective of belief; which is seen through religion, rejecting blackness from the perspective of reality seen through science as vacuum, suction, the totality of all existing gases, eternal, the origin of all existence, beyond positive and negative, the face of space, matter and time. This is to prevent our race from ever gaining access to nature in its entirety. In our original existence with no belief systems, our races were originally scientific thinkers by nature with NO FEAR OF LIGHT OR DARKNESS – LET THIS BE KNOWN ALWAYS. The caste system (racism) is also another stage of this agenda to devalue the blackness in nature. In the far future these ancient nubun sciences will eventually be categorized within physical science (generalized today as science with its many degrees). The Nubun Mental-Nature Quantum science as a living spiritual science, will be stimulated by sun energy contributing to higher reasoning working within those parts of the brain not utilized in this day and time. The scientific community wish you to think that these parts of the brain have no purpose. This is seriously wrong knowledge and is a hint for the wise on the global trickology to hold back progress in universal reasoning. The powers that be are keen to damage these parts of the brain before reaching the cycles in nature which will naturally activate their usage. This is done through bad food and drink, genetically modified foods, liquids, toxicants, drugs etc.  This era of brain utilization begins within the sun-cycle……..


Our Binary Solar System (Yes, There’s Two Suns Up There) Pt.3

Tri Solar World-1 (The God-Sun Ra….The Perceived One And Only Sustainer Of This Solar System, Soon To Become A Tri-Solar System, In Preparation For The Elders Arrival. The Other Sun Is Already On Its Way…)

Greetings….& The Conclusion To The Binary Sun Series……

As People Learn And Practice Living In Unity With Nature’s Order Of Persons And Things, And Its Processes, Cycles, And laws, They Will Begin To Have More And More Happiness Or Contentment, Greater And Greater Physical And Mental Security And Safety, Less And Less Physical Violence, Less And Less Pain And Suffering, Better And Better Balanced Justice And Equality, And Longer And Longer Life.

Nine Ether Influence (positive mind energy and sound right reason) Is Able To Resurrect Mentally Dead Peoples From The Grave Of Ignorance About Nature And Its Laws, Continuously And Increasingly. And The Mentally Life-Giving Energies Emanate From The Centers Of UNIVERSE ORBS–Our Suns, Earth And Moon Whose Centers Are Gradually Beginning To Produce Nine Ether Mind Because Of The Advent Of The REVOLUTIONARY CYCLE- Sun Cycle At Point 3 South Of The SMAT (space-matter-and time) Circle.

maat-The circle of Space, #Matter and #Time


And What Is Meant By ‘The Revolutionary Cycle?’ Revolution Is Upward Movement Through The Increased Mental Ether-Fire Formula Of The Suns Of Nature, Appointed By ABSOLUTE NATURE, THE ONE SUPREME BEING. This Increase Causes REVELATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS; Thus, RE-ELEVATION Is Going Upwards, Called In Religion “The Rapture” Via Ra-Aperture, Which Means That The Sun Will Characteristically Open Its “All Seeing Eye” Or Lenses In A Larger Aperture To Ensure That A Sufficient Exposure To Ether Light And Energy Will Pour Forth In Its Prominence (rays) To All Who Can Receive Them–In Particular, The Ether-Utopian Beings. However Unlike Its Religious Understanding, The True Rapture Is Overstood As All Space, Matter, And All Time Making Degree Changes Upwards (so to speak) In Uni-Sun (NOW) On The Right Side Of The SMAT Circle Of Order (Ma’at). Revolution Actually Means “The Reversal Of Evolution” By Way Of The Positive Forces Of Nature, Reversing (Re’versing) The Things That Occurred In The Evolutionary Cycle By Way Of The Negative Forces Of Nature.


The Positive Mind Energies In Universe Science Are Called Noopooh/Wu Nuwaupu–Nine Reason–The Mental Resurrector Of Persons And Things And Nature In General. Those Increasing Degrees Of Nine Ether (& nine reason) Reach The Center Brains Of The Planets And Satellites, And Their Resurrection Begins Also; So In Turn The Planets And Satellites (and the Hue-mans and other beings in and on them by way of positive gases emitted from Self-Cultivation) Help Our Suns Emanate Resurrection Energies.


Aeriform Gases Like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, et cetera, Can Expand Indefinitely In All Directions, If Uninhibited. THE GASES AND FIRES State Of Existence Is The Most Mobile And Includes THE SPIRIT WORLD. Indeed, Spirit Beings Are Universe Programmers And Controllers, Therefore, It May Be Concluded That THE ATMOSPHERE (The Universe Gases & Fires) Rules. Especially When One Considers That Fires (Natural Ethers) Energize The Gases Of The Atmosphere And Make Them Increase Or Decrease Pressure On The Mental And Physical Persons Of Living Beings Which Affects The Thinking Of Living Beings. The Quantity And Kind Of A Gas Or Gases In The Atmosphere May Determine How Well One Thinks For A Period Of Time And The Degree Of The Drive Of His Or Her Ambition…

Binary Sun 3-Elemental-Field1

A Car Or Any Motor Vehicle May Run Better On One Day Than It Does On Another Day Because Of The Change In The Gases Of The Atmosphere; And The Tires Of A Car May Have More Or Less Air In Them On One Day Than They Do Another, Although No One Has Put Any Air In Or Let Any Out. The Temperature On Planet Earth Is Not Solely Determined  By The Temperature On The Surface Of The Sun (As Posited), But Likewise By THE GAS CHANGES BETWEEN MOTHER EARTH & FATHER SUN. And, All This Scientific Information Means That THE UNIVERSE GASES AND ETHEREAL FIRES RULE EVERYWHERE TOGETHER WITH SPIRIT BEINGS Who Are The Combinations Of Both. Hence And Moreover, The More Positive The Atmosphere One Breathes, The More Positive Is Her Or His MENTALITY and PHYSIOLOGY..

It Is Reasonable, Practical, And Winnable For Us To Fight First With (9)Nature Knowledge, For (9) Knowledge Gives Us Melanin Dominant The Proper Guide, And Helps The Sun Change The Gases Of The Atmosphere To Our Favor. Our Minds Emanate Gases. If Our Minds Are Negative, The Gases Are Negative And Against Us. If Our Minds Are Positive, The Gases Are Positive And For Us, And Positive Gases Of (9) Help The Nine Sun Change The Atmosphere To The Positive Cycle That Is Growing Now. The Gases Of The Atmosphere Working On And With Our Minds Are What Control And Rules..

Hence, The Mental Resurrection Of Nature Is Universe Spring Gradually Coming Out Of Universe Winter, And Causing The Persons And Things Of Nature To Indeed Sprout And Grow New Life & New Order Via Nine Reason And Novenary Nature Knowledge…….




Our Binary Solar System (Yes There’s Two Suns Up There) Pt.2




Greetings Kins & Friends! Some Time Has Elapsed Since My Last Post, There Was A Tome That Had To Be 3rd Eye Scanned And Broken Down To Complete This Second Entry In This Binary Series. The Image Is Big Enough, No Need For An Introduction..Lol..But Continuing In The Same Vein As “Solar Revolution”, Upping The Ante…



Our S-1, Re'(Ra) by virtue of being a variable star, will be seen as having great limitations for future evolutions. This will be seen by a visible exchange of the solar polarity fields and by the magnetic lines rotating faster than the surface of the sun. This also will be seen as a periodic effect, which will be noticed in the activity of the band of Saturn.

…So, it seems that the special acoustical radiation coming from S-1 and S-2 will have the function of DNA modification, “junk” DNA activation and the inducement of the cerebral/brain hyperfunctions in addition to prolonging life, and possibly reversing the aging process.

1-This is forcing the species to leave behind its old time cell of perception on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This must take place before the species can go into a new time cell of consciousness…

2- This is causing the magnetic fields of the brain cavity to be sufficiently raised to a higher mental frequency…hue-mans will have the brain of an electromagnetic computer, and will be forced to adapt to an “enlarged electromagnetic spectrum”…

3- The new electromagnetic frequency is an astro-biological threshold by itself (MagnetoElectric-Phonon-Tachyon)…

4-These changes are the result of new biological light that controls being introduced by the New Administrative Order in conjunction with the Council Of 9 Ether…


5- These changes are necessary to prepare our mortal evolution to overlap with “Whole Light Beings” of advanced creation in the (R)evoluting of new astromutations…

6- New astromutations will take plce where new magnetic lines bring about balances in the energy coupling from a proton-electron-proton grid, to an electron-proton-electron grid…

7- The bioenergy field of the body inherits a new electron and positron pair, and the blood circulatory system inherits new magnetic lines of force…

8- The ionized field around the blood cell loses its proton-electron-proton relationship to a new electron-proton-electron field as the life form is moved into the next phase of the ElectroMagnetic/MagnetoElectric Spectrum…

9- Huemanity  must be completely remade anew, by going through the energy grids that control his present biological arrangement, so that she/he can be revitalized into new grids of attunement…



10- This is why our electromagnetic stage of evolution will itself be changed to allow for new patterns of ongoing evolution…

11- Merkabah mechanisms give the cue for the timing of biological change by the earth’s magnetic cycles…

12- These changes can take place in a matter of hours, and remove whole species that have (r)evolved in a geological time frame…

13- Our planet is no different than any other form of life that must renew itself, it is like an “energy molecule” going through renewal and being restored to a new existence. This is called The Entropy Of Gaia…

14- In order for huemans to work with the next electron orbital level (realm of mental/conscious level of existence) of the universal mind, THE ALL, your molecular density level will have to become less dense, and grow more transparent in order to participate in multi-dimensional realities…


15- The de-coupling of S-2 from S-1, initially thought to be the source for projected negative consequences, seems instead to be a most favorable event intended to thwart the malicious endeavors of the NWO technocrats, and to help the people that are truly defenseless, against the insidious technocratic endeavors, including their Machiavellian endeavors at “population control”…


Our Binary Solar System (yes there’s two suns up there) Pt.1



Waterworld Rain: Binary Sunset by nethskie

(Image courtesy of Nethskie)




Greetings! This Post Is Actually Data That Was Originally Transmitted On The Now Defunct And Fanbox Back In 2010, By Myself, Wyzedome. As Usual, The Inspiration Has Come From A Very Powerful Work By The German Biophysicist, Dieter Broers- Entitled: “Solar Revolution”, Detailing His Astounding Research On The Power And Influence Of Our Heavenly Parent(s) Involved In The Quantum Leap In Consciousness, To Be Made By Hue-manity As We Transition Deeper Into This Revolutionary Sun Cycle…………………….

Gratitude And Respect To Dr. Malachi Kobina York, And The Mavericks Of The Chicago Research Group/ The Leading Edge Group Who Shared Data That Made This Post Possible…Let Us Proceed…..


The latest research from sophisticated astrophysics measurements reveal that in the lower right hand quadrant of the sun, facing earth, something unusual is happening. Unknown to most mundane astrophysicists and astronomers is that our sun Re'(Ra) is part of a BINARY SYSTEM with little Heru (Horus) concealed behind RE'(Ra). We never see it because the reciprocal rotation of these two stars (Re’ rotates “clockwise”: Heru rotates “counterclockwise”), keeps them in a fixed position with respect to earth. However, with the space shift occurring now, it seems that little Heru(Horus), the 2nd sun is beginning to rotate or move from its previously fixed orbit and is “appearing” on the lower quadrant of the face of Re'(Ra), thus slowly becoming visible to earth–…..Of course, the astrophysicists that have noticed this have advanced speculative theories and are keeping this info “under wraps”, for it is too wild and controversial. But we know this is correct, for the ancients have records about not only Ra and Horus, but that we would one day have a blue sun….


…It seems that our Solar System is undergoing a fast metamorphosis from a 1 sun solar system, to a  Binary  System–since Big Re'(Ra) the primary sun is now decoupling from its smaller twin Little Heru(Horus). It is said the repositioning and restructuring of the second sun with respect to earth is being conducted by planetary engineers dealing with Astro-Engineering using ultra advanced thought-light-crystal technology that uses light, sound, magnetism, and gravitational energy decoupled from unified energy, in order to achieve these feats. (please click here and here) If this is true, the question is “why are the galactic brethren moving our sun to make both visible at this time?” What’s interesting is that maverick astrophysicists in May 1984 published a novel hypothesis in Science News, vol.125 based on perturbations of the suns non-linear rotations and pulsations. They theorized that a second sun, of a mass about 7% of the main sun, was hiding behind the large sun, and was invisible; being in the infrared region of the light spectrum. So, it was known  that early that the possibility of a second sun existed, based on precise yet daring calculations by maverick scientists. As mentioned, the second sun(S-2) which is behind S-1, is being moved by a pre-eminent technological civilization under the direction of inspiration of a truly supreme intelligence for the purpose of making S-2 visible to the earth, and to expose the earth to S-2 radiation/emanations, together with the combined radiation of S-1 and S-2. Now, this “de-coupling” process is also changing the nature of the coronal radiation that emanates from both suns, and this may well be an intelligently created shift by the Galactic Elders or by the Binary Sun System itself, that is, by its own intrinsic intelligence. Furthermore, it is said that the suns are a cold plasma white hole from which the necessary energies to sustain life forms in this solar system emanate. In other words, our suns contrary to mainstream belief, are not hot but cold, for they have no heat content. The heat we feel on earth produced by the suns are due to reaction between electromagnetic energy and the molecules of our atmosphere- a sort of “kinetic friction” or thermal reaction, if you will. However, in space where there is no atmosphere, only a vacuum, even if you got close to the sun its extremely cold, for there are no atmospheric molecules to thermally react with the EMR from the sun. Try to present this argument to mainstream scientists, and they will immediately place you in a mental institution, for this is a dogma of physics- the sun is hot. It aint. what can also be categorically stated is that due to solar factors, the sancrosanct “carbon dating method” is wrong. That is why everything they date seems to have originated “yesterday”–like the pyramids of Giza!

The black and white holes of the cosmos have begun to emanate a new frequency of color and sound, which created or grew the universe–The Great OM the hindus so aptly “remembered” Yes, the white holes are emanating a new Aum and harmonics thereof, and in the case of our S-1/S-2 system Ra and Horus, there is also a new form of radioactivity being created. This type of radioactivity is of the acoustical type, Phonon and Tachyons, not the usual electromagnetic photons. This new acoustical radiation will create profound changes in the entire solar system. As the natural vibrational frequency of the planet increase, as well as geomagnetic and gravitational fields will be dramatically changed…


The Elder Scroll: Galactic Citizenship Compilation-4


The approaching period of chaos has been mentioned. What this looks like in detail has not been discussed. It is difficult to do this since what manifests and to what degree will be determined by the acceptance or rejection of The New Paradigm concept, and by whom and how many. In order to delve into this area, it is necessary to consider that these messages are for the express purpose of empowering humanity to Transcend, move through the current and approaching events to a new level of existence. This cannot be done if the attention is focused on the events that are now, and will increasingly surround each and all. Fear is so ingrained in the psyche of earth’s inhabitants it takes little to trigger it. It is not the purpose of these messages to engender fear as it is a mighty tool for disempowerment.

Understanding why “God Allows This Branch Of Humanity To Suffer”, is impossible without encompassing the law of attraction. Victim/Oppressor consciousness is two sides of the same coin. Existing at the lower scale of the vibratory range of manifested life experience; the magnetic attraction of the two is extremely strong. As the evolving consciousness strives to experience knowledge into wisdom, it returns again and again to achieve freedom from this particular trap. The range of experience traverses between the two modes of expression. Each has experienced both within various levels.

The Planetary Mass Consciousness Not Only Contains This Mode Of Experience, But Also Indeed Attracts It From Other Solar Systems Within The Galactic Whole. Thus Earth Indeed Has Outsiders Contributing To This Current Era Of Experience. It Has Been For A Long Enough Period, That Some Of Those Extra-Terrestrials Have Evolved Beyond That Mode Of Experience, And Are Now Committed To Correcting The Results Of Their Previous Involvement With The People Of Earth. Inasmuch As They Have Transcended The Victim/Oppressor Mode, It Is Within Their Wisdom To Aid Humanity If Humanity Will Only Accept The Help Available.

It is therefore with trepidation that the planned scenarios of the remaining oppressors/enslavers are mentioned with this focus. Since much material is available on these subjects, it is up to the individuals to review the information available on radio talk shows, web sites, books, magazines, newspapers, and various conference conventions that are available. It is extremely important that the shocking information from these sources be processed through the individuals awareness. To remain stuck in the trauma of this knowledge will be fatal not only to the individual, but to the new paradigm project. The new paradigm is the only available pathway with success possibilities through this dilemma. Making such preparations as are appropriate for these possibilities, is the most logical approach rather than simply continuing to process the information in panic and trauma. Promptly making simple appropriate plans and preparations through logical thought by listing and completing the suitable steps to be accomplished will not only relieve the trauma, but will bring forth the empowerment that transcends the feelings of victimhood these events were designed to engender.

The law of attraction works! That the USA and other countries have supported attacks on the muslim countries of the arabs, and others draws the likelihood of the similar experience of being attacked. The media has given all forms of illogical reasons for these attacks that were not officially sanctioned by the elected representatives, but were allowed with their consent and the foolish consent of the people as a whole. Discernment was left o representatives whose influence is peddled and coerced into compliance. To cry “I/We didn’t know” means nothing to the dead, dying, miserable people experiencing the situation that has been foisted on them. They are the victims and “you foolish ones” are the perpetrators by default, and must by the law of attraction receive your just due. It will not be pleasant. What can you do to change it? Change your mind and withdraw your consent to these actions that surround you and vow to create a new experience for all living on this planet.

There is only one race on this planet, the Hue-Man race. The varieties in appearance and belief systems are “no things”. The extra-terrestrials are visitors who have no desire to live here, only to enjoy the adventure of continuing your enslavement. They are fully aware that the planet cannot long endure the overpopulation that they have encouraged so that they could play at their war games and perfect their tools of annihilation. To  them humanity and earth are like the virtual reality games your children in large and small bodies play. It is long past time to wake up and grow into your responsibility to end their game. Welcome to the real world that now surrounds you and is about to overwhelm you unless you act now…

(The Reptilian Agenda…