Solar Gods & Super Saiyan E.T.’s

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Greetings! Ahhh……..Yes, Eye Am On The Roll With The Animation Streak! This Missive Was Inspired By A Young And Fellow Fan Of The Japanese Anime'(animation)Series Known As ‘Dragon Ball’.Image result for dragon ball super wallpaper

And As Quoted From The Online Source

“Shaquile Dent, a sophomore at Cleveland Institute of Art is making rounds on the Internet due to his unique and creative hairstyle. Dubbed the “Black Goku,”in reference to the character from Dragon Ball Z, Dent’s hairstyle shows that Black people really do love cosplay.

 Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 4.08.29 PM

The animation major told Buzzfeed, that he discovered his hair could hold a spike in middle school and never uses a barber and only spends about two hours, twice a month, fixing the low-maintenance style.

Dent is surprised at the attention his hair is getting and told BuzzFeed the reason his hairstyle went viral was because of all of the haters bashing him for his hair — but ended giving him shine.”

Salute To The Young Man For Daring To Do Something This Aesthetically Radical, And The Positive Spin On What Was At First Ridicule! What Should Be Duly Noted Is That He “Discovered” His Hair Could Hold The Spike In The Style, Because As This Post Will Point Out—He Is In FACT The Black Goku! Let Us Continue….


“The Sun is male and Mother Earth is female. The Sun gives off Ether in the form of what is called PROMINENCES. The Sun has antennae called GRANULATION, and Ethiopians’ Wooly Hair looks like that granulation. So our Wooly Hair may correctly be called GRANULATION (using an English expression). If one puts a straight strand of hair closer and closer to a fire, that strand of hair will granulate, that is, ball up because of the potency of the heat. The Ethiopian (“burned people”) carries his and her SUN within, and we appeared on Planet Earth at a time when no other race could survive in earth’s atmosphere, because just after creation the atmosphere was too dense and potent for the weakness of human beings called MANKIND. Mankind is all peoples with straight hair by Nature. The Ethiopian became identified with mankind down through EVOLUTION….”         

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(Father Sun’s Photospheric Granulation, or rather his Nappy Afro)

Related image    Image result for pygmy peppercorn hair*Note: The “peppercorn” hair or Granulation of the Kalahari bushman, and the Bodi girl from Debub Omo, Ethiopia.

“Moreover, the Sun Heat Genes in those who had to live in Earth’s ORIGINAL ATMOSPHERE had to be much stronger than those of mankind’s who came much later. In other words, the Sun Heat Genes in the AFRICAN PYGMIES were so dense and potent in their bone marrow and reproductive system, they turned the hair KINKY, as fire does to a strand of hair. Wooly Hair is superior to straight hair, as the Suns are superior to other universal bodies. Wooly Hair by Nature assures the Ethiopian that he and she are the Originals on the Planets, thereby the original personifications of the Suns. We bigger Ethiopians evolved from the smaller Ethiopian now called THE AFRICAN PYGMIES who live in EQUATORIAL AFRICA…”

Image result for peppercorn hair     Image result for cumulus clouds      Related image

*Note: The Cumulus Clouds above which look like a white fluffy ball of cotton or WOOL, created by THERMAL CONVECTION or thermal (heated) uplift of air taking place in the atmosphere, same as the process involved in the creation of the Sun’s Granulation. Mother Earth even has an Afro in her atmosphere!

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*Note: Incense Cedar Leaves and the lovely woman’s ‘Locks…….

“We reiterate, the only people who could survive in the Earth’s original dense and hot atmosphere just after the fiery Creation, were those who had Sun Heat Genes within so strong that they would kink the hair, and those people were our ancestors, the African Pygmies.

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“Black skin is Sun skin and Wooly Hair is Sun Hair. The Sun is Nine and NINE is THE BALL which may conveniently be drawn as the circle (O). In ancient times, the African Pygmy was called PTAH “tar”, and worshipped as the personification of the ORIGINAL CREATOR. The Pygmies are from the Sun and we are from the Pygmies, and this means we bigger Ethiopians are the Sun, too. We are EVOLUTIONARY PTAH. Mother Earth gave birth to our ancestors, the African Pygmies, from the Source of the Nile on the Equator in Africa. The eggs of Mother Earth in the source of the Nile River was impregnated by Nine Ether rays from Father Sun, the Nine Power. Like the Sun, Wooly Hair symbolizes potency, life, and originality. The Ethiopian is the only one of the Races who grows his and her CROWN by Nature; Wooly Hair stands up like a crown, and this makes the Ethiopian the NATURAL King and Queen of the Universes by Nature…….

-II- SUPER SAIYAN Extra-terrestrial

“All other humans have 6 ether(straight) hair as do the animals of this planet Earth….

Image result for animals and human furImage result for animals and human fur

Image result for animals and human furImage result for animals and human fur

“9 ether (Wooly) hair is a symbol of an Extra-terrestrial being…..

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Image result for afro men hairstylesRelated image

This Is Not Racism, But Rather ‘Racial’, As Eye Do My Part To Promote Facts & Pride In The Unique Attributes Of The Ethiopian Race, Which Eye Am A Member Of. If You Have Gotten This Far, Thanks For Tuning In!

The Nano-Particle: Gateway To The MicroCosmic Heavens

Greetings! Nanoscience And Nanotechnology Are The Study And Application Of Extremely Small Things. This Science Has And Will Continue To Revolutionize And Create Quantum Leaps In All Other Science Fields, Such As Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Materials Science, And Engineering. Nanotechnology May Be Able To Create Many New Materials And Devices With A Vast Range Of Applications, Such As In Medicine, Electronics, Bio-Materials, And Energy Production. The Ideas And Concepts Behind Nanoscience And Nanotechnology Was Started By The Physicist Richard Feynman. Feynman Described A Process In Which Scientists Would Be Able To Manipulate And Control Individual Atoms And Molecules.”There’s plenty of room at the bottom.”–(Lecture by Richard Feynman At Caltech Campus, December 29th 1959).  Delving Into This Fascinating World Led Me To Nano Photography, Or Imaging With The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), The Instrument Capable Of Detecting Particles A Billionth Of A Meter(viruses, dna). Incidentally, Eye Also Came Across Some Rather Eye-Opening Discourse On The Nano Matter By The Buddha-Fa Grandmaster Li Hongzhi; Teacher Of The Esoteric Science/QiQong Known As Falun Dafa. So, Without Further Delay, Strap Up & Be Prepared To Shrink Into The Heavens….

Words Of Master Li Honghzi:

“…What I just said was to tell you that living beings exist on every planet. Moreover, many are living beings whose appearances are similar to humans, only they don’t exist in this dimension because different particles form different dimensions. If you want to enter those dimensions, you can’t understand them with the concepts of today’s human science–this science is simply too shallow. For you to enter those worlds, you have to conform to the modes of being, forms of life, and ways of thinking in those worlds. Only then can you know them. You will discover upon entering one of those worlds that its particles are smaller than those of the human dimension, yet its dimension is extremely vast. We humans exist between these two types of particles, molecules and planets. If you want to know the way living beings exist in other dimensions, you will have to conform to the ways of existence in the dimensions of the planes of smaller particles. You can’t understand it by using today’s scientific theories; you have to throw out the concepts of modern science before you can understand. Once you understand it, you will discover that it isn’t the concept of time and space held by humans….


I’ll address one more subject for you, something students can’t explain clearly in cultivation, namely, the “heavens.” According to contemporary science, spaceships have traveled to outer space and flown to many other planets, but they haven’t seen any human beings or paradises of gods, nor were there the scenes of different heavens within the Three Realms that people have talked about. So modern people use this logic to reject religion, deny legends from the past, and negate the most essential nature of human beings.

       (A wood ant holding a microchip in its mandibles. The strangest sights in the universe could be right in front of you-if you could only see at a small enough scale. We humans see space, energy and matter from far above, like an astronaut flying over an ocean. We are too high to see the waves, the flecks of foam they carry. But they are there.)



“Actually the ‘heavens’ that gods refer to isn’t at all the same concept as the heavens human beings see. I often say that molecules compose everything in this material dimension of human beings, while micro-cosmic matter is the reason for the composition of the molecules, and layers of even more micro-cosmic matter are the fundamental reasons for the composition of layers of particles at different levels. Gods are in extremely micro-cosmic worlds, which are nonetheless extremely vast worlds, broad spaces.

nano-landscape-ultrathin-layers-of-titanium-based-compound-as-seen-under-microscope(1.Nano landscape -ultra thin layers of titanium based compound as seen under microscope. Note: All nano images are many thousands, and even millions, of times smaller than the head of a pin.)


nano-landscape-zinc-oxide-nanorods-grown-inside-a-tube-furnace(2.Nano landscape-zinc oxide nano rods grown inside a tube furnace.)


nano-snowflakes-in-under-electron-microscope(3.Nano image of snowflakes under Scanning Electron Microscope <SEM>. Note the temple like columnar structures)

Image result for nanopic faith buyukserin(Nano river-landscape: SEM image of polymers covering a porous silicon mold)

The micro-cosmic worlds and the dimensions formed in the microcosm that I have told you about in each lecture are where gods reside. Think about it: Gods…I mentioned the other day that things in the human dimension, such as air, matter, soil, rocks, iron and steel–everything in this dimension, including your body-are composed of molecules. Yet molecules are the coarsest, most superficial, and filthiest matter in the universe. These molecules–actually, in the eyes of gods, all molecules–are seen as dirt and considered mud in the universe, and this is the understanding merely at the level of Tathagata. That’s why what was said in the past about Yahweh and N u Wa using mud to create man was true.


It is because even your flesh is made of molecules, and in the eyes of gods, its mud, its dirt, and something that is most coarse. Then think about it everyone: Now matter how far spaceships may travel, have they flown beyond the realm of molecules? Say an airplane flies in the sky and you travel from Asia to America. You feel like you have flown  rather high and quite far; the fact is, you are merely moving inside of mounds of molecules and you are all on the ground–this isn’t the heavens in the least.


“In the eyes of gods, it is only a matter of different long or short distances within substances of the same level. The dimensions composed of micro-cosmic worlds are the real heavens that gods refer to. The more refined and micro-cosmic a substance is, the more quintessential and refined the surface it composes.  Energy exists in all matter, including molecules. It is only because the human body and everything around you is composed of molecules–even the machines you use to measure that energy are also composed of molecules–that you can’t detect the energy of molecules. The more micro-cosmic the matter is, the more energy it has and the stronger its radioactive power is–the more micro-cosmic, the more powerful…

nano-nanocubes-llustration(Illustration demonstrating the effect of the increased surface area provided by nano-structured materials)

Image result for surface area of nanomaterials

“That is why gods’ energy and forms of existence are like that. So let me word it a bit more clearly for you: People on Earth see that the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Mars, as well as the Milky Way, outer space, the remote cosmic bodies, and so on, are all in the heavens. But if you look at Earth from Mars, wouldn’t you say that it too is in the heavens? It’s in the heavens as well. This is an understanding that breaks through ordinary people’s ways of thinking.

“But, understood at a deeper level—think about it—what are the heavens? Once you enter a microcosmic dimension, that is the heavens. Let me give the simplest example and tell you a story. In the past, there was a cultivator of the Dao walking on the street while drinking. He suddenly saw someone. This person was just who he had been looking for—someone who could cultivate the Dao. So he wanted to save this person and take him as his disciple. He asked this person, “Do you want to follow me to cultivate the Dao?” This person’s enlightenment quality and inborn quality were very good, and he said, “I do.” “Do you dare to follow me?” the cultivator asked. The person replied, “Yes, I do!” “Do you dare to follow me wherever I go?” he then asked. “Yes,” was the reply.

“The cultivator then said, “Okay. Now follow me!” Saying that, he put his palm-sized wine gourd on the ground, opened the lid, and jumped into the gourd. The person saw that his master had jumped in, so he imitated his master and likewise jumped into the gourd. The bystanders all leaned over and looked inside the gourd. “Wow!” they exclaimed.

“There was a vast world inside the gourd, really vast. Viewed with human thinking, how could it be possible for a person so big to jump into such a small wine gourd? That’s because when you want to enter that dimension, everything of your body has to conform to the state of that dimension before you can enter. When you travel through the gaps between different dimensions, your body inevitably enters those states of being.

Image result for conformity to other dimensions



nano-tiny-polystyrene-beads-man-on-the-cliff                                      (Nano polystyrene beads—“Man on cliff”)


“This is because the more microcosmic particles of matter are, the more vast and broad the planes are at their levels. At the levels of microcosmic particles, the way the gourd manifests is different from the form that human beings see; all particles are connected. What appears to be large or small to human beings is only a form of manifestation in the space-time formed by the same particles. That is to say, the surface of the gourd is formed by molecules, and that’s the shape you see, but the gourd in the microcosm isn’t like this. It is connected to the universe at that realm.

Postcard from nanoworld                            (Nano ‘Poppy’ carbon nanotubes)

nano-silicone-oxide-nanowires-sunflowers                        (Silicon oxide nano wires ‘Sunflowers’)

“This is something that man cannot understand and that can’t be understood by human conceptions. So, having mentioned a person going up to the heavens, I can say that if you suddenly enter a stone, isn’t that going up to the heavens? It won’t do if you enter the surface formed by the stone substance. You enter the realms of the microcosmic particles that form its molecular particles— aren’t you going to the heavens? Aren’t you in the heavens if you shrink into the microcosmic levels of your body? (click) When you enter the microcosmic particles of the surface particles of dimensions at any level—in other words, enter the layer of particles smaller than that one—you are already in the heavens.

nano-ant-man-2-micoverse  (Ant-Man’s Microverse..You aren’t looking up into the sky, into space. Instead, you are looking down, into the deepest structure of matter…)

“It’s just that the levels of heavens are different, and the microcosmic degree is different. After you enter the microcosm, although you see that you enter the stone, enter your body, or enter a certain thing, you have actually entered the broad universe connected to that dimension.  (click) In other words, this isn’t the human way of thinking. I often say that what people refer to as east, west, south, or north, up, down, in, or out, doesn’t exist in the universe, and it’s different from human thinking and concepts. After I explain it like this you will understand, “Oh, it’s not at all like it is when you use human thinking to contemplate it.

nano-nupex-micro-macro                                   (Macro-cosm/Micro-cosm)

“The present-day science is very shallow. It can’t detect or know the real heavens because it crawls within only the current material dimension, and this has limited it. And the science imposed upon man by aliens is thus confined to this. Aliens are living beings in this dimension as well, and they are similarly incapable of knowing the truth of the universe…”




Eye Would Like To Inject A Seldom Discussed Topic, For No Researcher Has Come Even Close To The Real Analysis And Purposes Of The Mysterious Crop Circles. The Crop Circles Have Been Ridiculed By Myopic Academicians That Insist Crop Circles Are Done By Pranksters. They Are Stupid Enough To Believe Their Own Deceptions. God Bless Them! However, A Few Maverick Mathematicians, Quite Discreetly Have Discovered A First Order Secret Of The Crop Circles, Namely, Thus Far Unknown Geometrical Theorems, The Most Famous Being Astronomer Gerald S. Hawkins’ Five Theorems Extrapolated From Circles In England Involving Circles Within Triangles, etc. Professor Hawkins From Boston University Found That The Patterns Displayed Exact Numerical Relationships, All Of Them Involving Diatonic Ratios, Which Are Whole-Number Harmonics That Determine A Musical Scale. He Commented, “these crop circles reveal a profound mathematical knowledge by their creators”. Years Later, In The 1980’s, Other Maverick Physicists Noticed That After Studying Hawkins’ Papers And Hundreds Of Other Designs That Many Of These Crop Circles Resembled Nanotechnology Microcircuits! To Make A Long Story Short, Some PC Boards Were Built, And Lo & Behold, Amazing Effects Were Noticed When The Circuit Was Activated, Such As Unusual Sound Harmonics And The Likes Of Anti-Gravity Effects.

nano-1-quantumdot                               (Silicon Quantum Dot Qubit-Nano Chip)

Crop circle 2015 C                                       (Crop Circle-Wiltshire, UK 2015)

nano-8-blue-nano-pyramid                                   (Optical resonator/quantum dot nano-size pyramid)

Related image                                     (Crop Circle-Whitefield Hill, UK 2010)


This Research Was Kept Under Wraps (of course), And Other Japanese And German Colleagues Joined  The Endeavors. Some Advanced Circuitry For Exotic Applications Have Been Investigated By This Group Abroad, Potential Applications For “Anti-gravity Cranes”, Amazing Stereo 4-D Systems That “transport” The Listener To The Time Of The Recording In Space Time, Thus Experiencing A True Live Performance Indeed– Preston Nichols Used To Market Such A System, But He Never Disclosed The Type Or Circuitry He Used. Pity! Today’s Stereos Only Have Loud Bass, But No Depth Or Resolution At All. We Heard The “Crop Circuit Stereo” Played. It Is Sheer Orchestral Delight!

However, The Latest Research On Crop Circles Reveals That These Diagrams Are Two-Dimensional Projections Of 5 Dimensional Opto-Acoustical Holograms, And They Transmit Signals To Outer Space, Acting As Navigational Beacons To Distant Spacecraft Most Likely Approaching Our Planet Or Solar System. They Are Active Micro-Circuits That Work By A Combination Of Electro-Magnetic Energy (light) And Earth Grid Energy, For They Seem To Be Placed At Precise Earth Grid (EGN) Cross points. They Are A Sort Of Opto-Acoustical Radionic Transducer That Has Multiple Functions, One Of Which Is To Broadcast Coded Holographic Information To Crystal Transducers That Extraterrestrial Craft Are Equipped With…


Excerpted References: “Book of Wisdom”, and “Ancient Wisdom & Modern Physics”







The Face On Mars (We Told You So!)

Image result for face on mars


Greetings! As Those Of You Who Peruse This Site Can Tell, Eye Have A Fascination/Love For All Things “Otherworldly”. It Took Me Quite Awhile To Add My Two Cents On The Topic Of ‘The Face On Mars’, What With All The Overwhelming Data Already Out There. Well, It Wouldn’t Be Me If Eye Didn’t Offer My Particular Spin! LoL…As The Official Story Goes: In 1976 When The Viking 1 Mission Returned Photos Of The Martian Surface, The Image Of A Rocky Face In The Cydonia Region Captured The Public Eye. Was It A Trick Of Light And Shadows? A Remnant Of An Ancient Civilization? Interestingly Enough, Decades Before, There Were “Leaks” That Functioned As Psychological Subliminal Triggers, Or Technically  A “Wedge”, To Inform People Of What’s Coming/Already Here.  In The Science Known As Gestalt Depth Psychology, You Always State What You Are Going To Do–In Other Words, You Are Creating A “Leitmotif” (German word for archetype) That Is Deeply Embedded In The Subconscious Mind Of The Subject For Further Utilization Once The Wedge Is Activated. Perhaps The Word Archetype Should Also Be Used, For It Is Creating A Primordial  Image In The Psyche, A Phrase That “Sounds Cute”, Is “Catchy” And Constitutes Humorous Advertising. Therein Lies The Danger. It Is Programmed To Go Straight Into The Subconscious Mind Of The Unsuspecting Victim. Just Remember That The One World Order Psychology, Or Gestalt, Is To Let You Know What They Are Going To Do To You–So You Know, Subliminally, Because You Were Told. And So Without Further Adieu..

  1. “To Be Viewed From Mars, 1947” By Isamu Noguchi, an American artist and landscape architect whose artistic career spanned six decades, from the 1920s onward.[1] Known for his sculpture and public works, Noguchi also designed stage sets for various Martha Graham productions, and several mass-produced lamps and furniture pieces, some of which are still manufactured and sold.

1947…Hmmmm….A Coincidence?


2. “Race For The Moon-1958” Comic


One would be forgiven for thinking that the comic story above was inspired by the Face on Mars formation discovered at Cydonia by the Viking orbiter in 1976.

In fact it comes from a comic book published in September 1958.

The Face on Mars was published in a comic titled Race for the Moon. A synopsis of The Face on Mars story:

“The Face On Mars”, penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Al Williamson. – On an expedition from the Earth’s moon to the planet Mars, an international team of astronauts – led by American Ben Fisher – discover a huge carving of a Martian face – that’s as big as a mountain! Ascending to the inscrutable statue’s hollow eyes, Fisher plunges inside, where he finds a green, sunlit countryside with cool, rich and breathable air, one which shelters a civilization of “magnificent giants”. Suddenly, the otherworldly city is attacked by insect-like airborne craft, which bomb the giant’s homeland into ruins. Outraged, Fisher blasts away at the potato-like invaders who emerge from the landing aircraft, offering them a taste of their own “medicine”. Appalled by the wanton destruction, Fisher eventually locates a hidden stronghold of the surviving members of the race of Martian giants. As he eavesdrops, the Earthman sees one them pilot a rocket to destroy their enemy’s home base, an unknown planet located somewhere between Mars and Jupiter! Suddenly, Fisher begins to gasp for breath! Blacking out as he falls into oblivion, Fisher eventually awakens on the floor of the Martian desert, with an oxygen mask strapped to his face, while his expedition-mates hover over him. Fisher explains that the statue contains “a visual history of a race’s heroic death – and the triumph of a surviving memory”. Later, as they pilot their rocket to Jupiter, to Earth, Fisher and his team take careful notice of the debris-strewn asteroid belt – “the pieces of a planet that blew up between Mars and Jupiter”.

“Curiouser and curiouser”, said Alice…….

Sometimes real life seems determined to take us down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass.


3. Sci-fi Novel-1960


4. Of Course. Like Eye Said. There’s No Way Anyone Could Have Known. It Has To Be Coincidence At Best…

Ahh…….Eye Rest My Case…..This Is An Embellished Post Originally From:


The Elder Scroll: Galactic Citizenship The Compilation-10

Greetings! A Week Has Passed Since The Winning Of The Presidential  Election By Donald Trump, And All Of The Emotionally Charged Thoughts, Words And Actions Relative To His Win. That Energy Could Be Better Used In Effecting A Transformation In The Lives Of All. Wishful Thinking..? Well, The Intent Of This Missive Is To Ensure That Coming Into The Next 4 Years Of What Is Sure To Be Some Very Interesting Developments, We All Keep The Horse In Front Of The Cart! Capisce? Please Read On….

The concepts contained within the message information will begin with the first reading to change the perception of those that resonate with its intended solutions. It is apparent that the opposition’s wars on poverty, crime, cancer, and drugs have produced few positive results whatsoever. The Conceptual Purpose Of War Is To Provide Control Over Another Group Of Humans, Including Their Possessions. When this concept is applied to the wars on poverty, crime, cancer and drugs, it is possible to see how these fit the evil plans perfectly to manipulate and control from within more easily, By Gaining The Consent Of Those That Are The Intended Victims. These “good” intentions act as a magic trick to spread the focus of their intended purpose, because they apply the Law of Attraction. By resisting these situations and circumstances through focus of fear thoughts and actions, large groups of humanity are drawn into the planned experience.Image result for galactic view of war on drugs  Bolivia ended their war on drugs by kicking the DEA out of their country
Learn more:


It can be concluded that this warring approach would not birth the new paradigm into reality. It is necessary to comprehend that a 90-degree turn or any other degree of turn short of a 180-degreeturn to the opposite approach will not work. Those that make the decision to commit to birthing the new paradigm must make it their primary focus. What the opposing faction is focusing must be held in the peripheral vision. When Their Plans And Actions Are Faced Fully And Embraced With Fear, It Gives Them The Desired Energetic Support, And Aids Them Greatly In Accomplishing Their Goals. It is important to be aware but to remain focused on the plan that fits like a hand into the glove of creation. The glove is simply awaiting hue-manity to place their hand within it.

Image result for focus in spite of chaos

Symbology will play an important part in the ability to hold the positive focus. These have been used for eons of time as a focus point that allows for individual understandings and interpretations within a basic concept. This Calls Forth Freewill Commitment, Rather Than The Resistance That Comes Forth When Ideologies And Dogmas Are Strictly Structured. Self-awareness desires freedom and is drawn to a simple framework that allows for freedom within it.

Image result for symbology to hold the focus

It was the simplistic framework of the USA that drew immigrants from the world over, for it offered freedoms that had only been dreamed of. The value of the opportunity within this framework, however, was not honored by succeeding generations. This golden opportunity had been bricked and barred in through laws and regulations that one by one weakened it. Greed and deceit are the mortar that holds these bricks and bars in place and its citizens in bondage. Slowly and cleverly accomplished, the majority of citizens adapt and barely notice as each generation accepts what is and the creeping changes introduced during each span of time.

The Opposition Is Clever And Insidious, Patient And Well Organized, And Has Advisors With Great Technology. The Situation Is Serious Indeed.

Those who can comprehend the puzzle picture and its seriousness have the opportunity to choose the eventual outcome. The timing is now such that the occasion to even change the obvious outcome is long past. The sequence of events has reached the point of it being impossible to return to the previous opportunity by repairing the damage done. The plan within these messages, with widespread, purposeful and focused commitment, can and will accomplish the desired goal. It will require transcending old belief systems and leaving them in the bag to be left in the hands of the evil planners. These beliefs were designed by them to serve them. The sooner all committed messengers realize and face this truth, the sooner the end of their planned scenario will come. The New Paradigm Will Bring Into Being A New Set Of Belief Systems That Serve Humanity Not Enslavers. The Tools of the current limited concept of government along with religion and war must be left behind in their bag of tricks. The magicians must be left to ply their trade among themselves somewhere else.

The above underlined phrase is a clue to what has been part of earth’s past and present. It has been and is yet one of the “somewhere else” places. Has all of humanity been sent here because of past misbehavior? Not necessarily, many risk incarnations here for the opportunity to rise above (transcend) the negative behavior patterns and do succeed. Many do not and find themselves enmeshed in the circumstances of earth’s current crisis. The successful manifestation of the new paradigm will change not only the future of most of earth’s inhabitants, but free the planet from this assignment.Image result for galactic view of war on drugs

It is necessary that each individual gives this choice serious consideration and makes their decision based on a careful logical and emotional basis. Both modes of experience will be actively required in tandem synergistically. Each will support the other in times of doubt and frustration when all does not happen quickly enough, or expectations exceed apparent results. The desire to rescue the suffering will be great and examples of victims will be paraded before you through every media means available, for the purpose of keeping all locked within victim consciousness. The observer mode of allowance while the new paradigm focus manifests and brings the ultimate solution to their plight–must be held securely at the forefront of the conscious awareness. If dropped, it must be quickly picked up. Looking at or recalling a meaningful symbol is the easiest way to regain focus.

Will all that resonate and commit be able to retain their focus? The success of the project will depend on the consistent and the persistent. Each must look within themselves to determine if their evolvement and genetic adaptation is such that a commitment of this magnitude is possible, plausible and noble enough to find out if the traits of character necessary are available or not. It is certain that each one that commits will find out!



Jurassic World: The Untold Story


Image result for historical references to dinosaurs

Greetings! This Missive Is First And Foremost An Outpour Of My Love For All Things Ancient, Huge, And Well….Reptilian! As A Kid Eye Would Read Anything On Dinosaurs, Memorizing All Of Their Names (the Stegosaurus was my favorite), And Would Sit With Book In Lap And Just Ponder For Lengthy Periods Of Time, What A Planet Filled With  These Awesome Creatures Was Like, And If In Fact There Really Weren’t Any Humans Or Other Life Forms Contemporary To Them. Well…Keeping An Open Mind Has Led Me To These Two Treats:

Awesome, Awesome Graphic Novel Family! So Satisfied With My Purchase. The Concept Is Simple: Aliens Come To Take The Planet, And The Dinosaurs Try To Save It. Check Out The Preview:

“Listen closely. Is that thunder? Or voices? Or the opening chords for the end of worlds? The monsters are coming.” – Grant Morrison

From the minds of acclaimed filmmaker, Barry Sonnenfeld (director of the, “Men In Black” Films) and superstar graphic novel creator, Grant Morrison (Batman, The Invisibles, Action Comics, 18 Days), comes “Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens,” from Liquid Comics. The story focuses on a secret world war battle that was never recorded in our history books. When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, our planet’s only saviors are the savage prehistoric beasts which are much more intelligent than humanity has ever imagined.

Image result for dinosaurs vs aliens

Image result for dinosaurs vs aliens

Hopefully Your Appetite Has Been Whetted! 🙂 Now For Treat #2…..

Image result for Dire Dragons

Ahh…..”Untold Secrets Of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons”- By Vance Nelson. This Tome Is The Best $29 Eye Have Spent This Year. A Most Fascinating Look At Ancient Artwork Around The World Showing Accurate Depictions Of Dinosaurs. More Preview:

‘Dire Dragons’ makes the case for dinosaurs living along with man up until medieval times, not 65 million years ago, and looks at ancient artwork all over the world depicting what the ancients would have known as dragons. The book has many illustrations of ancient depictions of dinosaurs – carved in stone and wood, some in paintings, in ceramics, in tapestry.  These are shown country by country, and they were carved and painted centuries before the first dinosaur fossils were found in the 19th century.  Some contain details which could not have been known at the time – unless of course they had actually seen the creatures!’

Image result for Dire Dragons

Image result for giant humans and dinosaurs



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Through The Historical Depictions,The Case Is Being Built And Posited For The Biblical Creation Of Earth, Man And Dinosaur–If God Created All Within 6 Days, Then Man And Giant Reptile Did Co-Exist,  Let’s Not Forget To Mention “The Secret World War”, Evolution And Extra-Terrestrial Involvement. Well, Let Us Paint a Scenario Where Everyone And Their Views On The Beginning, Make Some Sense! 🙂  Impossible.? Please Read On…..

“You are about to embark upon the truth….For many years Humans have pondered about the evolution of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. The question was in the minds of Humans as to where each species and each lifeform evolved. You must learn of the evolutionary process.

Now, let us begin by learning of a time before, when a large craft from the NINGA fleet thought to be a meteorite crashed into the planet, sheering off the lower half of it. That was 24,000,000,000 billion years ago. Image result for mothership crashing into earth

This caused the development of Earth’s shape as you know it today, bringing with it, new kinds of life forms. Some to make residence beneath the seas of what is called Bimini today, where a great empire of Reptilians thrive, even unto this day. This empire is located in the Atlantic Ocean, in the area called the Bermuda Triangle or Angels Triangle; Other life forms took shape on the surface of the Earth.

It was gases and electrical sparks that formed the complex molecules, from the single ones, Originally Planted Here 76,000,000,000,000 trillion Years Ago. For billions of years, life continued to consist of no more than simple cells, Yet With Intelligence. As time passed, more complicated cells were born, and these cells gradually became even more complicated cells- which were giving birth until they eventually combined with each other, or  married to give birth to even larger organisms. The more complicated an organism, such as an Algae, the larger its brain is; thus the more intelligent it became. Image result for Algae

These living organisms evolved out of the water, through the ammonia, and onto the soil. Millions of years after that, the next group of animals developed called Metazoans. Their bodies were composed of specialized cells grouped to form tissues, organs, and systems, much like the animals today. These animals multiplied and diversified, and over a period of 19,000,000 million years evolved into man and many types of animals; Dragons called Terrible Lizards or simply Dinosaurs. This was the first evolution of life on planet Earth.These inhabitants went through many changes such as: The Ice Age glaciers, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes.

During this time there were also problems with the Dinosaurs and Humans. The evolution of the dinosaurs and humans was imbalanced to the point that the dinosaurs were much bigger than humans, and they were killing them off. These humans were of the Homo Erectus species. They had 6 ether hair(straight) covering most of their bodies.


                                     (Fossil of a Hominid ‘Proto-Human’ being eaten alive by an Allosaurus. Note the humanoid teeth of the prey being eaten. Some event/catastrophe killed them both.)


Dinosaurs are classified or divided into separate groups. One being the Saurischia, “Lizard Hips.” A four-legged, plant-eating Dinosaur, and can also be a meat-earing Dinosaur. The other being the Orinthischia, “Bird Hip.” This group of dinosaurs is your two-legged, plant eaters and all your armored dinosaurs. In your Ornithischian, the forward pointing bone has swung around in order that it can point backwards and forwards. And Saurischia have hip bones that are found within reptiles. These 3 bones point in different directions. These 2 names are in reference to the arrangement of three bones of the pelvis. In the Saurischia, these bones were arranged similar to that of modern Crocodiles and Lizards. These are your TANEEN, while the pelvis of the Orinithischia was bird-like.

Therefore, humans developed from a one-celled animal, which developed into a water creature; and these humans are Tadpoles, or Reptilians for the first 3 months in their mother’s womb. This is why humans still have webbed hands, gills, and scales. In their own evolution, with the help of their Mammalian parent they became the root seed of Mammals later called the Human Being. In Its Primeval state, they climbed upon the land mass and developed into land creatures and then onto Genus Homo, onto to Homo erectus. And these land creatures that were once Tadpoles or Reptilians grew while in their mother’s womb. From 3 months, plus 3 months more; during that period they were connected to an umbilical cord, umbilicus, or navel that is in the abdomen of the fetus and is connected to the placenta.

Image result for human sperm and tadpole correlation                                     (Top: Human Sperm. Bottom: Tadpole)

This mark on the surface of the abdomen of Mammals, who once dwelt in a marina, or water, is where the Umbilical Cord, also called Umbilicus, was. This central point, or middle, is attached during the gestation. The very word “navel” comes from the Middle English word “Nafela,” and is the same as the Aramic/Hebrew word “Nephela“, “Nepheliam“, “to fall down”, which is the same word. Its In The Phonetics Of The Language. It is a clear picture in these days and times that the words “Navy”, “Navel”, “Naval”, and “Marina” tie in. This Is  A Confession That Man Was A Tadpole, And Was Considered A Sea-Creature.

The first kinds of life-forms on this planet were the evolution of the Amoeba, Fungi, and Algae that lived underwater and evolved onto land, which were transported here. These began to form larger molecules, until protein was formed. It was this formation which ultimately resulted in the prototype of the living cell, which occurred 46,000,000,000,000 trillion years ago. Bear in mind that these chain reactions did not occur by blind chance, but only by the will of The Most High, ANU. The stage after the creation of the first cell took place in the lab of SHIMTI “where the breath of life is breathed,” which was located on Lahmu/Mars.

Jurassic world cydonia red


Jurassic world-cydonia1


This cell, or cells, was then placed inside the Vulcan deity, a Dolphin. The dolphin as a whale went from the stars to this planet in the sea, then onto land, then back into the sea as a whale. The word dolphin comes from the Greek  delphis, meaning “womb” because of its shape, and it was the womb of transport for the human cell.

Image result for dolphins from another star system

These first cells in Shimti were transplanted and transported into the seas of this planet. This transportation involved the development of the first animals billion years ago. These were the single-celled organisms called Protozoa, which comes from the greek Proto “first in time,” and Zoa from Zoia meaning “animals”. When reproducing, the protozoa splits into two separate animals or cells. Just as at birth, the mother splits in two beings. Over a period of 19,000,000 million years these animals multiplied and diversified and evoluted into many types of creatures and animal life forms. The protozoa were originally transported and planted here on this planet Earth by these beings from the planet Rizq, the Annunaqi, called Aluhum/Eloheem. And do not forget my child; the conditions of your planet had to be right! This also happened on many other planets. So there is life on other worlds, the key is water, in which is life as bacteria.

Image result for protozoa

When humans came out of water, your evolution jumped billions of years. When humans crawled on land they were in the form of what looked like crocodiles. If you examine the back or the spinal columns of humans you can see knots up and down the spinal column. Millions of years ago, it was a fin. This fin or sail was used to conduct heat and regulate heat, and the body had to mutate. Behemoth, mankind to this day still has at the end of his spinal column, an extension called a coccyx, that is a tail; as well as wings under the arms, and webbed hands.


Image result for baby born with a coccyx tail               (Baby born with a Coccyx tail, called an extended spine)

Image result for humans have wings under the armsImage result for humans have webbed hands

This human developed from what you would call a dinosaur today. This dinosaur was called Dimetrodon. It got its name from it, having that which is unique that being two sets of teeth. No other animal had two sets of teeth. The Dimetrodon was a large meat eating reptile which measured some 10 to 12 feet from nose to tail, and was the first to inhabit the land. It was a warm blooded reptile, known for the enormous sail on its back. This sail was used for the purpose of regulating body heat. By turning the sail to face the Sun,  the Dimetrodon was able to warm up much more quickly. In about a little less than an hour, which allowed more time to hunt. A reptile can’t stay active of it is too hot, however without heat, reptiles become more sluggish, still and helpless. But mammls can regulate the heat of their bodies because they are warm blooded. Dimetrodon is not an ordinary reptile.

Image result for proto mammals

The resemblance between Human and Dimetrodon was the teeth. Both human and dimetrodon have two sets of teeth which are the Incisors, Canines and different sized teeth behind the canines. This is only found on mammals. 360,000 ,000 million years before Dimetrodon, creatures crawled out of the ocean which were early amphibians. They split into 2 groups. One became the aggressive species, which were the Diapsid; and the other one was the passive Synapsid. They began to compete for supremacy. From generation to generation, each line improved and perfected itself. The Diapsids had two openings in the skull, which evolved into all modern reptilians, such as turtles, crocodiles, alligators, lizards, etc; While The Synapsids hd a single hole in the back of their skulls, which evolved into all proto-mammals such as Dimetrodon, armadillo, whale dogs, cows, human, and all other mammals that evolved in this line. The two holes allowed the skull not to squeeze the brain.

Proto-mammals were changing from Reptilian to Mammalian, and from a mammal like Reptilian posture. They took possession of the land masses for 50,000,000 million years and dominated the planet. Dimetrodon’s first descendants were hot blooded. This was a detour in evolution. They took steps from Reptilian to Mammalian. The Dinosaurs started to take control, and the proto-mammals began to disappear. In the Triassic period 245,000,000 million years ago. Thus larger, more powerful animals began a long conquest, and pushed proto-mammals to the brink of extinction. The lizard like Ophicadon and the warm blooded Dimetrodon reduced in size. Proto-mammals had to adapt to night life becoming nocturnal hunters. As proto-mammals began to mutate and evolute out of its present state, the size of their brains grew.

Mammal-like reptiles: Cynognathus (Cynognathus crateronotus) and Placerias (dicynodont therapsid). Cynognathus is a 3 foot long predator that lived during  the early Triassic period. It was one of the more mammal-like of the mammal-like reptiles, a member of a grouping called Eucynodontia. Triassiac age of Africa.

(Mammal-like reptiles: Cynognathus (Cynognathus crateronotus) and Placerias (dicynodont therapsid). Cynognathus is a 3 foot long predator that lived during
the early Triassic period. It was one of the more mammal-like of the mammal-like reptiles, a member of a grouping called Eucynodontia. Triassiac age of Africa.)

During this time, Extra-Terrestrials had leaped in and started breeding also. Although life evolved from the seas, all of it did not originate there. Some life forms crashed in the seas of Tiamat “maiden of life,” or Earth  from the Maldek incident; particularly from the Ninga star fleet. They being from another star constellation, and they lived under the seas of Tiamat/Earth. These other life-forms were beings known as the Trogolodytes, or Maldekians, which crashed down on Earth. One of the four Maldekian crafts, called the West Wind, Crashed into the enter of the Planet Earth. These Beings lived in the seas of Earth for millions of years. their home base is under the Bermuda Triangle.

Image result for maldek incident

They set up kingdoms called Yams under the waters. The Maldekians developed into intelligent humanoids by abducting and mixing their seed with humans. This is where the Reptilian like dinosaurs came from. While on one hand there was another set of Extra-terrestrial beings like the Greys, from which some of the Dinosaurs evolved from.

Image result for maldekian

Image result for maldekian
(Top: Trogolodyte.  Bottom: Maldekian Reticulan)
These Greys came from the star constellation Orion, the star constellations of Arcturus and Pleiades. Meanwhile, the Reptilians ruled them from Rigel and Betelgeuse, Belletrax, Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak in the Orion Star constellation and Auriga in the Capella star formation. They Were All In Fear Of The Aggressive Insect-Type ‘Predator’ Extraterrestrial From Andromeda, Many Of Which Came Down To This Planet Earth.
Image result for orion star constellation
One of the common species of dinosaurs that evolved from the Rumardian ssed of Greys was the Hypsilophodon, who came out of the Jurassic Period. They were called Hypsilophodon because of their “high ridge teeth.” The Hypsilophodon were herbivores, they only ate off plants and fruits, extracting the needed chlorine.
Image result for hypsilophodon jurassic park
The most common dinosaur that evolved from the Reptilians were the Tyrannosaurus Rex, meaning “Tyrant Reptile” or “Terrible Lizard”. It was 50 feet long and 20 feet in height, and weighed 7 tons. It was the largest carnivore that ever walked the Earth. This creature is known to be the king of the meat-eaters. The Tyrannosaurus Rex came out of the Reptilians making them part Dinosaur and part Reptilian……”
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Excerpted From “The Holy Tablets”

Project:Blue Rock-Geometric Prison Keys





Geometry Is A Very Important Subject, And Curriculum In Mathematics. Most People Do Not Recognize It’s Importance, However It Has Many Practical Applications, Most Especially In Engineering And Architecture. Geometry Deals With Size, Shape, And The Relative Position Of Figures And The Associated Space.  An Object, As Well As A Space’s Property Such As Volume And Strength, Is Computed Using The Principles Of Geometry. All Of What We See Around Us Employs The Use Of And Is Composed Geometry/Geometric Figures–“Templates Of Reality”. These Designs  Most Assuredly Were/Are Not  Made By Accident. Complex Computations Are Necessary To Come Up With The Designs, And Some Geometric Figures Are Not Only Designed For Aesthetic Purposes, But Serve Other Functions As Well. From Ancient Times Till The Present Day, This Most Conspicuous, Yet Secretive Knowledge Has Been Employed For The Advancement, And Detriment Of The Beings On This Planet, Hence- “Geometric Prison Keys”.

Image result for platonic solids


Depicted Above Are The ‘Platonic Solids’, And Their Associated Elements. These Geometric Forms Dubbed The  “Templates Of Reality” Creates All Of Our Reality In This Dimension. There Is A Geometric Template For Every Life Form That We Know Of, And We Give It A Name–Bird, Turtle, Fish, Pencil, Chair etc…We Recognize Them Because Of Their Geometric Configuration.

Image result for geometric configuration of animalsImage result for geometric configuration of animals

Certain Geometrical Shapes Have The Power To Reach Deep Into The Unconscious And Effect Subtle Changes In The Mood Of The Observer. This Property Is Perhaps Most Apparent When Applied By A Skillful Architect. For Example, Visitors To The Pyramids Of Egypt And Classic Greek Sites Such As The Parthenon Often Experience A Sense Of Inner Tranquility That Can Linger For Days Or Even Weeks. The Most Direct Explanation For The Psychological Power Of Abstract Shapes Is That They Symbolize Certain Human Emotions. An Abrupt Shape With Irregular, Jagged Edges For Most People Symbolizes Anger Or Anxiety, While A Symmetrical Or Rounded Shape Represents Feelings Of Relaxation And Inner Peace. It Is Possible That The Near Universal Meanings Of Certain Shapes Reflect Sonic Pattern-Making Ability Within The Mind Itself. There Is Firm Evidence Some Geometric Forms Are Innately More Pleasing Than Others.

Sacred Geometric Forms, Or Polyhedrons Allow a Correct Balanced Absorption And Emission Of Energy & Information From All The Relative Directions Of The External Universe Coming Thru Those Axes. Now That The (hopefully) Simplified Intro To Geometry Is Out Of The Way…Let Us Proceed Onto The Evidence Of Our Imprisonment By Geometry, The Battle Between The Custodian-Jailers Of This Planet, And The Members Of Project:Blue Rock & Their ‘Geometric Prison Keys’—-


“Major Cities Like Washington D.C., Are Built On Geometric Talisman Layouts, i.e. The Pentagram. BUT More Importantly, There Are 3-4 Layers Of Talismans Built Upon Each Other, Then The Structures Placed. It Is Like That For Many Cities, Government Buildings, And More. Most People Don’t Realize, Care, Or Catch On To This…”

Geo Prison1

(The Pentagon-Washington D.C.)    


Geo Prison14 DIA-denver international airport swatika

(Denver International Airport-note the swastika)

Geo Prison6 NY Supreme Court Centre Street

(Supreme Court-New York City-Hexagon)

Geo Prison11 fort mchenry_small

(Fort McHenry-Baltimore, Maryland-Pentagram)




(National Library of Republic of Belarus- note the  Rhombicuboctahedron)

GEO-Vesting Boutange Holland 

(Fort Bourtange, Holland-Pentagonal Flower)

Geo Prison2 Greensville Correctional Center

(Greensville Correctional Center, Virginia-Hexagon)

Geo Prison3 715118NavalCommunicationStationHaroldEHolt

(Naval Communication Station-Harold E. Holt, Austrailia: Hexagonal Layout)



(Canberra, Australia Capital City- note the nine pointed star or Nonagon, Tessalated or overlaid 4 times!)  


Geo Prison19 UN City-Copenhagen

(UN City-Copenhagen, Denmark-note the Octagram or 8 pointed star)

Geo Prison12 Cologne-Bonn-Airport 

(Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany-note the Pentagram & Hexagons)


There Are Many More Examples Of These ‘Geo-Talismans’, But For The Sake Of Brevity, Am Keeping The Lions Share Of My Collection In The Bag! However, If Your Looking Through Your 3rd Eye, The Implications Should Be Sobering, To Say The Least.


Geometric Prison Keys :  This Segment Is A Short List Of The Entities Involved With Raising The Consciousness And Quality Of Life For Humanity, Through The Employment Of Geometry:

1.Crop Circle Creators: What Are Called Crop Circles Have Caused Great Curiosity. In Times Of Great Stress For A Planet, Not An Unusual Thing In Keeping All Within Balanced Orbits, etc., Energy Is Focused Into The Various Grid Systems That Maintain Orbit And Spin Velocities And Other Physical Phenomena.


Geometric prison keys1


Geometric prison keys 2

It Is Similar To Tuning Up Your Automobile Engine To Keep It Running At Peak Efficiency. This Is Done On A Regular Basis. In The Case Of Our Planet, Which Is Under Great Stress, As Even The Most Sleeping Human Will Acknowledge, This Process Is Going On With Increased Regularity. The Crop Circles Are Dynamic Energy Codes That Are Being Sent As Usual, But Are Being Made Visible As An Attempt To Awaken Humanity To The Truth That Outside Help Is Maintaining The Balance.

Image result for crop circles 2016Image result for crop circles 2016

Image result for crop circle energy grid of planetImage result for crop circle energy grid of planet

Image result for crop circle energy grid of planetImage result for crop circle energy grid of planet

The Shapes Vary With The Specific Energy Patterns Being Focused. There Are Certain Particularly Restorative (for lack of a better word) Areas That Bring Forth Specific Planetary Responses. These Shapes And Places Are Matched For The Response Needed. These Are Not Meant To Be Decoded, But Rather Accepted For Their Intended Purpose.



Image result for tama re egypt of the westImage result for tama re egypt of the west(Tama-Re’ ‘Egypt Of The West’ in Eatonton, Georgia. A fearless & defiant declaration of war against the malevolent influences/energies being placed into the energy grid of this planet. The Magurag ritual pictured, was a  positive counteracting and balancing ritual  that was initiating a “morphic dominoe effect.” One of the main reasons, in my view, of the invasion and takeover of the land.)


3. Dr. Ibrahim Karim: This Architect From Egypt Is The Founder Of A Science Which Has Been Rediscovered From Ancient Times Now Known As Biogeometry.

Image result for Dr. Ibrahim Karim

The List Of Good Things To Say, And The Awesome-ness Of This Man & This Modality Are Numerous, So Eye Will Just Quote And Post Link:

“Balancing the activities of daily life, achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, humanizing modern technology, integrating science and spirituality, and discovering the unified scientific reality behind all religions is the work of the science of BioGeometry®.

Just two decades ago everybody was afraid that the end of life on earth would come as a result of a Third world War. We thought that the global extinction of life on earth would come from nuclear warfare and our carelessness towards our environment, endangering plant and animal life; the ozone hole and global warming causing natural disasters everywhere. However, the real potential danger is one that we are barely aware lurking just around the corner.

The age of information carries with it the potential to the global extinction of our civilization. We are continuously increasing the amount of carrier waves needed for the wireless technology of modern communication in the earth’s atmosphere every day. These electromagnetic waves are thousands of times stronger than the level used in the communication in our body cells. The problem is not the saturation of the earth’s atmosphere through quantity, but also a detrimental quality. Even people who avoid using high technology are not immune. No one is immune even if one lives at the far end of the world or on top of the Himalayas, because these are carrier waves with penetrating properties. It is like trying to move a breeze through a storm, our immune systems are continuously trying to correct the distortion in the transfer of inner information in our body; very soon the threshold will be reached when a total collapse of our body defenses will take place.

BioGeometry® is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape; it uses shapes, colours, motion, orientation and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. BioGeometrical shapes are two or three-dimensional shapes specially designed to interact with the earth’s energy fields to produce balancing effects on multiple levels on biological systems. They were developed and patented by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim, D.Sc. in Cairo, Egypt, during research since 1968.

To understand the effects of BioGeometrical shapes on the human energy system, we have to recognize that the human body has an energy field around it, which has its own north-south axis. As we move around, the angle formed between our individual axis and that of the earth is constantly changing, and this in turn either strengthens or weakens our energy field. The positive range is very small, vulnerable most of the time, and is a major factor affecting our health and well being. BioGeometrically balanced energy, however, considerably strengthens our energy fields to such an extent that we are not detrimentally affected by changes of orientation. In fact, it appears to cancel obvious energy interactions predicted by currently accepted physical laws.

Research in BioGeometry® was and still is mainly dedicated to the development of a new form of architecture that would enhance the human biological system and give a new meaning to the concept of “Home”. To upgrade the energy quality of existing homes and cancel the potentially harmful effects of unchecked energy fields due to the architectural design, furniture layout, electrical wiring and modern appliances, specially designed decorative elements are strategically placed to neutralize negative energy and add a positive quality to it. BioGeometrical shapes when designed or engraved on jewelry have shown positive effects on the body’s energy field, and reduce considerably the potential health hazards caused by cellular phones, computers and all other modern appliances.

The impact of geometrical shapes on human energy systems has always been universally recognized. This awareness gradually disappeared, and our “modern” approach is to consider these ancient forms either as symbolic art without function, or attribute them to magical practices. Although the modern development and practices are not directly derived from Ancient Egypt, a very advanced know-how in this field is evident when we analyze and use the shapes that they have developed thousands of years ago.

They must have been able to interact with nature in a more advanced way than we do today, based on the study of the vibrational properties of the geometrical shapes they used in their monuments, art, statues, amulets, and many other aspects of life. The effects of energy went beyond the Pyramid shape; the Ancient Egyptians used it in a very practical way in all aspects of their life. Unlike our modern energy forms that are highly amplified states of energies occurring in nature, this science dealt with forces on a natural level as they occur in nature. That means that this Ancient Egyptian science was more like a language that they used to establish two-way communication with nature. This two-way information flow process was used to establish total harmony in all actions between man and nature, to acquire a deeper knowledge about anything by accessing information about it’s working principles on the energy level, and most important of all to influence any action in nature by manipulating its energy patterns to achieve the intended results.”

Ahhh……….’Nuff Said Folks. If You Have Gotten This Far, Thank You For Reading…


Gays:Guardians Of The Gates, “Hormone Sexuals”, & The Gay Agenda Pt.3




Greetings! This Post Is A Bow Of Appreciation To All Who Have Read Parts 1 And 2, Liked And Left Awesome Commentary, And Shared Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Etc. Eye Am Ever So Grateful For You Wonderful People Tuning In, And Will Dig A Little Deeper Into This Profound Topic While Doing My Best To Get Some Questions Answered. Love, Respect, And Gratitude To The Master Teacher Known To Us As Paa Nabab Yanuun (Malachi Kobina York), King Etznab-Shaquan:El Rey, Afroo Onoo, And Hilton Hotema For The Data That Made This Compilation Possible….

In the initial seeding of this planet (which is really an aquarium…its mostly water), came the Universe Scientists  from Sirius “Sabat-aat” (12) and Orion “Saah-aat”(12). All females and males represented in equal standing (24) to populate the planet to progress through their lineage. However, in the melding and physical personification of these ETHEREAL Gods/Goddesses through the process known as PHOTOMORPHOSIS, they took on the Neuter Gender- dual souled forms of Her-maphrodites/He-maphrodites…

The separation into what is now regarded as “normal” uni-sexuality is a process that took millions of years. Many details of the different reproductive stages passed through, and the corresponding changes in anatomy, are lacking. But in an attempt to give a general scenario… The original beings, as mentioned, personified themselves by the process known in universe science as PHOTOMORPHOSIS. There must be original production or creation (growth) , a person or thing created (grown) for the first time before re-production.  This fact is known as Natural-Growth Origin. PHOTOMORPHOSIS is the Ethereal process of developing a Brain, and by Creative Reason, Mental-Image the parts/formulas of a being-to-be into a united whole image of coordinated systems, and then indeed mentally contract and retract (shrink and fold) by Reason into an egg, cell, or seed form to be fertilized, if the formula does not already have built in fertilization. The outline or outside image of the being BY PHOTOMORPHOSIS is called OUTER-MORPHOSIS, and the inside parts imaging by PHOTOMORPHOSIS is indeed known as INNER-MORPHOSIS in Universe Science. When all systems of the being-to-be are complete in Mental Configurations inside and outside, the will-be-entity is ready for the next step: Mother Earth gestates the egg or seed, and the images unfold and fill out

In the early root-race, humans had no external sex organs such as now exist. Initially ‘vital cells’ were exuded from all parts of the body and coalesced into a huge egg, in which the fetus gestated for several years. Later an egg was laid that had been formed within the body. The idea that early (semi-astral) humanity was egg-laying is not as strange as it may seem; the modern method of reproduction is essentially a modified, internal, microscopic version of the same thing. At some point, offspring began to be born with external sexual organs, and initially these individuals were probably true functional hermaphrodites or male-females, who fertilized one another and could play the role of male or female. Gradually this form of true hermaphroditism gave way to pseudohermaphroditism and finally to unisexuality. In humans today, males have nine orifices and females prior to the separation of the sexes, 10 orifices existed in the hermaphrodites of the third race, first potentially, then functionally. (excerpted from”Sex and sexuality”

The dolphin was one of the primary transporters of the male sperm for the purpose of replenishing the earth with human beings, after the destruction of the Dinosaurs by way of an asteroid. The term dolphin or delphis means “womb” and the male sperm being transported by way of the dolphin, and women being in the primordial waters as mermaids giving birth to a male species underwater. Based upon women being the offspring of HERMAPHRODITES, there was no use for single male entities on this planet for a very long time, because ALL women really needed was the Sun to ignite PARTHENOGENETIC Activation, giving birth to other women, and they mated amongst themselves for a very long time….(please refer to part 1) and  ‘Genetic Adam Never Met Eve’–


There are several phases or branches of the Law of Nature that we shall now recite as follows: 1) Relative existence implies absolute existence. 2) Actual existence implies potential existence. 3)Nothing can be that never was. 4)Anything which has been can never entirely disappear.Everything  that has been, that is, or that will ever be, must first have a potential existence. Every plant and herb, every living creature was a possibility long before it appeared and grew and became an actuality. These statements are based on the doctrine that something cannot come from nothing. Having noticed these fundamental laws, which no scientist can well question, let us now see what results appear when they are applied to man.

There are human beings known as Hermaphrodites. Such persons possess in one and the same body all the attributes of male and female. The two sexes are united in one individual. The Hermaphrodite is a person who is neither male or female, and yet may be considered as both or either, depending on the physical characteristics of the individual and the development of the genital organs. Such persons are a distinctly intermediate type, combining in a degree the qualities of both sexes, and forming a clear Connecting Link between the physical condition that was, and the physical condition that now is. Being unable to read Nature’s record, science considers the modern Hermaphrodites as monstrosities, “freaks” of Nature. To students of Natural science, these “monstrosities” appear as evidence of what has been. There is not a perfect uni-sexual person upon the face of the earth. There never was and there never will be. It is possible to produce a perfect Bisexual Man; but it is impossible to produce a perfect Uni-sexual Man. At least God and Nature have not been able to do it. On this authority we assume that it cannot be done.

Since it is impossible to produce a perfect Uni-sexual Being, we have the scientific fact as evidence that such a being never was, and therefore never can be. As it is possible to produce a perfect Bi-sexual Being, we have this scientific fact as evidence that such a being once was, and, therefore such a being can again be. We arrive at the same conclusion when we consider the matter from the other angle, that nothing which has been is entirely lost. Every man and every wo-man possess in their bodies unto this day, all the organs and glands of a perfect Bi-sexual Being. They are still, in a certain and definite degree, a Perfect Hermaphrodite, an Androgyne–having the organs, glands, and characteristics of both sexes in one body. Their classification as male or female is largely arbitrary, and depends upon which characteristics predominate, and which generative centers are more fully developed.  

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Because the facts have never been properly presented, it has never occurred to you that you are a partial hermaphrodite. If classified as male, he is a partial hermaphrodite in that he has in his body all the sexual organs and glands of the female, but in a more or less rudimentary state; and in the case of a female, vice versa. We have seen that in every man appears the vestigial organs and glands of the female, including such internal organs as vagina and uterus; and in every female appear the vestigial organs and glands of the male, including such external organs as phallus and testes. If connecting links and missing links may be relied upon as traces of what has been, and as evidence that reveals the past condition of man physically, there is an overwhelming amount of traces and evidence at command on this point:

1] We still have on earth today four classes or sexed types of human beings grouped as follows: A) Imperfect uni-sexual individuals-males and females. B) Imperfect bi-sexual individuals:‘pseudo-hermaphrodites’. C) Hermaphrodites who are almost perfect-‘true hermaphrodites’. D) Neuter sexed individuals who have not developed the generative organs and glands of either male or female, and are sterile, barren, being incapable of generation-a condition in particular known as ‘MRKH Syndrome’.

2] Bisexuality was the original condition of man, and accounts for the fact that all phases of sexual consciousness expressed–Asexuality, Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, Auto-sexuality; are but continuous degrees of each other like the progress of the day- the night melts into the dawn, the dawn into morning, the morning into noon. An overwhelming amount of evidence is available, a portion presented here to show that science is wrong. A) Heterosexuality and (B) Uni-sexuality are not the normal psychical and physical state of man.

3] The degrees through which man has passed from Asexuality to Heterosexuality are exemplified in the multitudes of individuals whose psychical and physical development are such that they cannot be classified by science as Heterosexuals and Uni-sexuals.  There are persons classified as uni-sexual physically who are auto-sexuals and homo-sexuals in their psychical development. There are partial bisexuals who are heterosexuals in their psychical development.

4] Women who are genetically male-possessing XY or YY chromosomes yet experience normal vagina and breast development. A genetic condition known as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.Image result for intersex people

5] The mammary glands of man occasionally develop to a functional degree and produce milk as in women, and have the capability of breastfeeding. A phenomena known as Male Lactation/ Galactorrhea.


6] Females are the primal and original sex, producing the male. Under the Law of Heredity, this actually makes the male a deformed female.

7] Maleness results from excessive development of the positive qualities and a corresponding atrophy of the receptive qualities.

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8] The male penis is an excessive development of the female clitoris.

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9] The male scrotum is formed by a union of the lips of the vulva and their expanding into folds, leaving a raised seam (raphe) that divides the scrotum into two parts, and extending from the anterior portion  of the anus to the extremity of the penis.

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10] The testis appear as herniated ovaries, with the positive element of the ovaries developed to a functional degree, while the receptive element is rudimentary and atrophied.

11] The diseased condition of menstruation appears in some men as well as women. This is known as Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome.

12] The prostate gland in man is a rudimentary uterus.

13] If man and woman were distinct types neither would possess the qualities of the other so fully developed, in some instances, that they cannot be classed as either male or female……

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“We Were Star Travelers, Astronomers, Geneticists, Mapping And Manipulating DNA And Grokked The Science Of Sex And Gender, And Why Certain People Were Born That Exemplified The Androgynous Traits. That Comprehension Was Reflected In Indigenous Tribes Cultures And ‘Mythologies’ Around The ‘Twin Spirit’, ‘Gatekeeper’, Etc….”

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