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Greetings Family! In My Line Of Work And Interests, Eye Am Always Fascinated By The Stark Contrast Between What Is Available & Kept Hidden, And What Is Revealed. Hence The Dedication Of This Site To The Slow But Steady Pulling Back Of The Veil, So That Those Who Want To Can Move Forward In Fact & Reality–Which Eye Am Finding Is Akin To The Layers Of An Onion: Just When You Thought You’ve Figured It Out, The Adventure Has Just Begun! The Inspiration For This Missive Has Come From A Thoroughly Enjoyed Sci-Fi Read:

Image result for the light of other days arthur c clarke

An Unprecedented Collaboration Between Two Of The Greatest Writers In The SF Genre. Here’s Some Preview: “When a brilliant, driven scientist  and entrepreneur/industrialist harnesses the cutting edge of quantum physics and invents WormCams, wormhole opening technology that enables people everywhere, at trivial cost, to see one another at all times: around every corner, through every wall, into everyone’s most private, hidden, and even intimate moments. It amounts to the sudden and complete abolition of human privacy–forever.

Then, as society reels, the same technology proves able to look backwards in time as well. What happens next is a story only Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter could tell. The Light of Other Days is a novel that will change your view of what it is to be human.”

It Would Be A Spoiler Of The Greatest Magnitude To Go Into The Counter Culture That Develops In Resistance To This Pervasive Invasion, And All The Awesome Technological Gadgets Used By The Characters In This Tome Who Inhabit The 22nd Century Earth. Luckily, We Don’t Have That Long To Wait. For Not Only Are These Advancements Possible, But Are Already Here! Yet Another Wyzedome Overview-Prepare To Download….

The human body is a composite of corrections to previous experiments that produced limited modes of physical experience. Through lessons learned, a model was conceived with the potential to evolve through multiple dimensions of experience. As the awareness changed patterns, the human body was designed to accompany that change. It was also designed so that the awareness could enter and leave a body.

                                           (AVATAR: Make sense people….?)

In other words, the awareness was not required to cease its existence if the body was destroyed through accident or inadequate maintenance. What you call disease is inadequate maintenance. The ability to enter and leave was a known requirement, for the potential of the human body is so limitless that its capabilities of adaptation are greater than units of self-awareness can comprehend in one focus of life experience.

                    (Again, above paragraph exemplified in the movie AVATAR)

It is important that the reader fully understand that the awareness is not the body, but is merely housed within the body during conscious awaking hours. It can and does sometimes leave the body during sleep, under anesthesia and traumatic periods of unconsciousness. The consciousness can become aware of this separation and can indeed train itself to leave the body intentionally. Some of those with this ability are being employed on a regular basis to intentionally visit particular people and events employing only their focused awareness/spirit, and then can and do report on these activities to those of the dark intent. Just as the physical body can be trained through gymnastics and other exacting physical sports to accomplish impressive feats, so also can the awareness be exercised and trained to do what most would consider difficult to believe.

Image result for men who stare at goats                             (The foregoing info was downloaded via this film)

In this way each can begin to grasp that the “average human” on the planet is grossly unaware of its potential. The limitations of each are either self-imposed through acquired thought and belief patterns or through physical or mental limitations by genetic alteration/mutations. They are further limited by failure to maintain the physical body with proper  exercise , breathing, whole foods, and pure water.

The Above Pic Is Of The Fictional Character Professor X (played by Patrick Stewart) Who Is A Powerful Telepath And Mentor/Leader Of A Band Of Superhuman Mutants Known As The X-Men. He Wears A Device Called CEREBRO Which He Built To Help Him  And His Students Locate Others Like Them. The Device Amplifies The Brain Waves Of The Wearer, Thereby Augmenting The Mental Abilities Of A Psychic Many Times Over, And Generally Requires A Certain Mastery Of The Mind Before Use. Well, As Fate Would Have It, There Is In Fact A Real Life Cerebro, And Eye Have Sat On This Data Long Enough:



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An apparatus which enhances the ability of a person to perform remote viewing by connecting the human spiritual eye to the tetrahedral geometry of subspace…. US20060072226 – Remote viewing amplifierPatent US20060072226 - Remote viewing amplifier
Publication number US20060072226 A1
Publication type Application
Application number US 10/957,391
Publication date Apr 6, 2006
Filing date Oct 2, 2004
Priority date Oct 2, 2004
Publication number 10957391, 957391, US 2006/0072226 A1, US 2006/072226 A1, US 20060072226 A1, US 20060072226A1, US 2006072226 A1, US 2006072226A1, US-A1-20060072226, US-A1-2006072226, US2006/0072226A1, US2006/072226A1, US20060072226 A1, US20060072226A1, US2006072226 A1, US2006072226A1
Inventors John St. Clair
Original Assignee St Clair John Q
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Remote viewing amplifier
US 20060072226 A1
An apparatus which enhances the ability of a person to perform remote viewing by connecting the human spiritual eye to the tetrahedral geometry of subspace.
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1. A remote viewing station comprising:

(a) a rectangular box frame made of wood having a length of six feet, a width of four feet and a height of six feet;
(b) a large sheet of quarter inch Plexiglas, having an index of refraction of 1.50, mounted on the right side of item (1a);
(c) several wedge-shaped clear plastic spacers, three inches in width and eight and a half inches in length, having a wedge angle of 30° that are mounted on the interior right side of item (1b);
(d) a shorter sheet of quarter inch Plexiglas, having a length of one and a half feet, mounted on item (1c) parallel to item (1b);
(e) a wide bench on which the remote viewer sits so that the remote viewer can align his sight along the wedge angle of item (1c);
2. A remote viewing amplifier that:

(a) diffracts the spiritual eye of the remote viewer across the edge of item (1d) at an incident angle of 60° to the normal;
(b) refracts the spiritual eye at 35.26° to the normal due to the refractive index of item (1a) according to Snell’s Law of Refraction; and
(c) aligns the spiritual eye with the tetrahedral geometry of subspace due to the diffraction/refraction combination of item (2a) and (2b).

  • [0001]
    This invention enhances the ability of a person to perform remote viewing by connecting the spiritual eye to the tetrahedral geometry of subspace.

  • [0002]
    Remote viewing is the projection of spiritual modules of the human energy field to distant locations in order to see, communicate and interact with other entities who live in subspace, space and hyperspace co-dimensions of the universe.
  • [0003]
    One of my first remote viewings was made at night to a distance of 10,000 miles on the sunlit side of the earth. My spiritual eye and body projected together while my mental facilities remained in my physical body. I found myself looking down on a palm tree from a height of about one hundred feet. The palm tree had several coconuts in it as seen in FIG. 1. I then gave the command to lower myself to the ground. At that moment I went sailing down past the coconuts, barely missing the tree! Finding myself on a pathway through the tropical forest, I then came to an extremely long wooden bridge which crossed over a river gorge. On the other side of the bridge I could see three soldiers running toward me as shown in FIG. 2. The two soldiers in front were carrying rifles and wearing light blue berets. The man running behind them was wearing an officer’s cap with a red band. My first reaction was that I was going to be shot. I edged over on the right side of the wooden railing. They ran right past without seeing me. I then asked to see the building that these soldiers were guarding. Everything went dark, and then I found my spiritual eye peeking out of the floor of a computer room as seen in FIG. 3. There was one man using a computer on the opposite side of the room near an open door. He got up from his chair and came over to sit in front of a second computer located a few feet from where I was located. From the glare of the computer monitor, I could clearly see his face. Everything went dark as my spiritual eye and body projected back to my physical body.
  • [0004]
    Another time my spiritual eye, spiritual body and mind were standing outside the closed front door of my condominium. Upon patting my legs with my hands, I couldn’t find the keys in my trousers. When I looked down, I realized I wasn’t in my physical body. I then shot through two solid walls of concrete and returned to my awakening body.
  • [0005]
    What these two examples show is that the human spiritual energy system is modular. The reason it is modular is because there are seven hyperspace co-dimensions, each vibrating at a slightly different frequency, which receive energy from space through seven vortices located along the physical body. Over a lifetime, these vortices build up the human aura. Because all energy systems have to be grounded, the remaining six modules are the legs, body, arms/hands, voice, eye and mind. When the entire group is out-of-body as a single entity, then the soul energy powers the body in a manner similar to a battery. The soul looks like a two-inch diameter orange ball of plasma. If the soul is removed from the body, then the body becomes paralyzed except for a small movement of the eyelids. Upon death, all these separate modules are assembled into a single energy being. A light cord from the soul provides the battery power and information required to join these modules together. A second light cord from the pituitary gland transfers the modules into the energy being for assembly. This energy information transfer is the reason that people in a near-death situation say they saw their entire life flash before them.
  • [0006]
    Moving to a larger picture of things that are happening in the galaxy, I was able to make contact with the Pleiadian Federation which is located about 400 light years from earth. The Federation is a group of over one hundred intelligent beings that were brought to the Pleiades from around the galaxy. One member of the Federation calls itself the Intelligent Insect Beings. They are the ones who fly the black triangles over Belgium and France for the purpose of evacuating human beings back to the Pleiades for relocation on a planet called Earth II. The reason for this evacuation was that it was not known if it would be possible to win the battle of Revelations, which would take place about two years later here on earth.
  • [0007]
    As could be expected, the humans were angry and hysterical at being abducted. So the Intelligent Insect Beings asked me if I could calm them down. I was in telepathic communication with them, and they were in telepathic communication with their computer system, which meant that I could have my thoughts displayed to the humans on the computer monitor. It turned out that one woman was from Central America and only spoke Spanish. The Intelligent Insect Beings didn’t speak Spanish so they thought there would be no way I could communicate with her. So I told them that I would spell the Spanish words letter-by-letter and she could then read my message. Since most Spanish people are Catholics, I thought a religious message would be of importance to her. I spelled out the phrase, “Que Dios te bendiga.” which means, “May God bless you.” I also asked the two beings to put their hands together in a form of prayer, and the woman followed suit. At that moment the Intelligent Insect Beings were reading her mind to understand her emotional state. They said, “She is crying tears . . . ” After a slight but tense pause, they continued, “of joy!” They said the woman had a big smile on her face and was successfully transitioned into her new life.
  • [0008]
    One year later, the Blond Aliens of the hundred member council of the Pleiadian Federation remote viewed me so that I could celebrate with them the success of their mission to earth. The Blond Aliens, which is not their real name, fly the Beamship spacecraft. This hyperspace vehicle can teleport itself to any location in the galaxy. It dematerializes into the black void for an instance and then re-materialize anywhere in the galaxy. This ship can be seen in Billy Meier’s video from Switzerland along with a picture of their envoy, Semjase.
  • [0009]
    Just recently I had a demonstration of the Beamship’s ability. I heard an emergency distress call by a commander of a spacecraft who said that they had a fire onboard their spacecraft. I immediately remote viewed a Federation maintenance mothership, they got the frequency and location of the ship, and dispatched the Beamship in time to rescue the commander. The burned-out cables, which had caused the fire, were repaired by the Federation and the commander arrived home safely on his planet in his own spacecraft.
  • [0010]
    The Federation then received a message from the commander saying that he wanted his planet to join the Federation now that there was this type of communication available. So the Federation visited his planet for the signing ceremony, and I was invited to attend the proceedings by remote view. Word got around about this, and within three weeks another 20 planets joined the Federation for the same reason.
  • [0011]
    At one ceremony, which was attended by Admiral Third Class of the Pleiadian Defense Department, His Highness of the planet was signing the document of incorporation. At that moment, I could see him signing, so I exclaimed, “He is signing with his left hand.” The Admiral was almost apoplectic at hearing this. After giving her the signed document, His Highness held up his hand and asked me how many fingers he was holding up. He had a fist so I said none. Then he put his index finger out and I said one. He then made a fist again and I said none. Then he held out all fingers and I said five. The Admiral said that he had a big smile on his face as he went to announce the agreement because he knew, even though his planet was located 90,000 light years away on the other side of the galaxy, he could instantly communicate any problems to the Federation. So this is the importance of developing inventions that can enhance our remote viewing ability because one day it will mean that we can become a vital part of the Pleiadian Federation.

  • [0012]
    Referring to FIG. 4, the spiritual eye of the human energy system is located at the pituitary gland in the forehead. It has the shape of a hollow cone which is composed of the misty white energy of hyperspace. Light coming into this vortex is then transferred by a light cord to a visual energy module which is located in a co-dimension of hyperspace. Because these modules are interconnected by light cords, the mind module is able to interpret the visual pattern the eye is seeing. More importantly, the mind can give logical instructions to this spiritual eye module for it to rotate around or move in a particular direction.
  • [0013]
    The reason that hyperspace has a white misty look to it is that the speed of light is very much less than the speed of light in our spacetime. The Lorentz transformation says that the distance L is shortened relativistically to a distance L′ in a way related to the ratio of the velocity v of the object to the velocity of light c. L ′ = L ⁢ 1 – v 2 c 2
    If the velocity of light is very low, then a small velocity creates an enormous contraction in length. By moving through hyperspace, therefore, enormous distances can be traversed. And this is the reason that it is possible to project the spiritual eye, voice and hearing to remote locations in the galaxy.
  • [0014]
    The universe is composed of subspace, space and hyperspace which are co-dimensions of each other. Subspace is defined by the geometry of the tetrahedron which is a four-sided solid whose faces are equilateral triangles having three 60° angles. Referring to FIG. 5, a tetrahedron whose sides are the square root of three (A), has a height of the square root of two (B), and base length equal to the square root of one (C). This forms the basic number set {√{square root over (1)}, √{square root over (2)}, √{square root over (3)}}.
  • [0015]
    Referring to FIG. 6, the tetrahedron (A) is circumscribed by the sphere (B). Rod (C) is the sphere radius. A second rod (D), of equal length to rod (C), from the center of the sphere to the corner of the tetrahedron makes an angle φ of ϕ = ArcSin ( 1 3 ) = 19.47122063 ∘
    So the four corners of the tetrahedron touch the sphere.
  • [0016]
    This tetrahedral geometry can be seen throughout the planets of the solar system Referring to FIG. 7, the islands of the Caribbean curve down from Puerto Rico to Venezuela forming an island vortex. The low density hyperspace energy releasing from the corner of the tetrahedron softens the rock mantle. The hot magma then rises through the rock with the least resistance. This creates a circular arc of volcanic islands along the edge of the vortex.
  • [0017]
    Referring to FIG. 8, the Giant Red Spot of Jupiter is located at a southern latitude of 19.5°. This vortex is so large that the entire earth can fit in it.
  • [0018]
    Referring to FIG. 9, the Olympus Mons volcano is located at a northern latitude of 19.5° as shown by the marker. This volcano is the size of France. Notice the fallen plume of volcanic debris toward the north east.
  • [0019]
    The double harmonic of the tetrahedral angle is twice 19.5° or 39° which is the location of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, West Va. A large wormhole opened up around the bridge during Christmas rush hour when the bridge was full of cars. Due to the low density hyperspace energy, the rivets holding the cables down popped loose and all the cars were dumped into the river. A computer simulation using Schrodinger’s quantum mechanics equation for a particle in a potential well shows that as the energy becomes less dense, the particle is no longer contained in the potential well. The electron jumps out. Thus the atomic bonds are broken which softens the rivets. This is the first time that there has been an understanding of the failure mechanism of this bridge.
  • [0020]
    After downloading from the Internet several pages of the index of refraction of a wide range of materials, I noticed that the index of refraction for Plexiglas was 1.50. Another source said it was 1.51. One of the Internet sites had a movable flashlight which showed the incident ray and the refracted ray. For Plexiglas, surprisingly enough, the incident ray was coming in at an angle of 60° to the normal, and the light was refracted at 35.26°, both of which are tetrahedral angles. The angle of the equilateral face of the tetrahedron is of course 60°. The angle at the top of tetrahedron is the arc-cosine of the ratio of the height over the edge length. θ = ArcCos ⁡ ( 2 3 ) = 35.26 ∘
    According to Snell’s law, the index of refraction n, times the sine of the angle sin(θ1) of the ray leaving material m1, is equal to the index of refraction n2 times the sine of the angle of refraction sin(θ2) of the ray entering material m2. Referring to FIG. 10, the equation is
    n 1 sin(θ1)=n2 sin(θ2)
    The index of air n1 is equal to one. The index n2 of Plexiglas is 1.50. If the incident ray is at θ1=60° to the normal, then the output angle is θ 2 = ArcSin ⁡ [ n 1 n 2 ⁢ Sin ⁡ ( θ 1 ) ] = ArcSin ⁡ [ 2 3 ⁢ 3 2 ] = 35.26 ∘
    which is equal to the angle of the tetrahedron.
  • [0021]
    Then I recalled several months earlier that I had gone to the Subway restaurant to get a sandwich. I was sitting by the Plexiglas window communicating with the Admiral whose mothership was in earth orbit. She mentioned that they were bringing two people aboard. At that moment I looked out through the window and I could see both of them clearly and easily through my spiritual eye. To my amazement, I saw both of the captives start to pull out guns from behind their backs. I then projected by spiritual hands which resulted in preventing the attack on the security guards. To say the least, the Admiral was rather surprised at these events. She then asked me to look at the design of the window because she thought it had something to do with my enhanced remote viewing capabilities. Looking at the Plexiglas, I noticed that on the edge of the large window pane there was a shorter piece of Plexiglas which was mounted parallel to the window pane. This smaller panel acted to protect the yellow neon fluorescent tube. I took the measurements of the design using a piece of paper that I found near the table.
  • [0022]
    I then went home and designed up a mounting bracket with my 3D computer software. I had already installed the stereolithography software that converts the design to the *.STL file format. How stereolithography works is that it slices the design into many thin horizontal sections. The machine has a platform which is mounted in a bath of liquid polymer. An ultraviolet laser, mounted on an xy-table, then traces out the slice. Because the liquid polymer is light sensitive, it polymerizes immediately into solid plastic. Then the platform is lowered a few thousandths of an inch and the second slice is added. This process eventually builds up the complete 3D part. Using the Internet, the *.STL file is sent by e-mail to the stereolithography service provider who returns the part overnight. So the next day I had the piece from which I made a plastic mold and several additional pieces for mounting the Plexiglas bracket on a full sheet of Plexiglas that I ordered locally. It never occurred to me to measure the angles, so after I got the index of refraction for Plexiglas, I measured the incident angle and it turned out to be 61°. So then I realized that the spiritual eye was being diffracted across these two Plexiglas plates which connected it to the tetrahedral geometry of subspace. Because subspace is the foundation of space, this created a much more efficient route for remote viewing. The result is that this invention has allowed me to make contact with 430 alien civilizations. Since then I have been awarded the Aphysics prize for my work in the invention and elaboration of the tetrahedron diagram of which there are now over 4000 graphs. The scientific discoveries contained in the diagram are (1) the electron and proton are one and same particle, (2) the existence of hyperspace, (3) how mass can be taken out of dimension, (4) cosmology determines the elementary particles, (4) all the physics constants and the tetrahedral geometry are contained in the two 360° circles of the infinity symbol and (5) all the physics constants are determined geometrically and projected from a subspace manifold into our dimension. For my work in Revelations, I was awarded four beautiful galloping riderless white horses of the Apocalypse.

  • [0023]
    FIG. 1. Remote viewing the top of a palm tree containing several coconuts.
  • [0024]
    FIG. 2. Remote viewing three soldiers running across a wooden bridge.
  • [0025]
    FIG. 3. Remote viewing computer building that soldiers were guarding.
  • [0026]
    FIG. 4. Spiritual eye of human aura.
  • [0027]
    FIG. 5. Tetrahedron.
  • [0028]
    FIG. 6. Tetrahedron circumscribed by sphere.
  • [0029]
    FIG. 7. Caribbean volcanic island vortex.
  • [0030]
    FIG. 8. Giant Red Spot on Jupiter.
  • [0031]
    FIG. 9. Olympus Mons volcano on Mars.
  • [0032]
    FIG. 10. Snell’s Law of Refraction.
  • [0033]
    FIG. 11. Perspective view of remote viewing station.
  • [0034]
    FIG. 12. Wedge-shaped spacers for diffraction panel.
  • [0035]
    FIG. 13. Remote viewing angle.
  • [0036]
    FIG. 14. A remote viewing session taking place on a planet located 90,000 light years from earth on the other side of the galaxy showing His Highness signing with his left hand the document that allows his planet to become a member of the Pleiadian Federation.

  • [0037]
    1. Referring to FIG. 11, the remote viewing station is a rectangular box wooden frame (A) on which is mounted on one side a large sheet of Plexiglas (B). The diffraction panel (C), made of a shorter length of Plexiglas, is mounted with acrylic glue on the Plexiglas sheet using clear polyoptic molded plastic spacers (D).
  • [0038]
    Referring to FIG. 12, the wedge-shaped spacers (D) hold the diffraction panel (C) to the sheet of Plexiglas (B). The angle of the wedge is 30° which makes the incident angle 60° to the normal.
  • [0039]
    Referring to the top view perspective FIG. 13, sitting on the wide bench, the remote viewer can adjust his sight along the wedge for proper alignment at an angle of 60°. Due to the 1.50 index of refraction of Plexiglas, the spiritual eye is diffracted across the edge of the first panel and then refracted across the second panel at the tetrahedral angle of 35.26°.
  • [0040]
    Referring to FIG. 14, the remote viewing image is seen superimposed on the large sheet of Plexiglas which acts as the viewing screen.

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Avatar: Pandora is Earth- ‘Hometree’ is Real!

Greetings! And As Translated From –Please Excuse Translation & Grammatical Errors…


Adults and children do not share the same perception. And why? Because the eyes see an ordered matrix, and not as the world really looks like. Our eyes eventually became traitors, we are still in the blind age: the world is quite different than what we have seen through the prism of habit and experience. By the age of 30 the prism acquires the status of a guardian in our minds, and after 40 it can get even worse.



Old trees can be seen as a rarity, they are accounted for and protected as a natural monument.

But why do they say all the forests, even in Siberia, are not older than 200 years?

Where are the giants?

I want to approach this issue from the other side – beginning from the Earth’s poles. Soviet biologists have discovered something strange: the poles unnatural quantity of water in the form of ice and snow, and an unnatural quantity of carbon dioxide dissolved in the oceans. This clearly adds to the latest general craze trend about global warming. With some simple calculations, scientists claim they have deduced a figure that says that recently there was a general warming in 99.9% of the Earth’s biosphere.



It is known that living cells are composed mainly of water, so the snow caps of the poles are nothing but release of water organisms, which in the gaseous state migrated to the poles and then condensed in the form of precipitation.

Now think about it in the figure of 99.9%! In other words, what is now water grows, crawls, flies, swims and runs around the Earth, at a volume of 20,000 times smaller than it was before the warming! This was to all of our plants, animals and people together.

But then there was a hitch: the biologists have divided this figure by area of all the continents together and they did not work – there was not enough land and the fact is it shouldn’t be anywhere else but on land. It turned out that it was all fault of the stereotype thinking, because our usual forests of 30-meter height sat down like a virus in the minds of biologists and prevented the quick unraveling of the matter. If the plants do not fit in width, they should be placed upward. And all at once grow together!

And the new theory quickly drew a hypothetical forest of unimaginable heights. And soon, even here there were these pictures:






The barbaric fall of California Redwoods (between 1880 and 1920), which miraculously survived the 1816 bombing of the planet. Just imagine how many years you need to grow a tree to such an extent! And then came the creature with saws and axes: One, two, and there is a tree …

The proportions of the trees obeyed a rule: the diameter of the stump was approximately 3 times higher than the height of the woodcutter, let (1.75 m x3) x20 = 105 meters! Just think! Now you go into the woods, the height of which is in general no more than the usual 30 meters compared to 100. These were the fabulous forests, which are so fondly described in folk tales and drawn in cartoons. Forests that are lost forever, thanks to the these barbarians. I understand that it is just hired workers (they certainly need to feed the family), which received orders from above, but if each woodcutter refused the criminal order, the forest would remain whole.

Look at these photos carefully:





If someone thinks that the forests were cut down just for timber, then I hasten to dispel your naivety. The fact is that old trees work also as information storage, database, hard disks, in modern parlance. Everything that happens on the planet, the trees do record it in its information portal. A person with good enough sensitivity can just go to a forest and easily access any information about the past, just by touching the tree trunk.

I do not know for what reason, but several Redwoods barbarians decided to leave one alive – even made a fence and called it reserve.



So to sum up: as you can see the remains of a giant forest was found, hence – the theory of giant forests of the past proved how snow poles also took this place in the mosaic.

It seems that this topic could be closed here, but not so simple…

Too many myths and legends tell us about the transformation of people, animals and plants into stone. Take at least the book “Legends of Crimea”, as an example where everything converges for paleontologists around the world digging up fossils of animals and plants not only in Crimea, but also across the globe. There are also many museums around the world that are simply overwhelmed with petrified clover, frog-wah, FMD-ancestory, dinosaurs pieces, etc









So far so good? But don’t forget we have a topic here: trees. Where are the trees, guys?

The ancient California Redwoods are not appropriate here, since they are carbon based, and therefore do not fit into the Silicon Era. How do I know? Well, firstly, they are cut and sawed with standard tools (Silicon breaks axes and saws).

Second, pay attention to the growth of rings, indicating the change of seasons. Do not forget that as long as the stars Solar, day / night and summer / winter was not!



So, even these old giants in the photo are not related to the silicon era. So where are silicon trees or better yet, their remains? You will not believe it, but they have been found! Guess where? All in the same North America, in Arizona, to be precise.

It all seems to have converged on the edge of the area of the Aryans! Who now has been called the Grand Canyon.



“The height of cynicism – a career spent to calling it national parks.”

And the river Colo-RA-up …



Just think what made this ancient crater in “Kolo” on the other side of the world?

And another mark erased from the Earth…



The whole city of the Aryans pushed the bully-meteorite to 50 thousand years ago. But we pretended not to notice this theater of the absurd, because we are interested in silicon trees.

But are they?

I present to you an open-air museum. Petrified trees are scattered in the desert and also fenced. Today, anyone can visit the tourist area titled: Petrified Forest National Park.



This fossil park is not simple – it’s just simply unique! If a turtle and a frog turned to stone in gray and white pebbles, the local trees are turned into …

Semi-precious stones!











Can you see the annual rings?





Well? We admire the stones? Beautiful, is not it? Well, it’s time to sum up:

-All Our forests are young and do not grow higher than 30 meters;

-Our forests are now preserved in the form of American Redwoods;

-There exists fossils of the silicon era, including trees of gems.

Since as a child I saw “in the animal world” fossils of gerbils and frogs, I was tormented by the question and although it came from a children’s head, now it’s a million dollar question:

How can a frog be petrified, instead of just rot, as it should be with any organic body? I do not know about you, but it seems that something is not being told…

“… Fossilization process occurs underground, when the body is buried under sediments, but do not deteriorate due to lack of oxygen …” – Wikipedia.

We need some kind of natural disaster, such as a volcanic eruption, or clay rain, to cover frogs and mammoths alike, where these sedimentary rocks together with air bacteria do not turn the body to a state of smelly manure. In other words, the bodies stiffened and became compacted.

According to scientists, ORGANIC MATERIAL HAS BEEN, AND BECAME SILICA (SiO₂). A carbon body under no circumstances becomes a cobblestone ever, this nonsense was invented to conceal the silicon era! The transformation of the logs into a gem – that’s where the scope lies and cynicism is really going wild.

But how does a piece of wood turn into a semi-precious stone? I will reveal the secret later, but for now let us examine this whole deal on semi-precious items.

I do not know about you, but I am perplexed by 3 points:

1. According to the official version, the trees died in an unfair battle against a neighboring volcano, circa 225 million years ago. And this exciting story goes even deeper:

– The wood was not burned in lava flame;

– They did not rot for 225 million years in the damp earth;

but in spite of current knowledge in physics, chemistry and biology, simply turned into gems!

But that’s not all:

Please note that trees on the pictures are not broken – they were sawed!

The question is was it before or after Armageddon that trunks shredded like sausage? If after, then what brand of chainsaw Indians sawed gems? I would have bought it myself.

For those who think only a complete idiot would believe in the transformation of wood into gems, the question arises:

If someone staged this whole circus why would they bring back and then scatter the trees of the silicon life forms? And now the most important thing, any of you noticed how many of these are small silicon trees? After all, they are not comparable, even with the Redwoods of California!

And everything is very simple: It is not a tree but branches of giant trees of the silicon era. And those trees are so huge that American Redwoods beside them look like a match compared to Baobab tree. And while tourists with open mouths marvel the gems and are lost in distraction, no one will pay attention to the background from which these beautiful threads came. But the whole trick is in the background.



To finally understand what I’ve been trying to tell, it is necessary once again to recall a quote: Close to the face it’s hard to see to any person. Big things are seen only at a distance.

We once again buried the nose into something very big. I once again urge you to think on a planetary scale, and therefore simply urge to change the viewing angle. We go back to the previous difference in perception from a child to an adult, and I repeat the question: What do you see? A stump in the middle of daisies right?



And I continue to insist that some of these were formed from frozen molten magma that rose from the depths of the Earth about 200M. years ago:






Let me present to you the mountain “Devil’s Tower” in Wyoming, USA. It was formed from molten magma that rose from the depths of the earth and stood about 200 million years ago. Some believe that it is a mountain. And I do not believe and affirm that it is a giant tree stump on a silicon life form and can easily prove it. Everything you read now – this is the beginning. More and much better is to come! We are Sleepers – in the literal sense of the word …



Devils Tower was formed from molten magma that rose from the depths of the earth and stood in the form of elegant columns. – Wikipedia

Stood in a perfect hexagonal columns, as much as 300 meters into the sky! Straight line, you can check on the wonderful columns. But to say that this geometric masterpiece is just the result of a lava fountain, is the same nonsense as if to say that the racing car appeared on the tracks due to an explosion at a Ferrari factory.

Comparative analysis: Do you know what is the fact that amazes me the most? All columns are hexagonal. Why hexagonal? Because the universe is building their masterpieces in this form:


There are no similar snowflakes, but they are a perfect hexagonal shape. Bees, too, not knowing mathematics, correctly identified that the regular hexagon has the smallest perimeter among equal area figures, so this form can be filled efficiently. Building honeycomb, the bees instinctively try to make it possible for it to be more spacious, while expending as little wax as possible.

The hexagonal shape is the most economical and effective figure for the construction of hundreds!

Further more…

There are those that do not yet understand that our universe is fractal, and therefore makes no difference to study to what extent – in the size of mountains or in the size of the tree, that everyone lives under the same roof. Opening a botany textbook, we find the structure of some plants is associated with our giant stump. But it’s useless to argue with them.

Let me introduce you to a cross-section of the stem of flax:


A straight spitting image of our stump with a bird’s eye view






Stump fibers as flax fiber stem have a hexagonal shape, which strictly maintained its geometry throughout the length of the barrel, and it is the same as much as 386 meters. The fibers do not differ from one another: they are not only calibrated over the entire length, but also with respect to each other.

Each fiber stump is covered with a thin shell. Just as fascia – connective tissue sheath, forming housings of muscle fibers. As you can see, fossilized shell in contact with wind and moisture – crack, peel or fall off, and it is a direct proof that the stump fibers consist of at least two different components. The fibers do not go into the ground vertically. They gradually bent to smoothly evolve to the root system, as befits any tree:



As you can see, the official version of casual hardened lava flies to hell. Too many facts, screaming that this stump is of a giant tree silicon.

I understand that Hollywood in 1977 concocted Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” to the Devil’s Tower in the title role, which is 100 times repeated that it is a mountain for a meeting with the aliens, but where were your eyes, scientists? Hey, biologists, geologists, paleontologists, you study the world behind the mask of the welder?

Now, let’s count up the height of the tree, which was the stump once. To do this, we use the formula that I gave in the first part, where the diameter of the stump height is approximately equal to 1/20 of the entire tree. Thus, the diameter of our stump – 300 meters at the base. Given that the great stump rised up over a period of 7500 years, it is clear that it was wider, but, even if at a modest 300 meters and multiply it by 20, we get the height of the tree (and now get ready) – 6 km in height!

I think at this point there is little doubt that the Devils Tower in the United States is a giant tree stump from the silicon era with all the features of a conventional wood stump as everyone could see.

But on the other hand, do not underestimate the tenacious hooks that the matrix holds in the mind of disbelievers, so I’m sure that even after such evidence, there are deep sleepers which will require the continuation of this banquet. If you think that my arguments have been exhausted, then I haste to disappoint you: I still have so many trump cards that I will savor every moment, pulling the culmination of the 6th chapter, because this story is as intricate as those from detective Agatha Christie.

So, we understood something with one stump, it’s time to explore the other. You just need to take the blinders off and you do need to see this…

Allow me to present to you the Giant Trail in Ireland:



Resembles something…? Again some hexagonal poles …  100% similarity with plant fibers from Devils Tower.

This is another giant tree stump, but only out of the ground. The tree grew right on the beach. The trail consists of 40 thousand giant pillars of this geometry, their proportions will envy even the bees! Obviously this natural wonder the experts declared a national reserve. And again guess what official science says about the Irish stump: Giant’s Causeway (Giant’s Trail) – A natural monument of about 40,000 interconnected basalt columns, formed as a result of an ancient volcanic eruption – Wikipedia.

… Eruption!

Well, tell me, how can we keep from hearing eruption fountain coming from the scientist community? It is difficult, very difficult, but for now we will have to bite our lips, and keep waiting. Why didn’t the honeycombs also have not yet been named by the eruption of an ancient volcano? They also do not distinguish from the Trail Giant! Just look at this masterpiece of geometry:



So to recapitulate, this is lava eruption:

In this photo taken on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013, Mt. Etna, Europe's most active volcano, spews lava during an eruption as seen from Acireale, near the Sicilian town of Catania, Italy. (AP Photo/Carmelo Imbesi)


And this is how it flows:



This is how lava solidifies:



Now let us compare with the Devil’s Tower and Trail Giant:




Well? Who else here believes in the lava fountain story?

If you think that apart from two silicon giant trees I have nothing else to show, then you’re mistaken. They are all over the planet and they are abysmal. The most interesting thing is that people do not even think they are stumps, and official science seriously must have wondered: how can we hide this from them? And so they came up with a brilliant name for silicon stumps: Basalt rocks!

Now pay special attention to the following two pictures: “How to hang fiber ceiling”. So how can be explained now the volcanic version? Did lava dripped to the ground and did not reach it somehow?




How artifacts lie right under our noses, but the prism matrix does not allow us to see.

And we move on, and not to deviate from the title of this piece, I bring to your attention one more hexagonal marvel of nature. Silicon nature.

Meet the biggest dried salt lake in the world: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.



As you can see, not everything is as simple as it is written in the book Natural History and shown in the Discovery channel. Traditional knowledge would not deny here the obvious conclusion of these hexagons, but to the silicon stumps it still somehow retouch something about the hexagonal structure as if they do not exist at all!

And they are … More as it is!




You will not believe, but truth is not only on wiki. I searched the Internet and didn’t find an explanation of the hexagonal structure. There was only one place with a shy line, saying: Look how oddly withered and cracked salt!

And here I fell into a stupor …

First: under the scorching rays of the sun crust any surface cracks like this:



Not like honeycombs.

Second: Show me the American lake crack again:




As far as I know, the cracks – it is deepening between the surface of the fragments, and I see the rise, and it is – the exact opposite of cracks! More like-fascia fibers, the same as silicon stumps.

And third, why is it that the salt surface is divided on the hexagonal fragments? Since there is not a general explanation from science I will express their own opinion.

According to WakeUpHuman, salt lakes are sludge-settling tanks. I agree with this version, with the exception of that lake and here’s why: every cell is an attribute peculiar to living organisms, be it ownership of the queen bee, the structure of snowflakes, or plant fibers. But, as we have seen with their own eyes, Salar de Uyuni – is not just a giant salt formation. It is a living silicon life form creature!

Now can you see how we are cut off from the real image of the past? If giant trees are still able to get into our wretched imagination, here is a creature of salt by 10 thousand square kilometers in width, while it is hard for us to imagine how high those trees were able to reach!

Now do you understand that only 7500 years ago our planet looked so fabulous that James Cameron and his “Avatar” movie were not just playing?

Walt Disney Imagineering in collaboration with filmmaker James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment is bringing to life the mythical world of Pandora, inspired by Cameron’s AVATAR, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The awe-inspiring land of floating mountains, bioluminescent rainforests and soaring Banshees will become real for Disney guests to see, hear and touch. Scheduled to open in 2017, the AVATAR-inspired land will be part of the largest expansion in Disney’s Animal Kingdom history. (Concept art, Walt Disney Imagineering)

Walt Disney Imagineering in collaboration with filmmaker James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment is bringing to life the mythical world of Pandora, inspired by Cameron’s AVATAR, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The awe-inspiring land of floating mountains, bioluminescent rainforests and soaring Banshees will become real for Disney guests to see, hear and touch. Scheduled to open in 2017, the AVATAR-inspired land will be part of the largest expansion in Disney’s Animal Kingdom history. (Concept art, Walt Disney Imagineering)

In short, the planet literally has been scraped in gigantic proportions. They scraped the top layer all over the world, as the old asphalt road workers scraped everything for their bosses cars. Only a small height of the layer was left – a few hundred meters.

Please note that the coastal line of the lake has the shape of a semicircle and it is not the only one – it seems it has been worked with a excavator wheel…

This theme is just brilliant, started by Pavel Ulyanov (WakeUpHuman). I have mentioned the name of this man before, who in the past year, in my opinion, made a real revolution in the science of anatomy regarding volcanoes, rivers, quarries, waste heaps, seas, lakes, etc. As he said, these terms can now be simply deleted from the lexicon as they are unnecessary, because no volcanoes and canyons exist in principle.

Now in the head the logical circuit will start being intertwined with this opening of Pavel, so we strongly recommend that you read this until the end, otherwise your mosaic will be incomplete.

With regard to our lake, you want to pay attention here to a point, I certainly understand that the name (Salar de Uyuni) – suggests something that we are not being told, therefore we just have to think …

Well, the theoretical part is over and it is time to proceed to the culmination of the events and travel on the runway! But first we need to go back to the first stump, and see in it a strange thing. Bet you did not see it?



Look closely: its flat top. What does this tell us? It’s simple… The tree was cut down!

And imagination excites the imagination, and the questions are lining up:

Who cut it down? For what? Was it sawed? These questions we will look at later, because they go by the wayside, and you know why? Because this is not the only sawed stump on the planet. I’ll tell you more: Devil’s Tower was just a sample compared with what you will see next …

Ladies and gentleman, our plane is ready to fly. Our policy is that there is no policy, we simply circled over the planet! Fasten your seat belts, and better hold the handrails, for what you are about to see will modify your knowledge of the mountains and the rocks.







In the course of the flight play the game: Find the 10 differences. Although there are only two differences: the material and the size.












Cape Town:












Diomede Islands:

Aerial of Little Diomede Island, with Big Diomede in background. Located in the Bering Strait, 25 miles northwest of Cape Prince of Wales and 80 miles northwest of Teller. The international boundary between the U.S. and Russia lies between Big and Little Diomede Islands.

Aerial of Little Diomede Island, with Big Diomede in background. Located in the Bering Strait, 25 miles northwest of Cape Prince of Wales and 80 miles northwest of Teller. The international boundary between the U.S. and Russia lies between Big and Little Diomede Islands.







Scientists have dubbed them Mesas because of the flat surface, like a table.

These stumps are sticking out all over the planet. Hundreds of them:








And now let us remember how our conversation began. We thought we had seen the forests and walked in them when their growth is only 30 meters. We enjoy their beauty and are accustomed to these forests, but we are simply forced to think that it is a forest, when in fact – it is just a 30 meter high bushes…

Then it turned out that in the United States they preserved the old wood that is depicted in fairy tales: “a giant” 100-meters. It makes such giants fantasy, when we hear the words Fairy Forest. On the California redwoods our imagination is limited (because of the prism), otherwise the mind would question itself at the size of Devils Tower, indicating a tree of 6 km altitude.

For example, a mountain in Cape Town (Africa) where the dimensions are truly impressive, the diameter of the plateau (3 km), multiplied by 20, and the height of an African tree turns into – 60 km! This is 10 times higher than the Devil’s Tower, so our mind is definitely not seeing the stump in Cape Town! We are not even generally aware of what size is a normal tree when we only see its branches.

Only one such gigantic twig could safely fit a sleeping area with shopping malls, schools and parks. Sorry for the crazy example, but I do not see any other way to apply modern brains on the ancient picture of the world.

60 kilometers! Were there any higher? Now imagine that this is not the limit. Those who carefully read the previous information, know that on the island of Buyan was an Oak of unprecedented proportions, turned into petrified stump which raises to the sky. This Oak grew without rest so it fits well into the “fairy tale”. No one knows how big its stump (covered by a glacier in Antarctica) was, but the fact is that Oak was a few hundred kilometers in height – that’s for sure, which is several times higher than the African tree of Cape Town. Thus, the oak that grew in Antarctica was the largest plant in the world!

Remember, at the beginning of the chapter, I pointed out, the prism-bodyguard of our mind, which distorts the world but how much? A lot.

Ask any person next to you and show them the real trees in the photos, and they immediately will focus on the little greens, not even noticing these wretched bushes (in which he sees the little green trees). The little greens probably could be compared as moss, but not a forest:



Now let’s look even wider. I once again try to encourage you to think on a planetary scale. Just imagine what a giant curtain fenced over our face hides the true aspect of the world! Now you know why the Apocalypse is literally translated as the opening curtain? Now you know why at the beginning of this chapter, I pointed to the prism embedded matrix through which we see the world, and as it turned out, we see almost nothing. Take my word, everything around is arranged differently, and has nothing to do with what you see. I would say that the current state of society is a real dream, and the saddest thing is that not in a figurative sense of the word.

You’ve probably noticed that the giant stumps I call it real trees, but not the trees we know of. What is the difference? In the old and new style? No. Tree – this is the true name of the giants. It came from the word chart from Antiquity. In other words, the antiquity – a period when the trees grew. When they say: In ancient times – this is over 7500 years ago, or even earlier. I think now it is clear that a measly 30-meter trees of bushes have been diluted from their ancestors.

Back to the questions: Who cut them down? For what purpose? What kind of saw was used? Still too early to answer. Given that the entire surface of the planet was covered by a gigantic vegetation, let’s ask ourselves instead: What happened to the rest of the mega-timber? The fact is that the table mountains are only a few trees at best, which were chosen for the saw cut. Keyword: to saw cut! The rest of the world was just a single forest and it was laid blast.

We have examined the stumps at ground level, and everyone has seen the trees cut down, but what of the broken ones?

Let’s have a look:




Broken stump of carbon. Understand the hint? Well then, if not, we will continue to play: Find 10 differences.

I think you get the point, and therefore, I propose for you to have a sober look at the highest stumps on the planet, which broke from the impact of the blast wave:


As you probably guessed, the rocks on the planet does not exist! This is all the debris of stumps. You can revise a million pictures, but apart from the bodies of the silicon in the world you will not see anything. How to explain the origin of the rocks official science?

Now you understand why we are so fascinated about the rocks? Why is the elite real estate placed among the rocks? Why is the ecological material for housing construction – pieces of rock? Because although “the rocks” died, they continue to emit a powerful energy of life saving for us – mortal representatives in the carbon era.

Stone – a bridge between the silicon and carbon form of life!

And now another important point: You must learn to clearly distinguish between the rocks of the mountains. This is a completely different concept. The rock is composed of a single piece of ragged stone, with characteristic protruding into the sky like the fragments of fibers.

And behold, the mountain – a bunch of loose waste to giant dump trucks. Its distinguishing feature – almost perfect cone shape, as befits a bulk structure. Sometimes waste is beginning to react between its layers, so the mountain abruptly turns into a volcano spewing lava.

So there are no volcanoes, mountains and rocks they do also not exist. You can delete these terms from the lexicon. Fly further. So, from the aircraft, we are well made out that absolutely all the rocks of our planet – are the bodies of the silicon world.

– It’s all fallen trees? – you ask. No, not all. Lots of rocks refers to fossilized animals and humans. Fans of the Crimea have now guessed it first, but this topic is immense, so the details of fossilized fauna comes in the next chapter.

It should also be noted that not all trees have cell fibers as Devil’s Tower or the Giant trail, for example. Many of the rock, which we have just mentioned, have a plate or a sponge-like structure of the same type of our mushrooms. As they got different from the light, the silicon world of antiquity was so varied that the majority of species and subspecies we are simply unable to identify and catalogue.

Boys and girls, our plane circled the Earth, and we came in to land. Ship crew thank you for having not gone mad from reading the comments to the usual pictures. After landing you will be taken to a cozy hotel in the rocks, where you have a rest before dinner, after which we will gather in a bunch today all the information in an orderly and coherent mosaic. Enjoy your vacation!

Now sit back, I’ll tell you a story! Consider the nature of the film “Avatar”, only multiplied by its diversity as a million times. All this was in bloom and oozing, until the bad guys came. First they cut down some of the best trees (branded chainsaws do not forget), to use them as bio-fuel for the big generator to change the temperature and the atmospheric pressure inside the planet!

This was the beginning of the end…

Following the climate change all flora petrified, in contrast to some of the fauna that still somehow escaped under cover. Thus, vegetation had no longer signs of life and before the silicon era their bodies lost all its elasticity, the planet was overrun by a destructive carpet. The temperature blast downed everything that had roots…

Let’s look at this clearly by the example of carbon trees familiar to us:

       As you can see, the stump is about 5-10% of the volume of wood that falls with a crash

Here is the fallen wood from allegedly Tunguska meteorite:

And now imagine the volume of the fallen tree, let the height be of 100 kilometers. Can you imagine how much stone must lie down there with the stump?

So where did all go? But on this question, we just said Pavel Ulyanov. After the blast, all the living fell, then came the funny guys with their fun technique and literally scraped from all continents a few hundred meters of the upper layer of the “stone”.

These creatures were like cancer devouring one continent after another, emptying the earth and making it into a pit on a planetary scale. That was all that formed the deserts, the barbaric period, and an expression of Career.

Cuttlefish in the photo – Bagger 288 – the largest bucket-wheel excavator in the world today. If this equipment is with us (primitive prosimians), imagine the level of alien technology, which controlled the trees at a height of 100 km…

But as rotary excavator works: he crawls on tracks parallel to the pit wall. The huge disc with buckets scrapes the rock, leaving a concave wall of stone:

Geologists, I see more students being hypnotized, just like developing careers called a miracle of nature, such as the cliff in Australia:

This is hilarious. If you do not believe in this they called it a wave of rock, check out the official explanation.

To not be accused of plagiarism, I repeat for the tenth time that this theme of the quarries, volcanoes, and bucket wheel excavators was brilliantly opened by Pavel Ulyanov (WakeUpHuman). Simply, we are approaching the climax of this amazing story, and I just had to familiarize you with the principle of the bucket wheel excavators, otherwise you will not understand the culmination of the whole chapter.


All that fell on the surface of the planet has been scraping by the mega-machines, so what we have got from the silicon era was the surviving stone stumps (cliffs). The thing on the Aryans area was just a tidbit of the unusual composition of the soil.

Composition of the rocks was not always of the usual silicon dioxide (SiO₂), neither they were always semi-precious stones. Now you understand why the organized park of petrified trees and why those distributed logs are now like gems?

And here another question arises … Why were these stumps left untouched? I confess, I have no answer. Access to this information for some reason turned out to be classified, so we have to rely on logic, which is very bad for writing such material. It is possible that the stumps were some kind of cork-stopper of some energy that flows from the earth’s shifters that can not be opened.

Look at the picture:

Anticipating the question I asked 500 times after the publication of this chapter: How to determine which rock was alive and what is not? – I inform you that in the silicon world there was no stone at all. So, absolutely every boulder that you can find in the world – it’s a piece chipped off of some creature in the silicon era. Thus, the entire silicon flora and fauna of the occupants were taken, and the question arises: Where have gone so prodigious amount of stone?

Maybe it was taken out of the earth, as many believe? No, guys, nobody is exported. Stone was needed inside the planet for the construction of the century. And what can be constructed from such a large quantity of stone? Bases? Fortresses? Cities? Leave these small thoughts. If you want to understand the intentions of the gods, then you need to think like a god, and once again I ask you to think in planetary consciousness, and oddly enough, this will help us in the fairy tale of the gingerbread man.

There Was an Old Couple. So the old man says to the old woman:

– Come on, old woman, on duct Scratch, bottom of the barrel for litter, whether flour naskrebesh on bun.

She took the old wing, scratched on the duct, on susekam pomelo and scraped together two handfuls of flour.

Knead the flour with sour cream, cooked up the bun, roasted in butter and put in the window chill.

Recently I discovered one more version of this fairy tale, more similar to the truth, as it explains who is the gingerbread man.

Asked Tarkh Perunovich Jiva – create a bun. And She Svarog susekam scratched by the barns chertozhim pomelo and molded bun, and put it on the Hall Rada window. And shone bun, and rolled on Perunova Way. But not for long, he rolled in the Hall of Boar rolled, chewed off at the Boar Bun side, but not all took a bite, and the tithe. Pitch on the bun and has come to the Hall of Cygnus, the Swan and otkleval piece, and in the Hall of the Raven – Raven otkleval piece, in the Hall of the Bear – Bear Koloboks god squeezed.

Wolf in his Hall of Bun almost half gnawed, and when the loaf has come to the Hall of Fox, Fox ate it.

This tale is a figurative description of the astronomical observations of the movements of the Month Ancestors across the sky, from the full moon to full moon. In Halls Tarkh and Jiva, to Svarog Circle comes full moon, after the Hall of Fox begins a new moon.

Thus, as the second tale of the Gingerbread Man – this is the Month. This is so clearly and logical, there is no doubt is it? But in this story there is again another hidden one…

I do not know about you, but my childhood strained as the phrase “bottom of the barrel scraped.” When I hear it, the feeling that scratching my rake back. And not in vain, as it turned out as intuitive rejection. And now a question to one billion:

For some such susekam scrapers grandmother?

Do not know?

Well, how? Let the pictures show:

Admire what tools “grandmother” Jiva uses as scrapers for the bottom of the barrel.

This is the bottom of the barrel – the scraped continents of our planet, and not the rubbish that we think:

And here’s the hitch: the fact that the size of an average month the city, besides it is hollow, and the stone is scraped from around the world… What happened to the lion’s share of the stones?

Everything is very simple. Do you happen to know of what is it that makes glass? Molten silica! Yes, the same silicon dioxide (SiO₂), which consist of “rock”. In place of the gods, I have melted rocks into glass. Why such a huge amount of gods glass? To build a giant shell and call it…



The Elder Scroll: Galactic Citizenship The Compilation-7





As the sequence of events seem to accelerate, and lineal time to pass more quickly, the chaos will grow. Each individual will experience their own sequence of events that are only a small portion of the total picture. The controlled media will report only segments of the true picture. When viewed from the perspective of the planetary whole, there is a far greater degree of chaos now present than can be perceived by humanity. Those yet in zones of calm have little frame of reference for the experiences of those who are in the midst of war, geological or weather phenomena. Though greater global awareness is present, yet there is little exchange of actual experiential trauma between these separate experiences. It would not serve the planetary wholeness if there were such a connection so all were experiencing the trauma of those within the distressed areas. Those that appear  to be uninvolved serve to hold the equilibrium of the planet steady as the chaos is experienced elsewhere. There is a balancing act that takes place. 

(People of Color Silent  Meditation Retreat-Barre, M.A.)

                                          (War in Turkey with Kurdish rebels-2016)

It is planned to increase the experience of chaos in order that this balance may be forfeited. This plan to deliberately upset the balance by increasing the chaos beyond the planets ability to retain its balance is based upon the theory that once the imbalance reaches a certain point, it can be pushed into a negative vibration that will change its access by positive energy foci. In other words, the planet would then be Wholly owned by those of negative energy vibration, and would then be no longer accessible by those of balanced or positive vibrations.


In Order to accomplish this, it has been thought that it was necessary to lower the vibrational fields of the inhabitants; to a point that survival of some would be possible when the conversion to pure negative energy is completed. The installations of massive energy converters in order to bombard the Ionosphere have been planned for this purpose. The testing of these converters appears to be for reasons other than what is planned. Indeed, they are to “protect” the planet from positive foci and appear to the planners to be accomplishing their intended purpose.


The question remains as to whether the theory on which all of this is predicated is one that will produce the desired change of polarity, and if it were applicable, what are the implications that would accompany the result. When change is undertaken within the laws of the universe, the “thought thinking” principle can and does work through all the possibilities and probabilities and reaches a conclusion as to feasibility. When change is attempted without this inclusive aspect of wisdom, there is the inherent danger that unknown factors are disregarded and the outcome is likely to be unstable at some point in the process. This then brings the situation to the consideration as to how far freewill can be allowed to operate if the use of it involves massive risk to whole segments of creation.

Freewill with regard to individual experience is inviolate. However, when “will” is focused into a situation that is for the deprivation and destruction of not only the freewill choice of (r)evolving consciousness, but to the point of destruction of the soul energy at the basis of life expression, then careful consideration must take place as to how this situation may be handled. The situation not only demands consideration and decisions, but also involves the decision of what intelligent foci may be involved in making that decision. In other words, a stacked deck cannot exist either for or against the continuation of the experience. This creates a considerable dilemma in coming up with a consortium of qualified and empowered “beings” willing to become involved in such a situation, for serving in this capacity puts their own (r)evolution at risk. (r)evolution is in reality a growing participation in responsibility. Just as maturation into earthly experience naturally involves greater participation and responsibility, so also does (r)evolvement into the higher dimensional realms.

A great “Talent” search was initiated in order to find a cohesive group willing to consider the dilemma that the situation upon this small planet contains. To say that it covered a great deal of manifested reality is an understatement. The vested interests in the future of this planet are varied, well established and of intensely determined purpose. At the irrefutable basis of any solution is the will of the human population on the planet involved. It is then self-evident that those who would retain their control of the planet would make every effort  to make sure the inhabitants decide that “Change” is undesirable. Herein lies the purpose of the massive release of communication devices, and the focus on the retention of the victim consciousness. The foundation of victim consciousness has been carefully laid within the religious foci from the very beginning. It has allowed for control of the progress of humans not only in the discovery of the “God-Like” qualities that are inherent to all, access to the understanding and application of the Universal Laws, but also to the understanding and ability to relate to the “creator mind” that is available within the outflow of Undifferentiated energy at the basis of all creation. The key to the entry of the gathered wisdom foci is held within the collective mass consciousness of hue-manity. Unless the individual and collective desire of huemanity for freedom from the oppressive outside intervention that has been present on this planet for thousands of years is focused towards an end to this situation, it cannot and will not change. The only possible help that can be given at the moment is to focus  energies into the available thought realms surrounding the planet, in the hope that individuals will accept these subtle suggestions to augment the desires that are already there to bring forth a change within the collective thinking of huemaity as a whole. This seems like drops into an ocean of misery, but in accordance with the freewill principle, nothing further can be done.

The presence of craft from positive origins, what are called extra-terrestrial visitors, among those of negative and earthly origin as well as visible energy patterns imprinted on the surface of the planet has been increased. It is hoped that these will stimulate curiosity, and trigger into awareness some of the volunteers that now risk their level of (r)evolvement in service to their fellow humans. These messages are received and circulated by individuals that are responding to this plan. Those of you that hear of these, read and respond to them are in reality coming into harmony with the energy of concern and the desire to assist that is being generously focused into the atmosphere surrounding earth. The Electrical Charges That Are Being Forced Into The Energy Fields Encircling Earth Are Being Placed There In An Effort To Block All Positive Support For The Planet And Its Inhabitants. Fortunately, all efforts in harmony with the laws of the universe are supported by the intelligence of “thought thinking” which finds ways to circumvent such plans. If huemanity can be triggered to desire freedom, despite the plans to block any such assistance, then the universal laws can and will support them. However the focus is to be held on that which is desired instead of retaliation and resorting to the old methods that have failed to bring manifestation of the desire for change in the past. In other words, the focus must not resemble that which it is desired to leave behind.

The human population that desires to experience the opportunity to (r)evolve in freedom from oppression must focus on what is desired and let go of the experiences of the past. These have led them in a continuous circle of repeating what has been taught them by the example of their oppressors. The same blood/dna of those oppressors flows in the blood of humanity. The question remains whether there are enough humans on this planet that have (r)evolved beyond those genetic aberrations that do not serve their advancement. Can they focus on the desire for freedom from the repetitious pattern of life as they know it, and transcend it into a New Paradigm of experience? Can they now live those experiences into wisdom?